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Chapter Three

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You found out what Gerard is doing and him and Mikey have a little heart-to-heart.

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Gerard pulled out the large red box under his bed, took a quick look inside and shoved it back under his bed. How would Mikey re-act if he found out? If his Mom hadn't died, how would she feel? What would his Dad to him if he found out? What if the police found out?
How would anyone re-act if they knew Gerard was stealing?
In the red box was everything he had stolen last year, not even things he wanted. Most of it was actually was make-up from make-up counters. Last month he had promised never to steal again. But he had broken that promise to himself. He had stolen those beers tonight which was why he didn't have a reciept. But he liked drinking and it was unfair that he wasn't old enough to buy his own.
But Gerard knew Mikey was starting to get suspicous about Gerard's behaviour. Especially when he used to come in at 4AM after breaking into people's houses and taking things. Once or twice he'd almost been caught. But he always escaped somehow.
Mikey tapped on Gerards door. Gerard quickly checked the box was definently out of sight before calling to Mikey that he could come in. Mikey edged silently into his room and looked around at the disgusting mess that was called Gerards bedroom.
Mikey sat on the edge of Gerard's bed and asked "Is everything okay? Someone told me that Billie threatened to beat you up today?"
"Who the hell is Billie?" Gerard asked, leaning back.
"Uhh he's in my year, apparently he threatened you in the art room?"
Gerard remember "He's younger than me? Damn that kid has attitude."
Mikey laughed softly "Gerard, you'd tell me if something was seriously wrong though, right?"
"Mikey, you only have to look at me to know something is wrong. I have no friends, kids that are younger than me want to kick my ass and I feel so lonely all the time."
"I'm your friend."
"You're my brother. You have no choice."
"I do," Mikey told him "Most brothers hate each other. We're relatively nice to each other. Though lately you're acting kinda mean."
"I can't help it." Gerard muttered "Everyone else is so mean to me and I'm tired of not fighting back. So I kinda take my anger out on you by accident."
"Well please stop. I don't like it."
"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll try and control myself."
"Gee, can we watch a film please? I've got something on my mind that I don't want to think about..."
"Yeah me too." Gerard muttered, getting up "Come on, we'll watch something scary. Something that'll scare us both silly. Then we won't be able to think about anything else."
So they went downstairs and Mikey picked Paranormal Activity because neither of them had seen it before. But once it was over, neither one of them were very scared. Mikey was a little scared but only by the very end. Gerard hadn't really been paying attention. It was 1AM and their Dad wasn't back yet but Gerard didn't care.
"Mikey, there's no point waiting up for Dad." Gerard told him "He won't be home til we wake up probably."
"Okay." Mikey muttered then asked "Can I sleep in your room tonight please? I don't wanna sleep by myself."
"Yeah," Gerard then said quickly "You can sleep in my bed, I'll sleep on the floor."
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