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With those words, set me free [Frikey one-shot]

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When Mikey declared his love for Frankie ,Frankie left him abandoned and alone. Is it too late for Frankie to make it up to him now? cute frikey one-shot. If U luv happiness or misery? you will luv...

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A/N: Hiiii everyone, this is my first frikey one-shot, and also first time writing in third pov and in present thinks lol so pleaseee be nice :) I was in the mood for writing today, but not just that I thought I should write you a little something as my ‘Happiness or Misery?’ may take a while. On the bright side I think you will like this. It’s very fluffy and cute. ALL HAIL FRIKEY :P remember to R&R pleaseeee and please enjoy.
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Behind the bushes or next door to your mom’s room, you wouldn’t care as long as you’re getting it soon. I heard of your antics and couldn’t believe someone so innocent could become so naive. You used to be my best friend and tell me all your secrets; you know I’ve never told a soul about all your regrets. I tried to make you see through your tainted eyes, that I’m the one you belong with; I’d never tell you lies. Now you’ve gone and ruined it all, everything we had become, we were so close but now so far, as everything’s come undone. I said those words to you that night as I knew you were the one, you nearly even said them too but didn't and now you’re gone. I know the feelings mutual as the look in your eyes tell me all, I wish you could just come to your senses, take my hand, and take the fall. If only you could be strong enough and admit your love for me, all this mess wouldn’t erupt and you and I could be. Nearly blown your chance , but I’ll give one more to you, I can see your regret when you tell me we’re through, now you’ll make it up to me don’t pretend that we‘re cool, stop chasing someone you know you don’t love ,as I know you love me you fool.

Mikey xx

Frankie keeps that letter in his pocket at all times, he never takes into consideration how bad he is making Mikey feel, or himself for that matter. For all the mistakes that he has made, this is the worst one yet. Fooling around making him believe that he is straight and his feelings for Mikey are only friendship, is ridiculous. He feels that pain of regret swell up inside of him more and more each day, as if octopus arms are working its way through his stomach making him feel unforgivable, shameful, and worthless. Deep down inside Frankie knows his love for Mikey is like none other, and no matter how hard he tries no one could replace the love he craves for him. Every time his eyes advert to Mikey’s, he gets butterflies crowding his stomach, storming around like a tornado too uncontrollable to stop. The wings of butterflies scraping his sides with humiliation and regret only persisting and becoming worse as the days go by. Not just that but also that one word Frankie would also shy away from and be so cynical about, and that word is love.

He is sometimes so fickle about that letter that meant the world to him. Some days he reads it repeatedly and believe that Mikey doesn’t understand his fear of being open, knowing how to act, what to say. Other days he feels as if he isn’t even worthy enough to be the imbedded grit on the bottom of Mikey’s sneakers. However, no matter how he feels, he will always keep that letter.

Mikey is right, he isn’t strong enough, he’s ashamed, scared of what the world will say, what his parents will say, that he has abandoned someone that means the world to him and loves him with all his heart. Frankie’s feelings for Mikey will never change, and he has realised that he is the problem he always was. Mikey was there for Frankie to help him realise that Frankie isn’t any of the repulsive words his parents call him or the harsh bitter remarks the students throw. Now Mikey isn’t there to help him realise, Mikey won’t be there to fight for him, this time he has to fight himself. Forget about his parents, school and stop acting as if he doesn’t give a fuck, and that the tingling sensations that erupt in the pit of his stomach are for Mikey. Love is a lot stronger than that, can he really believe that something as powerful as love is wrong. After all, we are just human, and humans all have feelings, Frankie cannot pretend that he has none.

That night Mikey confessed his love for Frankie, Frankie wanted nothing more than to tell Mikey that there is nothing else he wanted than to be with him and that his love for him is indescribable, but he didn’t. Frankie is just insecure, too nervous, and he doesn’t want things to change even though deep down inside he longed for them to change. He doesn’t want his parents or the school to know and destroy the love they would have and then everything be broken, they would never be a 'happy ending' and the love they would share would never really be. However, he doesn’t want to face away from the one he loves, after everything they have been through he can’t just ignore that and act like it never meant anything to him at all. It means more to him than Mikey could ever imagine. He never meant to hurt him; he just isn’t ready to admit to something that could be the end of them or the beginning. Frankie doesn’t want to take chances he prefers the safe road. That's why he told everyone he is straight, and that he spent most Saturday nights with girls doing things that he only wish he could do with the one-he loves.

This hurts Mikey more than ever, but deep down inside Mikey knows that Frankie wouldn’t do something like that, he knows him to well, he just can’t believe he would say that, he knows it’s a massive hurdle for Frankie to leap as he went through the exact same thing when coming out about his sexuality. Maybe that’s the reason Mikey is giving him a chance, just one more to make it up to him, Show him that he isn’t like the rest, find his true self not give up and hideaway from the truth that he is sure is killing him every day and night.

Sure it is. Frankie always feels repulsive and full of disgust each day and night, he never did any of the antics and rumours that pass around through the school. He just spends most nights locking himself in his small room, curled up to Mikey’s sweater that he left and purposely never returned, and cries all night. Shedding tears of remorse and regret, confused at what to do. Skimming through the many photos of Mikey and him, as they are so precious to him, they were almost like a couple you can say. Maybe It’s not just the fear of no protection and coming out about his sexuality that scares Frankie, maybe it’s the realisation that they would be together, an item, that it would all be said and done.

Frankie isn’t sure; there wasn’t a moment when he was, not until one day.


It’s been four months since Frankie has remotely spoken a word to Mikey, and he has regretted every minute of it. He misses the times he would talk to him about his secrets, things he was unsure about; Mikey was like his ally, but much more than that. He misses the nights they shared, the video games they would play, the water fights they had and just every little moment they shared together. It feels like it was years ago, the time passed too fast but Frankie only has himself to blame, it’s all down to him to make the decision if they are going to talk or end their friendship and the love they both know they share.

Today is the day, he can never let anyone take his Mikey, and he can’t even believe himself how stupid he has been to let Mikey slip away from him for so long. He has been too foolish, too pensive, too idiotic these last four months that he hasn’t done what he knows he was supposed to do a long time ago.

Frankie has his best school attire on today, his dark almost black smooth hair freshly washed looking silky, and fluffy just past his ears with his nose, ears and lip pierced. He added his best cologne and rimmed his eyes with black and red eyeliner, looking smoky to perfection, which goes perfectly with his big bright cinnamon eyes that balanced with flecks of brown round the iris. He is going to make it up to Mikey.

Frankie can see Mikey’s figure in the sea of students, so he takes the biggest breath in his existence and as confidently as he can began marching over to Mikey, like the way he rehearsed. Frankie’s mind filling with excuses to turn away, his heart dragging him forward, but his legs never stopping. His stomach sending never-ending fireworks throughout him is setting his nerves ablaze. Still keeping his stride, his convincing thoughts giving him the strength to carry on. Once it’s over, it will all be all right, he continues to tell himself repeatedly in his head.

Once he finally caught up with Mikey down the corridor, he takes another massive breath that he feared he wouldn’t have any left for the rest of his plan.

“Mikey,” he spoke softly, making Mikey stop dead in his tracks.

Mikey slowly spun around, not believing the familiar deep caring voice that had just spoken his name, one that always gave him goose bumps plus sometimes problems in his pants. When he did turn to face Frankie, Frankie was hyperventilating, twitching with nerves before he had even started a conversation with Mikey. Their eyes instantly fixed, just like a broken jigsaw perfectly mended together with care, thought and love. Mikey’s appearance taking Frankie’s breath away, his beauty took him off guard, all this time he has spent time apart he had almost forgotten the incredibly exquisite features that Mikey holds, it’s breath taking seeing him so close once again, stood right in front of him. Frankie can’t believe how he had forgotten a face that divine, in fact his face held more radiant beauty than ever before. How could he of stood there a let Mikey slip further away from him.

As they both stand their consuming each other’s appearance that is so appealing to each other, they are both unaware of the students passing by, not a care in the world as they are too besotted with each other’s presence, it had been so long. Mikey’s eyes widened as they never tore away from Frankie’s ravishing face that struck him down, it was safe to say that they are both love-struck more than they ever were before. Emoticons and memories came flooding back like a wave passing through them, permanently fixing into their souls.

Frankie inched further towards Mikey, not feeling nervous or scared of what anyone else will say, just feeling, as it’s the only right thing to do it feels natural. As he steps closer his struck even more by Mikey’s charm, he still has his adorable oversized glasses that Frankie loves so much and always used to steel them away playfully so they would end up sprawled on the floor toppling over one and other in the fight of Mikey’s glasses. However, Frankie isn't standing with the sandy coloured hair that Mikey originally owned, but now met with dark brunette chocolate locks, gelled, but slightly messy. It’s very different to Mikey’s previous cute, loving, and geeky appearance but Frankie can’t argue to the fact that it suited him ever so well and Mikey can never lose his cuteness and with the new look his sporting, he looks even more breath-taking. Mikey’s eyes are much like Frankies apart from the lack of red eye eyeliner, but with just the black it makes his eyes stand out even more, and his glasses to come off more desperately.

Frankie is dying at the moment, all of this new look he had missed, he hadn’t been there to tell him how well it suited him, or that he loved his new sneakers that he had on and so forth. He missed that.

Frankie can’t take it anymore; he needs Mikey to know how much he means to him, how foolish he had acted, and how sorry he truly is. Therefore, he come closer to Mikey so their shoulders are mealy touching, all while keeping his eyes glued to Mikey’s. He then lifted his hand, and gently took hold of Mikey’s glasses and softly lifted them away from his face, seeing Mikey more clearly, nothing hiding those shining emerald eyes that contained the glisten of caramel that streamed in, with his long eyelashes curling so perfectly.

Frankie traces the side of Mikey’s face with his feathery fingertips ever so softly; bringing tingles to rise above Mikey’s surface and making him blush and look down slightly as he smiled. Frankie brought his hand around Mikey’s head to wrap around his soft strands, feeling his new hair glide through his fingers. Suddenly without a thought or care in the world Frankie tilted Mikey’s chin with just his two fingers and instantly brought his head closer to Mikey’s and immediately attached his lips to his. Frankie feeling his warm luscious lips smile against his in satisfaction, lifting him up as butterflies began scattering his stomach, but a feeling that’s just too surreal and amazing to put into words. He wished and hoped that they would share a spark and the feeling would be indescribable, and it’s all true, better than Frankie ever imagined, and Mikey knew that. He is just so ecstatic that Frankie has realised to, he fought for them, Frankie did it all by himself and that’s what made Mikey so proud.

Mikey too isn’t bothered about the students that continue to crowd around, in fact he decided to express his feelings for the whole of the students in the corridor to defiantly see, by lifting Frankie up around his waist while Frankie keeps his hand round Mikey’s head and his other wrapped securely round his neck, inhaling his delicious cologne.

Their tongues swirling together in a blissful kiss, both unable to repress the smiles that add to their passion filled lips. Mikey places Frankie’s feet back on the ground and roam his hands freely up and down his back, while Frankie runs his hands round Mikey’s smooth chin, while his short bangs gently brush Mikey’s forehead, tickling the soft skin. Fingers weaved through one another’s hair, smiles too strong to stifle, and fillings rising to the surface. It’s elegant, not sloppy it’s meaningful not needy. It’s Love.

The deep meaningful kiss then ended, seeming like it ended excessively fast for them. They both smile none of the less, happy and more than content with them self, so madly in love that nothing can ruin this moment and their feelings for each other, no words need to be said as both know exactly how they feel towards each other.

“Mikey, I’m so sorry for my selfish, stupid childlike behaviour,” Frankie whispered, feeling as though Mikey needed to hear the words spoken. He feels horrendous for the way he acted; he never meant to hurt Mikey at all.

“Shhhh, I know,” Mikey cooed softly in his ear, wrapping his arms around Frankie and enveloping him in a loving embrace, in the presence of all the students that stare in awe. Some silently admire, some ignore, some stare in disgust but the two don’t care, that doesn’t matter anymore and shouldn’t have in the first place, but what matters right now are the two of them. Both so comfortably content in their embrace that they feel as if they are on a completely different planet. If they don’t care why should anyone else.

“You were always the one,” Frankie whispered into Mikey’s ears, letting the heat from his voice radiate to Mikey’s ear making him shiver all the way down to his spine.

Mikey separates the embrace to look clearly at Frankie’s face once again. Frankie’s face holds the truth, love, and real empathy, making Mikey truly smile, and clasps his hand with Frankie’s. Feeling the tingles travel all the way up his arm and through his body like electric bolts full of pure bliss.

Frankie looks down to their hands clasped together perfectly with their fingers entwined, and smiles sweetly at Mikey, knowing that this is real and that he made the perfect decision.

“I love you Mikey,” he declares, just how Mikey had to him four months ago.

“I love you too,” Mikey replied, smiling widely whilst they both keep eye contact, as they said those very significant words that both have wanted for a long time. They then lean in, to seal their love with the most passionate affectionate kiss they could master.

Frankie realising that all this excessive time he wasted worrying about drastic things that might go wrong, was pointless. As they are now together, just the same as they were before, and it always will be, they no longer need to hide their feelings, but only to express them even more, as they are more than ready to embark on a new beautiful beginning.

You believed in me just waiting for me to say, the words ‘I love you’ the very words you said that day. You and I together, I mean this when I say, we’ll be in love forever, as together we will stay.

I love you
Your Frankie forever xx

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