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Famous Last Words

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Final Chapter. Something unfortunate happens. It includes Michelle, and a car.

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Michie's POV
Guilt has started affecting my mind. Kissing Mikey, somewhat in a relationship with Gerard... I'm a natural target for abuse by my stupid peers. Fuck my life. If I could redo everything, I would. My life sucks.
Mikey keeps giving me looks of concern as we work on the shoes, dipping each high-heel and white shoe into the buckets of mud.
"I'm serious," He snaps, turning to me and refusing to do anymore work. "You're shaking, you look like you're about to cry, what's wrong?"
He's right. I've been oblivious to the vibrations of my muscles and nerves, and to the tears affecting my eyesight. "I'm... I'm sorry, Mike. I should have never made myself comfortable in your group. It's bad enough Frankie's forced to share Gerard with me, and now I'm going to break Gee's heart if he finds out about us." Ripping off the latex gloves, I run into Mikey to force him into a hug. My liquids stain his vest, making me kind of embaressed.
At first he's silent, thinking of a way to help. "Everything's going to be fine, infact, it's my fault you're feeling this way."
"Don't blame yourself," I snarl, releasing my head from his chest. "I'm such a slut, just--just--"
Mikey bends down slightly to kiss me, shutting me up in the progress. I pull away, even though I love the feeling of his lips.
"I'm sorry, I--"
"You're not helping by doing that."
"Well I'm sorry for being slightly unexperianced relationship wise."
Opening my mouth to make a comeback, we're interupted by the shrieks of boys cursing and shouting, obviously unexpecting their fate. Mikey and I look at each other with mutual thoughts.
"They've started already!" We shout. Pulling out my cell phone, I start texting Frankie. Who just texted me.
To: Michie Millers
From: Frank Iero
We're starting early. The gym teacher's trying to get in, we might run into the girls' room any minute so start packing up.
I show this to Mikey, and starting placing the items on the wagon with the balloons that held the liquids. He places it in my shirt pocket and helps me. Everything on the wagon, we rush into the closet, well, at least I do with the ammo.
The door bursts open, Gerard, Ray, and Frankie running for the closet. They're sweating, and Frankie looks so sweaty... covered in mud, too. Mikey following closely being them, he shuts the door while Ray locks it from the inside. We hide up against the wall in the darkness, blending in.
There was a tight grasp on my left hand, the hand closest to Mikey, then another one on my right where Gee sat. My eyes adapted to the darkness, I can see that Frankie's snatched Gee's other hand. Ray looks at us with a slightly irritated expression on his face, a humorous body-language comment.
We then see a shadow coming from the window, a man's figure. Mr. Malone, the phys. ed teacher. We hold our breaths, trying not to move. By the time he's gone, Mike needs his asthma inhaler.
We sit in the closet, looking at one another. Michael looks like he wants to say something, and this has caught Gerard's attention.
"Geez, Mikey, just say it," He chuckles. Quickly moving my face to direct a cautious look at Mike, I shake my head slightly, telling him to lie for me.
"I-I'm just nervous." He replies, a look of hurt in his eyes. Feeling bad, we look away from each other.
"We have to get out of here," Frankie pants, this head hitting the wall.
"Thank you captain obvious," Says Raymond sarcasticly.
"You're welcome leutendant," Frank replies with a chuckle.
"As soon as the teach leaves, we'll make a run for it." Suggests Gee.
We all decide that's the best plan so far. We all did that "not it" thing, and Ray came out last to say it, making him the lookout.
It took at least five minutes for them all to leave, the teenage boys and everything. Ray unlocks the door and we sneak out. Running out of the room, down the hallways, and try to find the nearest exit.
Me, who's ran around the school hallways at least a hundred times, was at front guiding the boys out of the building which almost seemed like a maze at the time. We eventually got into trouble, the door blocked off by the teenage boys who definantly didn't seem happy.
Running the oppisate way of the door, I found a new way out. An exit on the south-east side of the building. Panting, I've almost had enough. My legs felt like rubber, and I slowed down as soon as I got out of the hellhole. Not noticing where I had fallen on my hands and knee, I hear a screeching noise, soon followed after a honk.
"Michie!" All the boys yelled for me, especially Gerard. Imediantly, I felt a sharp piercing pain of a metal object going at least a hundred kilometres an hour as it injected itself into my side. I then knew where I was, and what had happened.
I just got hit by a car.

Ray's POV
She looks so lifeless on that bed. Michelle's limp, bloody body on that hospital bed. I stare at her as I stand beside her bed, listening to the painful screeches of Gerard and Mikey's wails of sadness, which is one of the reasons I'm shedding tears with the other three men.
The nurse pulled me out a few minutes ago to tell me the worst news. Getting hit by that bus broke many ribs, her right arm, collar bone. She fractured her left wrist and ankle. Sprained her knees. Cracked her head open(concussion), and dislocated her left leg. We were also warned about her possibly having amesia. What's even worse is that she also notified me that the damage in the ribs are fatal, and has already been infected. The chances of her leaving this hospital alive isn't likely. Possible, but not for a while.
"I'm an angel, aren't I?" Gee mutters behind me. "I was suppose to save her, but I couldn't. Not this time."
"She'll be fine, Gerard," Frankie sobs. "She'll get out, right Ray?"
My head turns to him. To tell the truth, I didn't think she was. Lying, I nod. "She's getting out of here." I say softly, sobbing too.
Mikey sits in the corner, his head bobbing back and forth like a madman. He's sniffling, and constantly returning his inhaler to his mouth. Looking back up to Michie, I notice her eyes flutter slightly. Then again, but that time opening. Overjoyed, I inform the others. Getting up in a swift manner, they crowd the bed like there's no tomorrow.
"How do you feel?" Asked Mikey.
"Thank the lord you're awake!" Exclaims Frankie.
"Please," Starts Gerard. "Don't stop fighting."
Michelle looks at me with a confused look. She starts speaking, too. "What's going on? Where am I? Who--"
Oh no, not the "Who are you?" Question! I think, a frown appearing on my face. A tear rolls down Mikey's face, two down Gerard's. Frankie looks up at me, a look of disbelief in his eyes.
"Kidding, but where am I?" We chuckle at her joke.
"You're in the hospital. You got run over by a schoolbus... yesturday." I reply.
"You've got so many destroyed bones, you're lucky to be alive." Says Gee.
"The doctors in the ambulance injected you with some numbing medicine, also knocking you out." Says Mike.
She yawns, wincing with pain. "If you don't mind, I'm extremely tired, guys." She says, looking at everyone of us. We nod and start to wander back to the other side of the room, when she calls us back over. "If I don't wake up again, please remember these next two words..." We nod, waiting for her to say something. "I'm... sorry..." She's dead asleep again, a couple of snores escaping her.
And if she had passed away, those would have been some Famous Last Words.

End Of FanFic.
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