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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

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The rebellion begins. Like the french revolution, the geeks(or lower half of the kingdom) are tired of the way the preps(royalty) treat them. Frankie suggests the revolt starts it's journey.

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Michelle's POV
We're all sitting on the ginormous hill near the school. The wind destroys my hair so much, I've had to put my sweater over my head. We kept discussing yesturday. It was the best time of our lives. Frankie being his michevious self with Ray's pop bottle, Gerard basicly barfing over his coffee-flavoured icecream... Gerard and Frankie still being together. But something feels wrong. It feels like I've interupted something between them. I should talk to Gee about it.
Mikey pokes Ray slightly. Ray stirring, Mikey breaks a twig off a random branch and begins poking his face with it. 'Twas quite funny, actually. It was like those little chibi/anime things you'd see on TV where someone's blacked out or zoning out, or just maybe sleeping, and all of a sudden you get poked by a stick. Ray stirs again. Mikey starts slightly putting it up his nose. Ray swaps his hand away and the twig remains up his nose. I giggle. Ray gets up with a confused look on his face. He hesitantly pulls it out and glares at Frankie playfully.
"It's not always me you know!" Frank points to Mikey. Mikey is startled back, actually quite convincing that he didn't do it. Ray glares back out at Frankie. I giggle again.
Frank looks as if he's been remembered of something. He looks deep in thought for a meer minute. "You know what?" He speaks finally. "We have to do this."
"Do what?" Gee asks with a confused look upon his face. He squeezes his hand, doing the same for mine a moment after.
"We need to get those assholes back. They've been after us since the Freshman year. Then they went to Mikey as soon as he stepped foot into the school. They shoved him into lockers, put him in a dirty gym bag like they did with us when we embraced high school." I watch as everyone nods and gets their game face on. Mikey seems entrigued. He's got that poker kind of look pasted on that adorable pale skin of his. Gee also has an equally amazed look. Ray looks as if he was getting extremely into a football game. I nod also.
We begin planning the fall of the preppy and the rebellion of the geeks.

The following Monday...

We're all in the janitor's closet. Supplies are everywhere. The supplies we'll need. Waterballoons, Buckets of worms, Waterguns, A bucket of water, and squished marshmellows. Frankie insisted on getting matches and leaving them in the woman's bathroom sink, but the majority of us disagreed on the idea. Especially me. But I've been left with the waterballoons for gym period for the girl's locker room after class is finished. My duty is to chuck them at the girls while Ray and Gerard are going to get them jocks wet.
Frankie's insisted on trashing the worms onto the teachers desks and putting a note saying "We heard you liked worms. THICK worms. Sincerely, The Cheerleaders." I told him I'd help him with that. Just to get those preppy sluts in trouble.
Mikey and I, just before I pelt them with waterballoons, are going to dip the girls' soccer team's kleats into mud. Going to dip 'em twice if the shoes are white. And I might grab some of the cheerleaders' footwear in there too.
Ray's job. Protect us. He's the strongest and they're most likely going to attack us. Except when Mikey and I have fun with mud and balloons, we'll be able to protect ourselves... sort of. He's also suppose to shoot the mascot with burnt marshmellows and chewed gum from a marshmellow shooter. This idea amused me. The images of confused faces entered my mind and made me giggle again.
Gerard. He's volenteered to be the attacker... Kind of. He wants to get back at the people who'd throw them into places and physicly hurt them. So we decided to leave that to his department.
Gerard kisses Frankie and I on the cheek each before stealing Ray and running off with waterguns. Frankie picked up a bucket of worms, rubber gloves and he was off. Mikey and I were left. I'm just about to open the door when Mikey grabbed my shoulder gently. This caught me so off gaurd, the small hairs on my eyebrows might've spiked slightly, like a cat's tailfurs when it's scared. He turns me around, and looks me dead in the eye. His poker face returning. Thinking of that, I trying not to smile.
"I understand you're my brother's... girlfriend, Michelle," He says. An idea of his next move appeared in my mind. Was he going to kiss me? Tell me he likes me? Hold me close to him and struggle to let go? "But..."
"But what?" I ask, a strong bond telling me to hold him close. And as if my body was being controlled by some sort of machine, I did so. Not exactly intentionally, but intentionally at the same time. It's like you're trying to stop yourself from doing something, but you can't halt your movement until it's either done or a second after the decision. I place my arms over his shoulders and wrap them tightly around his neck. My body stood close to his. He blushes.
"Why'd you just do that?" He asks, biting his lip and hesitantly moving his hands to my waist.
"I-I don't know exactly..."
"Um... As I was tr-tr-tr-trying to say... I-yi-yi lllllooooovveeee... you."

Mikey's POV
I begin to shake as she presses herself against me. My cheeks burned quite hottly. It almost hurt, really.
"Why'd you just do that?" I ask nervously and bite my lip with slight caution. I hesitantly pull her closer as I studdered my arms into just setting them on her waist. She answered with a confused "I don't know." I ignore it because it's actually comforting.
... I-yi-yi lllllooooovveeee... you." I studder. I can't say what I should do next. She looks down and back up. "I'm sorry." I apologize, I loosen my grip on her but she strengthens her own.
My forehead falls onto hers. My gaze locked in hers. I shouldn't be doing this, but something took over me just momentarily. I begin to feel panic as my heart rate increases. My nose slowly rests on her cheek, we're only at lips' distance. Should I kiss her? She's my brother's girl. I shouldn't. But he's got Frankie... I still shouldn't. I can feel her shake, and that's when I realize she's just as nervous as I am. We finally move closer. Soon, our lips touched. A peck, actually. Hesitantly a moment staring into each other's eyes again, then a longer, tender kiss. It's so wrong... yet it feels right. We start to romanticly kiss for another five minutes. The idea of this whole rebellion thing escaping my mind.

Gerard's POV
"We're all set." I held two large weapons, while Ray had brought his OWN gun. That NERF machine gun he kept bragging about. He keeps telling me that he's stuck the marshmellows on the tips of his missiles. Bragging, almost. Ray and I are to hide in the closet before they make their way out. And, we hear several footsteps and big-shot laughter. The jocks.
"Get in!" Ray whispered, the door wide open. The echoing hallsway scare me. How close are they? 20 feet away? 10? 3? I scurry in, Ray quickly behind. He gently shuts the door behind him. The jocks are coming early. This is going to interfere with our plans a little. We could just attack now, but where'd the fun be in that? We're waiting until after they shower. When they're offically clean and dry.
Ray's peeking out the small window as the boys undress. I shove his head down and stare myself that the half-naked men. Examining every feature of their chests and... in betweens. Smiling like a pedophile looking at child-porno, my head's pushed downwards by Ray.
The bell goes, and soon after the jocky kids begin getting changed. A boy, as thin as a pole and tall like an ostritch, was being picked on for his weakness. I reconize him. His name's Wyatt. He's in my Tech class. I've talked to him a couple of times, actually. He's very mature, and interesting. He keeps up with what's up-to-date and critisizes the celebrities and trends with humor. He's interested in Meteorology. He says he wants to be one of those weather reporters. But he believes that he won't make it into high school, therefore, not being able to attain a degree in meteorology. He once told me he's picked on for being bisexual, and refusing to fight back. He absolutely disagrees with the thought of violence. He's joined a few causes to stop wars and maintain peace within our world.
Wyatt gets off the ground after being pushed. The tiled floors left a large red spot on his back. Kind of looks like it's a rash. I want to start the invasion now. Wyatt gives them a smug look, as if he was about to tell them to back off. He returns to changing into his gym clothes. The same pack of boys walk up to him and begin talking smack about him. This angered Ray also, how they're not giving up with this innocent kid. I look at Ray, he looks back at me. He picks up his NERF gun and I pick up the water guns. We place our backs against the wall beside the door and Ray kicks it open. The weapon craddled in his hands begins shooting at the boys. I join in without hesitation.
Wyatt runs into the closet on my command to protect himself from getting hit. He's grabbing at his towel to keep it up and from falling on him. Ray and I are attacking every last enemy. I'm shooting at the boys who already have their gym clothes on, making them miserable and furious. This is garenteed a month's worth of suspension.

Frankie's POV
I've been sneaking around every class room placing worms on the teachers' desks and then writing on the board with left hand, therefore making my actually writing look different from the board work. I'm actually just about done. Walking past the boys' changing room by the gym, I hear screaming and yelling. Cursing and pleads of mercy. They didn't start already, did they? I slip my head in through the door to see the rucus. They have.
This is all against the plan. No, no, no no no no no! They've gone ahead! How could this be? I look in my bucket of left-over worms. I have quite a few left. Maybe I should help them. I charge in with all force, my gloved hand digging into the odd creatures and throwing them at the screaming and defenseless children. This is so mean, but it'll never out-do what they've done to every last one of us.

~~~~~~To be slightly continued~~~~~~
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