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Like A Kick Of Sand In Your Face

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~~ NOTES ~~ 1. Thank you everyone! I've gotten ratings on ALL of my Chapters!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! 2. This is going to be one REAAAAALLLYYY Long chapter. ;3 Beach time! The clan ...

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Michelle's POV
We're all standing outside the Way house, except for Gerard. He's forgotten something he doesn't want to leave behind. Mikey and Ray are standing on the otherside of the car just whispering in a serious conversation. All I heard was something about sex and Gerard last night. This boggles my mind. Frankie and I try our best listening in.
"I was playing Halo until... sounds beat around the basement, luckily our parents didn't hear... Gee stood there crying on my shoulder... I'm so worried, we need to have a talk with everyone." Mikey said, his voice constantly trailing off and returning itself. Frank turns to look at me where we begin exchanging looks of worry and concern about Gerard. We decide we should leave it until they decide to finally speak up.
The two boys walked back around the car and we stood up. Frankie turned to me and held his hands out to play that concentration hand clapping game. I accept and we begin playing to cover our eavesdropping. They buy it, fortunately.
Gerard walks out with the car keys and a bag full of he and Mikey's stuff. Frankie and I quit the game and smile innocently. He looks at both of us and smirks. He returns his head to the ground. Something's up with him, I wanna know. He opens the truck of the convertable and throws the bag beside the others. He pauses and closes his eyes, as if attempting to resist a tear. I place my hand on his back. This startles him. His head shoots to look at me.
"Are you okay?" I ask, concern written all over my face. He stares at me for a second, like back in that hallway on Tuesday. He finally gives up on refusing to cry. A tear goes down his cheek. I bite my lip and wipe it away. Kissing his cheek he lets out another.
"I'll never be okay." He replies, wiping his tears away, he grabs both my arms, just below the shoulders and pulls me to him, kissing me as deeply as ever. This startles me. He just needs comforting. We unlock lips, stare at each other for a second and he walks away to the driver's seat. I touch my lips with my index and middle fingers. I smile and jump into the backseat where my butt rests on the trunk of the car, along with Ray and Frankie.
Gerard starts the car. "Is anyone forgetting anything?" He asks, just being sure. We all reply with a no and he pulls out of the driveway, curving along the circled street and onto the road. Mikey, in the passenger seat, blasts the stereo. Playing is Green Day's Holiday. Singing along, Ray, Frankie and I are like a chorus. Mikey taps his fingers on the car door and smiles as he listens to us and the music. Gerard's frowning again. Behind his sunglasses I can tell he wants to cry.
Halfway down the highway to the beaches' destination, Gerard turns the stereo down after speaking with Mikey. Mikey looks back at us, mostly Ray. Ray nods and Mikey turns back around.
"Frankie, Michie..." Mikey addresses us in a very serious tone. It's very little often we hear his quiet voice. "Gerard has something he has to tell you two. Ray and I know about it already."
Gerard bites his lip, inhales and looks nervous. He finally lets something out. "Frankie, Michelle and I... since Tuesday just before I left..." He keeps pausing and sounding as if he's going to cry. "Michelle and I are kind of... together, as well."
Frankie's quiet. Too quiet. A disturbing quiet. I hesitantly look over at Frankie. He looks as if he wants to drown a kitten. He shakes his head, inhales and exhales, and responds unnormally positively. A smile returning to his face. "Well," He starts. My anticipation returning to me. I want to know his answer, it's absolutely killing me!

Frankie's POV
"Well," I say, thinking before I said anything. Should I go through with it? Should I leave him? He's being honest. But he betrayed me after four years. Does that mean he's getting bored with me? I glance over at Michelle, she's biting her lip overly hard. It looks like all of her bottom lip is white. I think she's cut it open. "Gimme sometime to think." I reply. Ray pats my back and mumbles something about being a true player. I have no clue what that means.
Michelle looks half-relieved, half-anxious for an answer. I do, at the moment, want to drown her in the salt water when we get there, but then again, she's my new buddy. A chick who understands what I've been forced to go through. She doesn't care about if I make a sexist joke about women either. She just walks it off because she know's that's just a damned stereotype. I know it is too, but it's still fun to use whenever she's being a smart-ass to me. Even though she's got quite a few scars on her wrists, doesn't mean she'll eventually quit. I have faith in her she'll stop. But if I share her with Gerard, I wonder how that'll turn out. Will it be fun? Will it be complicated? This boggles my mind. I know she's sensitive. I've already caught glimpses in her eyes of tiny tears when she gets insulted or hurt.
"Michelle," Gerard begins to speak again. His voice shakes in a rattly pattern. I think he's going to cry. Mikey pats him on the back just as how Ray did with me. "Do you still have that feather?"
"It's in my bag, why do you ask?" She gestures to the trunk where her bag is. "Didn't you say that whole wing thing was a hilucination?"
"I did say it was a hilucination. I lied. I wanted to keep my cover from you so you wouldn't think of me as a freak. I'm dead. I'm a Fallen Angel. I died getting hit by a truck a few years ago back in grade 8, and I died. On my birthday, I blew out my candles and poof, black feathery wings appeared and ripped my (at the time) favourite shirt."
She cheered, Gerard glanced back at her for a second, confusion stamped on his facial expression. He looks at Mikey and returns to looking at the road. "I knew it! I knew you couldn't be exactly human!" She repeated in different tempos and occasionally making little tunes capellicly. I chuckle. She's actually quite cute when she's... acting weirdly... weird.
We giggle, Gerard included. Gee looks at me through the backview mirror. He has an anxious look of desperation of forgiveness on his face. I'd kind of feel bad if I left him. I still love him a lot, but I want to know if he loves me back. I tell him my answer will eventually appear.

Gerard's POV
We got to the beach. I can't help but think of what Frankie's response will be about me and Michelle. He and Michelle already through-out the days are like two peas in a pod medaphoricly. It makes me happy to know these two are best friends, but I hurts to know it might seperate them. The car ride after I told them everything was as if nothing ever happened. They all returned to their happy moods while my eyes constantly begged Frank for an answer.
Ray and Mikey stretch first thing after they get out of the car. Frankie on the otherhand, doesn't bother on getting the bags. Instead, he runs out onto the sand and straight for the water. I chuckle, he's so adorable. Sometimes I just want to smother him in my arms. Michelle doesn't seem to mind me being with Frankie. I wonder if Frankie doesn't mind me and Michelle. I wouldn't be able to live without them, both.
Ray tells me to go with Frankie, Mikey and the other two have decided to help set up our spot and everything. Thanking them, I kiss Michie's forehead and run out into the sand after Frankie. I can hear her giggle. Sometimes I think she doesn't get what's going on. Other times I think she just doesn't care. And I love that about her.
My feet become engulfed in muddy sand. I threw off my shirt and my sandals running into the dirt. I know I can't swim, but that doesn't mean I cannot have fun for at least one or two times in the ocean. Frankie tackles me onto the dry sand. Giggling he kisses me gently. Does this mean he still wants to be with me? I hope so. He kisses me again. We're interupted by the sound of Ray and Michelle notifying us that they're moving close to the snack shack over on our east. Frankie kisses me fiercly one more time and gets up, helping me up with him.
We skip along the small tide coming in from the waves, giggling and holding hands as if we were in a fairy tale romance. Frankie glomps me again, this time in the muddy sand. He lays ontop of me and squeezes my hands.
"I guess this means you forgive me?" I asked, hoping everything would be just fine. Frankie thinks about it for a few seconds. He nods.
"Well, as long as Michelle doesn't really take your virginity... I'm more than happy to share you with her." He made me sound like a toy two children are fighting over. I grin and roll ontop of him.
Thanking him several hundred times, I'm kissing his cheeks, lips, etc. "You have no idea, how lost I'd be, if you left me!" I said chuckling. Frankie's chuckling and kissing me back.
We got up and I begin to think, everything's okay. I was expecting everything to turn out horribly, but Michelle was happy to know that she's finally found out who I am, and she likes it. Frankie's decided to let him share me with her. I still think that makes me sound like a toy.

Mikey's POV
Ray left us for the lifegaurd lady who's been sitting at the top of the watch tower. She's not hot, but not ugly. She's just in the middle. Michelle and I are the only people setting up the little spot we've chosen that's not so far away from the snack shack, and not too far away from the water. I keep glancing over at Michelle. She's wearing a black bikini top under a large baggy shirt covered in Loonie Toons characters half tucked in and half not into her grey jean shorts. I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt this fine lady. She's beautiful... no, gorgeous. Maybe it's because she's a little akward like me that people judge right on the spot.
We're all set. Every towel on the sand laid out perfectly, and three umbrellas giving the heads of the pillows shade. Michelle looks at me nervously. I wonder what she's doing. She sits down on her towel, faces away from me and begins taking off her shirt. She turns her head back to me.
Dark brown hair that's just a little past chin's length in two adorable pigtails streaked with a bloody red colour, embroidering it with beauty. Olive skin, almost looks like it's tanned a little since she's joined our group in a toasty colour. Eyes of many different colours, occasionally turning different shades of blue and green but keeping that gold splat around her pupil. Small shoulders, long arms, short legs, a little bit of a small chest being held up by a black top, slim, scrawny body... She's just gorgeous. I can see why Gerard had that dream of her last night.
Frankie and Gee returned hand in hand. Michelle and I are smiling. Gerard's grinning with excitement, I have a feeling Frankie did something positive.
"We're still together!" Gee announced. Michelle and I congradulate them.
"And Michie," Frank says, a smile on the midget's face. "One rule, don't take his virginity on me, will you?"
"I promise!" She promises, getting up and wrapping her arms around each boy's necks, the touch of her body on both mens'. A slight pang of jealousy slapping my face.
Ray returns to our little reunion. He got a number, but not HER number. Infact, it was a penis enlarging company's number. We sat there laughing for a bit. This is a memorable date everyone here will remember for a while. Unless one of us gets alzheimers, or whatever you call it.

Ray's POV
That lifegaurd lady's not very nice. Even though she got a laugh out of us. Gerard and Frankie went to the shack to get some icecream and pops for us. How nice. Mikey and Michelle stayed behind to put sunscreen on. Michie said she burns quite easily, but when she does get a sun burn and it goes away it turns into a nice little tanned colour. That I might believe. She doesn't look half bad actually. Infact, she's pretty.
Michelle looks at Mikey, who's attempting at sun blocking his own back. Michelle giggles. "Do you need help?" She asks, rubbing her facial cheeks with lotion.
Mikey sighs and chuckles. "Uh... Yeah, kinda." He replies returning his hands to his front.
"I do your back, you can do mine, 'kay?" Mikey blushes and nods. Michelle commences and Mikey continues blushing. He's been getting goosebumps at the temperature of the cream she's placing on his back.
Gerard and Frankie get back with several cardboard trays. One held five cups of different icecreams with plastic spoons dug into the icy yumminess. The other tray held coffees and the third one held bottles of pop. Everyone takes something from Gee and Frankie. I took my pepsi and vanilla icecream. Michelle took a Diet Coke and her chocolate chip cookie dough icecream. Mikey took a coffee and his chocolate icecream. Frankie, Sprite and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. And Gerard, A Coffee and coffee flavoured icecream. I look at the frozen treat in disgust.
"You're really going to eat that?" I say, placing a spoonful of yummy icecream in my mouth.
"I'm just going to try it." Gee replies, placing his coffee up to his mouth and dripping it onto his tastebuds.
Moans of happiness and delight fill the group's air as we digest and enjoy our treat. I reach for my bottle, it's foaming... I wonder why. Gerard and Frankie begin giggling and Mikey and Michelle hide behind the umbrella closest to them. Frankie gets up in a hurry and begins running. I haven't even opened it-- SPLOOSH! Fizzing liquids and sticky soda goes everywhere, especially on me. I'm gawking in surprise and I'm covered in pepsi. The only place it didn't get is in my hair, thankfully.
I get up and call for Frankie. I begin to run for him, chasing him up and down the coastline. I eventually captured him in a tackle. He landed in the muddy sand and we sat there laughing for a while. He knows I'm playing around with him. Oh what fun this day's been so far. The sun's beginning to set, as well. It's time to go home.
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