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Like The Sane Abandoned Me

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As i screamed at my mind for mercy from this living hell.

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Mikey's POV

The next week was pretty uneventful. We had agreed to postpone the tour another month while Gee fully recovered and would have our next show in Houston. This however was after many heated debates between Ray and my older brother. Gerard really did hate to disappoint so many fans, but as we pointed out to him multiple times, his health was the bands number one priority. If the kids couldn't understand that then they shouldn't bother coming.

Lyn-z had gone on tour with her band 'Mindless self indulgence' and taken Bandit with her. She had been hesitant to leave but Gee (being the good husband he is) told her to go, and enjoy herself while on tour. It was good Gerard was being so supportive but Lyns had still asked my opinion on whether she should leave Gee so soon after his hospital release.

''Mikey, your sure he'll be okay, what if he starts having nightmares again? Frank said the last one was pretty bad an-'' I cut her off

''Gee will be fine Lyns, i'll still be here till the tour starts up again and the guys will be practically living here so that we can get some practice in. Seriously MSI needs their kick ass bass player back, you should go, really'' I was almost pleading.

''They can always get someone to fill in'' Lyn-z countered. ''Okay Mikes, but you call me if ANYTHING happens. I'll be back in 3 months with Bee''

''I'll take good care of your husband'' i smirked, relieved she had agreed to go and spend some time with her band who in my opinion she had been neglecting since she heard about Gerard's 'problem'.

I didn't know what to think about Gee's latest nightmare. As gruesome as the others were, this one seemed to have some hidden meaning. ''A stab of happiness''? Frank said that was the last thing Gerard's former self said to him. Did that mean that Gee was subconsciously depressed? Since the last dream Gee seemed to have shrugged it off and ignored it completely. At this point i can't be sure if thats a good thing or not. Bottling feelings up is never good. Especially for someone as fragile as him.

As far as practice went things were great. A whole month of none stop band practice almost every day. This was going to be a blast, a great way to forget the terrors of the past few weeks.

''Raaaaaay, your doing it all wrong'' Frank whined, sitting on a wooden stool resting his guitar on his lap. ''You play a F# before the second bar, like this see'' he played a quick riff.

''Alright Iero, keep your head on'' Ray rolled his eyes.

''Hey quiet down you two i can't hear the radio'' Gerard called from the kitchen, eventually coming in and playing host, severing us our drinks.

''Thanks bro'' i smiled. ''But you forgot Franks skittles''

''I'm not giving the midget anymore skittles, he'll be bouncing off the walls''

''Awwww come on Gee, you know you wanna'' Frank smiled seductively, raising his eye brows. This was followed by a whack on the head from Ray.

''Dude, we have practice and like a dozen new pieces''

It was true. Since the dreams had supposedly stopped, Gerard had tried to recreate them (despite our protests) through his art and song writing skills. I had snuck into Gerard's room to look at some of the drawings from his repressed night terrors and the finished pieces were... horrifying to say the least. The worst being a canvas painted jet black with a huge tear running diagonally across rimmed with red paint intended to be blood. There was looked like a dark house with moonlight pouring through the windows. A guillotine glinted in the ashy colored room with a bloodied figure trapped in its grasp, and a masked murderer hacking open his victim. God forbid Bandit had found any of these.

''Yeah lets see your new songs Gee'' Frank yelled excitedly, obviously hyped.

''Its not finished yet''

''Well lets see what ya have so far'' Ray encouraged.

''No really man, i still have to add some chords and shit''

''Okay but we have a whole month for that'' Frank sighed reluctantly.

We sat and practiced some older tracks for an hour or two till Gerard got up abruptly and began to walk out of the room mumbling something about needing the bathroom.

''Well don't spend too much time primping your self princess'' Frank called after him, before yelping from the impact of Ray's shoe making contact with his arm. I started laughing manically at my friends antic's. We were an insane bunch of loons and i'm sure we would be locked up if not for our fame.

''I FOUND THE SKITTLES!'' Franks shouting from another room in the house brought my out of my thoughts.

Gerard's POV

I had to get out of that room. My eyelids were heavy like they had iron weights attached. I instantly better upon leaving, not having to keep my energy up for the others. I headed for the bathroom. I could hear Franks battle cry all the way from the other side of the house. As soon as the door closed, i sunk to my knee's and lent my small frame against the tiled walls . I looked up at the mirror, at my reflection. Only to see those haunting eyes and disheveled black hair instead of my red locks. He grinned psychotically, as i screamed at my mind for mercy from this living hell.

This chapter is for anyone who survived the 2011 apocalypse

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