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Kiss The Demons Out Of My Dreams

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Then something inside me snapped....There was a crash....and then a deafening silence.

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I had a total mind fuck on the bus while listening to 'Its Not A Fashion Statement Its A Deathwish' and i got the inspiration for this chapter.

Gerard's POV

... His daunting, lifeless eyes glinted with satisfaction upon seeing the fear in my own. That murderous grin showing a full set of yellow teeth. Through my heavy lidded eyes i could see his demonic face smirking at my obvious weakness. The anger building up inside me was immense, just pure rage. The pressure from the back of my head growing.

Then something inside me snapped....There was a crash....and then a deafening silence.

Rays POV

We were sat in Gee's lounge, giggling over a hyperactive Frank. Yes this was the norm for us. All of a sudden, a loud smashing sound echoed throughout the Way household, the noise resonating off the walls. We all glanced at one another with a 'did you hear that?' expression, before bolting to the bathroom Gerard had headed for.

I charged at the locked door and it swung open after the second try, hitting the wall with a dull thud. I stood staring at the scene before me, with Frank and Mikes behind me speechless. There was glass everywhere and a gaping hole where the mirror once was. Lots of the fragments scattered around the small tiled room were tainted with scarlet blood, dripping across the reflective shards. Gerard stood trembling in the middle of it all, fist held outwards showing thousands of tiny cuts. It was painfully obvious what had happened.

''Gerard, why the fuck did you just punch the bathroom mirror!?'' Frank questioned, still trying to take in what had just occurred.

Gerard kept his gaze down.

''Gee...What happened?'' I asked warily in a softer tone. I was truly worried about Gerard now. This silence was freaking me out.

He never did give us an explanation. He just walked out silently, leaving us standing in confusion looking at each other for answers. I sighed and bent down to start picking up the broken shards of glass.


Frank's POV

Yes! Finally we were playing a show. We were preforming at a local place, a small stage but a huge crowd. Just getting back into it before the tour y'know. Gerard told us to drop the subject when we asked about him breaking the mirror. I knew there was more to it than what he told us but with the way he was acting lately i didn't want to get on his bad side. Anyway he said he would tell us if things got too intense and i knew for a fact he wouldn't lie to us after what happened. It had been 2 weeks but still i couldn't shake that feeling that something was wrong, Gerard was just zoning out a lot, even in mid-conversation. I knew that he was sleeping properly again, (for the first time in what felt like an eternity) and that i shouldn't let myself worry too much. I'm sure Mikey was already a little anxious and worrying enough for all of us.

''Hey how long till we're on?'' Yes, i was bouncing up and down like a hyperactive squirrel. No, i did not care.

''15 minutes, a minute less than last time you asked'' Ray replied, trying to concentrate on his guitar rather than my excited chatter.

I moved to sit on the couch next to Mikes. ''Mikeeeeeey'' I whined.

''Yeeees Frank?''

''Gee awake yet?'' I usually did some warm ups with him before a show. It was like a tradition To be honest, ever since this all started i was missing my best friend.

''no, i'll get him now'' Mikey said quite happily. He was pumped for the show. Hell we were all ecstatic to be playing again, and i'm sure Gerard was no exception.

Sorry for the shortness and lack of awesome, but it makes sense for the next chapter. lets just call this chapter 'short and sweet' okay?? Thanks for all the Reviews !!

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