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You'll Find Out First Hand What It's Like To Be Me

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I could hear my heart pounding in my ears

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I feel so bad for not updating lately, it feels like its been forever 10 days stupid anyway I've been planning this chapter for a while now. enjoy and don't be a silent reader, show some feedback/constructive criticism/unicorn love :3

Gerard's POV

I shouldn't be nervous, singing in front of a audience is what i live for. I've been doing it for 10 years. I was warming up back stage with the guys, and smoking what seemed to be a lot of cigarettes, letting the nicotine work its magic. When my hands weren't holding a cancer stick they were sweating with anxiety. I had no reason to be anxious, i had done a lot more stressful performances than a little pre-tour show. I tried to concentrate on the conversation taking place before me amongst my friends.

''We're on in 20, you ready Ray'' Mikey smiled suddenly realizing what he had said.


''How bout you Frank'' my brother continued grinning.

''I honestly don't know what i say at the start of Vampire Money'' Frankie looked down sheepishly ''I was too drunk in recording''

''Oh, come on. What do you say when we play it live?''

''I just kinda mumble into the microphone, YOU CAN'T TELL ANYONE'' Frank pleaded desperately.

''Sorry Frankie boy this is going in our next interview.'' Ray said smugly.

''Nooooo'' Frank dramatically fell to his knee's. A few of the techs chuckled at the man-child's antic's, some just looked embarrassed. In all fairness he was 29 for Christ's sake.

''So, how many songs we playing?'' Our fill in drummer Pedicone asked, coming seemingly out of nowhere.

''Like 9 from the new album, then some of the old stuff'' Mikey said looking at me for confirmation to which i nodded. I didn't trust my mouth to speak, it felt like my tongue was made of cotton.

''Awesome, i'm gonna start setting up''

''While your at it grab us a coffee, yeah'' Mikey asked the drummer.

''Mikes we gotta get ready like now, i know your excited but you know how long the midget takes''

I inwardly laughed at the term Pedicone used for Frank. Wait we have like 15 minutes till we're on. Oh fuck.

Anxiety began to get the better of me. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears and my breathing speed up. Since when was breathing so hard...inhale...exhale. Cold sweats broke out across my forehead making me tremble as the cold air from the AC hit it. Sweat trickled down my neck. My clammy hands reached for a cigarette , hoping it could relax me before the oncoming panic attack took hold or one of the guys noticed something was amiss with my behavior.

I mumbled something about going for a smoke before discreetly slipping out the backstage area unnoticed. I was sure they were too busy watching Mikey and Ray arm wrestle.

I weaved through the sea of crew members and staff, all too busy doing there jobs to notice a pale frightfully skinny redhead who was on the verge of a full blown anxiety attack. I was freaking out, my mind racing at a million miles an hour, making it increasingly hard control my already erratic breathe's. I needed to hide. Escape. I wasn't thinking straight, i was in some sort of daze but one thing stood out clear in my mind. I needed sanctuary.

I darted to the side of the stage where there were fortunately less people, last i heard everyone was in the back cause something went wrong with the lights and wiring. Well for what ever reason it was deserted i was thankful. I was panting for air by the time a saw a almost hidden trap door, that led partially under the stage. It was a perfect place to isolate myself from the world, cool off. As i descended the stairs plunging myself into darkness, i wondered to myself. Was i safe to be on my own with my own thoughts?

The stairs that supported me were made of wood and creaked making a almost unearthly sound. They were damp too, probably rotting. Was it dangerous to be down here? My pondering's were cut short when as i put my foot onto the next step, a loud crack splintered through the silence. I felt my weight shift onto nothingness and i lost my footing. I was falling in a never ending black pit. It swallowed me up whole until i hit a concrete floor.

''urrrrh'' Was all i managed to choke out, as i felt the pain of the landing flooding into my skull. I was certain i had landed kinda on my ankle twisting it in a odd angle. Yet i couldn't feel it at all...wait thats not a good sign. I turned my neck to face my sprawled out limbs, denying every protest in my battered body. My leg was mangled, i was pretty sure i could see my knee-cap. My stomach turned with the amount of blood i was seeing coming from various wounds and gashes.


I dragged myself over to nearest wall and huddled myself best i could without causing any more damage, amongst the hundreds of storage boxes that occupied the room. It looked like none of this stuff had been used for years, the room itself was old. Made of stone, there was moss practically growing on the walls. A lot of the boxes somehow managed to block off the trapdoor entrance. I was trapped...with my thoughts. I let out a audible groan, this time not from pain. It was too dark to see any other exits so i settled for trying to keep myself awake lest i had a concussion from falling. I turned my head to check the other side of the room for any escape route. But my eyes were met with something more shocking than my previous injuries had been...

I'm sorry this was gonna be one big chapter but i'm splitting it for two reasons: 1- its 3:05am and i feel like i'm gonna pass out from exhaustion. 2- I didn't want to spend any more time typing this so i could let you all know i'm still alive. Sorry for the cliffhanger but it had to be done.

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