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I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living

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Frerard! HighSchool era! Not completely according to fact... Hehe.... Read please:') Not a boring one. It's gonna be a Good'un!

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I tried to stay upright, still unable to breathe. Brandon Brooks, the school's most popular guy, was towering above be, bradishing a fist. All of his jock friends were standing around him, cheering him on, encouraging him. He moved forward again and I felt a blow to the stomach. Frank was somewhere close by. I had to get to him before Brandon could hit me again. I shuffled across the floor and found him.
"NO POINT IN RUNNING WAY! I'LL GET YOU IN NO TIME YOU HALF ASSED PIECE OF SHIT!" Brandon yelled after me as I grabbed Frank's hand and used all my remaining strength the get up and run.
Frank ran beside me, nose bleeding and with a black eye.
It was a normal Tuesday morning for us. The only weird thing was that Mikey, Ray and Bob weren't there being beat up to.
"Mikey?" I rasped, no longer able to run or breathe.
"He's back there somewhere. I saw him in the crowd getting pummled. We should get back there." Frank said, gasping for air.
I turned tail and sprinted to the spot I'd just ran from. There was an even bigger crowd and Mikey was nowhere to be seen.
"MIKEY! MIKEY! IT'S GERARD! MIKEY!" I yelled over the shouts of excitement.
"Gewwawwd?" I heard. It was Mikey and he obviusly had a mouth full of blood. I ran towards his voice. I found him just in time for me to pull Brandon's best friend, Anthony, off of Mikey.
I grabbed Mikey by his collar and sprinted yet again in the direction of Miss Tooley's office, dragging Mikey with me. I saw Frank on Brandon's shoulders, pulling his hair. I skidded to a halt and grabbed him off, dragging him along too. We turned down another corridor and Ray and Bob ran right into us.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Tooley's office. Brandon got us before school." Explained Ray, pointing to a bulgin fat lip and Bob's cut face.
"This way." I gasped, pointing with my free hand. I was still holding Mikey's collar. He was looking at me, disgruntled. I let my grip go and soon enough we were all running to the Art Office.
Paige (Miss Tooley) was a new art teacher this year. She acted like a friend to everyone. Although, unlike every other teacher, she didn't give Brooks or O'Connor any respect.
We found her running along a corridor muttering, "Brooks has them. He's got Ray, Frank, Mikey, Gerard and Bob. Shit."
"Miss Too- Paige!" Frank yelled.
"FRANK! I thought Brandon would have you guys. I saw on CCTV. No-one else appeared to notice..."
she muttered angrily. "I see you're all here. Thank God. I was afraid you'd be out cold by the time I got there and calmed Brooks' possy down. You'd better get going." She said, indicating us to move on to class.
We ran down the corridors to English even though none of us were having English until after Lunch. We'd come to this corridor because it had an exit. I pushed the door open and the others ran through.
We sprinted until we got to me and Mikey's place. As always Annie, Sarah, Amber, Nolee and Emma were waiting at the door. The always got there first.
We walked in, knowing mom was at work, and got cleaned up. My nose was still bleeding and Mikey was crying quietly. We got beat up a lot but never this bad. Bob had a huge gash accross his forehead.
"No way our parents are gonna not notice these!" Ray gasped as he washed the blood out of his big curly head of hair.
"I know. Guys, you okay?" Sarah asked, rubbing her hand up and down my back. I shivered. Her hands weren't cold it was something totally different. Something I couldn't put a name to...
I looked at Frank and our eyes met. There was a warm look in his hazel eyes... He smiled his cute little cheeky smile and winked at me. He's so cute. So hot... Wait... Hot?
I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. That was.. weird...
We went downstairs in fresh clothes. Mikey and me lent the guys some.
"Wanna watch DawnOfTheDead?" Mikey suggested.
"Sure, I'll make popcorn." I said and hopped into the other room. I put the bag in the microwave and sat waiting. I sang to myself. Kinda improvising as I went along.
I jumped as the machine beeped. I took out the now full and hot bag and emptied it all into a bowl. I poured butter over it and took a handful. Then I walked into the other room, chewing on the popcorn in my mouth. The movie had just began so I jumped onto the couch, popcorn flying out of the bowl and into Ray's hair. I laughed. He turned around and brushed the pieces out of his hair.
I was sitting beside Frank in the two seater couch. I stretched my hand accross to hold his. He gripped it tight and squeezed it, looking into my eyes again. It felt like he could see into my soul. I blushed at the sensation and smiled at him. He looked towards the TV screen, still grinning. My mind drifted away from the movie and onto Frank. I thought about his lips, his lip ring, his eyes, his smile, his hair, his hands, his arms, his fingers.. his guitar playing fingers...
Frank nudged me.
"Hey, you okay? You weren't watching the movie were you?" He asked. He looked... Worried.
"Sorry, I was thinking about uh... Brooks. I wanna get him back but I'm no match. Hell the five of us'd suck against that douche bag" I said.
"You're right there. But I'm pretty sure Amber could do some serious damage." Frank laughed. Amber turned round, grinning and gave him the finger.
She turned back to Mikey who wrapped his arms around her. Aww...
"Frank... Can I talk to you in the other room for a sec?" I asked, suddenly realising with a jolt, why I'd been feeling weird lately.
He nodded anxiously and followed me into the kitchen.
"I've uh, been feeling.. weird.. lately.. And I know why... Frank... I-I think I'm in love with you."
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