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Left you on a cliff hanger there! XD

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I only heard four words; In Love With You.
For one awful moment I thought I'd said it. I thought that I'd let my feelings slip.
I looked up at Gerard and saw by his expression it had been him. Tears stung my eyes.
"Th-that's not f-funny..." I choked behind my tears.
"How... How is that in any way funny?" Asked Gerard bewildered.
"It's n-n-not.." I whispered, tears spilling down my cheeks.
"Exactly. Frank... I love you ." he whispered, pointing to himself then me.
"Why? Why would anyone love me?" I croaked.
"Because you're you ! Never say that about yourself. Ever." Gee said, his own eyes now filling with tears.
"Well... I love you t-too Gee." I said, throwing myself at him.
"Please don't make us go through that whole thing again. Yes. Seriously Gerard. I love you ." I whispered, hugging him close.
"Annie and Sarah..." He whispered, eyes wide. Shit.
"I'll go get them..." I murmured, walking into the other room.
They were sitting laughing when I walked in.
"Ahem, Annie, Sarah, could you guys come through here for a sec?" I asked timidly.
"Sure." They replied and scurried into the kitchen.
"Annie, Sarah... We need to talk..." I said, not sure how to continue.
"Yeah... Me and Frank..." Gerard went on.
"Are sort of.."
"Love" Gerard finished.
Annie looked at me with stone cold eyes.
"You two are fags! FUCKING FAGS!" She screamed maniacly at us.
"Fuck you. FUCK you!" Sarah bellowed, sprinting from the room. Annie followed suit.
"That went well." I said manner of factly.
"Yeah. Better than I thought." Gerard said, smiling.
I stood up on my tip toes and Gerard bent down a little so our lips could meet.
I crushed mine against his and kissed him harder. He opened his mouth so my tongue could dart in and explore his amazing mouth.
"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Mikey yelled from the door way. Shit.
"Uh... Mikey... It's... Exactly what it looks like. Except we broke it off with Sarah and Annie." Gerard explained having pulled out of our kiss.
"What's goin' on?" Asked Ray standing with Bob behind Mikey.
"Nothing." Me, Mikey and Gee said at the same time.
"Okay?" Bob said.
Close one...
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