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My Best Friends Sister

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Gerard always wants what he can't have. The story I made you audition for (:

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Gerard's POV...
I don't know when I first started getting feelings for her. I think it was when Ray warned me to stay right away from her otherwise he'd have to kill me. I'd always liked things I couldn't have.
I knew that when I went after Mikey's girlfriend. Not his current one Kerri. She was too positive, too happy and never put up a fight. In my mind, she was easy. Too easy.
I'm talking about his other girlfriend, Rosie. She was extremely shy when I met her. Not too keen on shy girls, I pretty much ignored her. But then she started warming up to me and I started to think maybe she was worth it after all.
Mikey never found out but Rosie dumped him for me. And that was when I told her I didn't want her. I said a lot of mean things to her, like that she wasn't worthy of me or Mikey and that maybe she shouldn't even exist.
She moved schools. I don't care.
I only told Charlie about that. Charlie is the one girl I know I will never ever fancy in a million years. It's not like she's ugly or anything and she's really funny. But if we ever went out, it'd be really weird. Besides I've never considered Charlie that way, no matter what anyone seems to think.
Though I'll admit she's really pretty. She has black, purple and white silky hair with big brown eyes. She's a healthy weight, not stick thin but not fat either just the right weight. She's quick witted and always speaks her mind, even though it often gets her in trouble. The teacher once said to her "Charlie O'Connors, why are you talking during my lesson?" and she replied smoothly "Why are you teaching during my talking?" She got detention but she didn't care.
Charlie's cool.
When I met Tatiana I thought she was pretty cool. I was at Ray's house and he introduced me to his sister Tatiana. She was a lot cooler than her older brother with black hair with golden and red highlights and her eyes were brown, like Charlies, but darker and so perfect. She wasn't afraid to talk to me, she just spoke her mind. She was like Charlie but there was something different about her.
And from the moment Ray said "Most of my friends ask her out. If you do, I'll have to kill you."
That was when I knew that things were going to get interesting.
When I got home Romy was hanging around, blushing as I walked in. Romy was Mikey's best friend. She'd once hinted to me that she wanted me to be more than 'Mikeys old brother' if you get what I'm saying. But I wasn't interested. Not in Romy with her blonde dead straight hair and rather boring personality.
Mikey doesn't seem to find her boring though as he practically wets himself laughing over something that I highly doubt is even funny. When Kerri finds out that Romy was other, she won't be too happy. Kerri and Romy can't stand each other which is a litle bad for Mikey but very entertaining for me.
I walked upstairs to my bedroom, the room that Mikey calls 'My Den'. Mikey doesn't dare come in here. Apparently it stinks but I'm in here so often that I don't notice the smell. My walls are all black (Mom said I wasn't allowed so when she went away one evening, I painted them anyway) with some random disturbing band posters and some of my own drawings. The only furniture I had in my room was my bed with black bedsheets, my wardrobe, my desk and my chair. That's all the furniture I need to survive. The floor is covered in clothes because I can never really be bothered to pick them up. There are some half-eaten things around my room, like sandwiches that I keep forgetting to move. It's probably the cause of the smell but like I said, I don't smell it.
There's lots more things hanging around. Empty beer cans/bottles, crumples of paper from rejected drawings, pencils, school stuff... Lots more things that don't even matter.
I sat down at my desk and pulled out one of my sketch books. I started sketching and sketching. I had to get this picture perfect. And when I was finally finished, it was perfect and I smiled at the girl on the page.
My sketched image of Tatiana smiled back at me.

Frank's POV...
"Hey Frank?" Jenna whispered next to me. She knew I was listening, I was always listening "Want to ditch school on Monday?"
I rolled over to look at her. We were both lying on my tiny bed but luckily we were both pretty small so we could fit. "We can't ditch school. We've got a math exam."
"Exactly." Jenna smiled "Come on Frankie, I hate school so much."
"I know french fry," He replied, smiling at his nickname for her "But school is important."
"Come on, I'm not an idiot." Jenna told him, rolling her eyes "Please please please Frank, I'm getting good levels. If we miss the maths exam we'll just have to do it another day."
"I don't want to Jenna." Frank said firmly, rolling back over with his back to his girlfriend.
Jenna rolled over and wrapped her arm round Franks waist "Okay fine, I'll ditch by myself. But you'll regret not coming with me Frankie."
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