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Chapter 2

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Tatiana blabs something.

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Gerard's POV...
Me and Tatiana spoke the day after I drew her. Well we went to the same school and we were in the same form, away from her older brother. She was sitting by herself in the corner so I took this oppurtunity to sit next to her.
"Oh hey Gerard," She greeted with a smile.
"Hi Tatiana," I decided to just ask her straight out "Your brother said loads of friends ask you out. Is that true?"
Tatiana looked confused "No... None of his friends have asked me out."
"Really?" I asked her innocently "Well Ray said-"
Tatiana groaned "Ray is just over protective. Don't listen to a word he says, just ignore him."
"So..." I smirked "You want me to ask you out, is that what you're saying?"
She winked at me "Maybe."
The bell rang for next lesson so I grabbed my bag and walked to Maths. I sat by Ray in that lesson but I decided not to tell him about what Tati had told me. Charlie sat in front of me though so I sent her a note in my neat handwriting and she replied in her little scribble that I could only just read.
Ray reckons everyone asks out his sister but she says they don't...
So? Who are you going to believe? Your best friend or your best friends sister?
YOU'RE my best friend silly.
Your best friend that's a girl. Ray's your best guy friend.
I really like Tatiana, you know what I'm like.
Yeah. I know alright.

I didn't bother to write back to that message. Because I knew already that Charlie knew everything there was to know about me.
At break I went and flirted with Romy. She began flirting right back of course, clearly hoping that she finally had a chance with me. But when Tatiana showed up, I practically ignored her and just chatted to Tati. Romy stayed with us for about ten minutes before realising it was totlly hopeless and went to hang out with Mikey and Kerri. But she knew she didn't even fit in there because they had their arms round each other, mumbling disgustingly sweet things to each other.
I didn't dare flirt with Tatiana when Ray showed up. If I was going to do this right then I had to be sneaky about it.
But of course Tati had to open her mouth didn't she? "Ray, why did you tell Gerard that half your friends ask me out! Because I've never been asked out by one of your friends, that's for sure."
"What on earth makes you think I said that?" Ray asked her, flashing me a look.
"Gerard told me." Tatiana said, not realising Ray was sending me death looks "It's none of your business who I go out with."
"We'll talk about this at home Tati." Ray said sharply "Stay away from Gerard til then." Then he grabbed his sisters arm and pulled her away from me.

Frank's POV...
I rang Jenna up the next morning. She answered after two rings and asked "Changed your mind about ditching school?"
"No," I told her "But I think you should. Please Jen, you're going to get in trouble!"
"No I'm not!" Jenna laughed "I've ditched school a bunch of times and never got in trouble."
"But your grades will start to drop," I was near crying "Come on Jen, it's really lonely at school without you!"
"Please ditch me Frankie," Jenna begged "I get lonely out of school by myself and last time there was this really dodgy group hanging around and I thought they were going to get me so I had to run and-"
"Then why are you still thinking of ditching?"
"Because I'd rather get chased by fifty dodgy looking gangs than hang around that hellhole. Come on Frankie, I need you to protect me!"
I knew I shouldn't, but I agreed anyway.
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