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Chapter 3

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Kerri talks to Gerard. Jenna and Frank get into trouble.

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Gerard's POV...
I got a text off Ray after school, when I was sitting at home alone in my room just drawing. It said - 'Stay away from Tati, I am telling you now'
I laughed and put my phone back down. I continued drawing another picture of Tatiana to go with the other one. Only this one she was pulling a different pose.
Someone knocked on my bedroom door "What do you want?" I yelled, putting a blank piece of paper over my Tatiana drawing.
Kerri opened the door and carefully stepped inside, looking around at my bedroom clearly digusted "Uhh, where's Mikey?"
"If Mikey's not here, who let you in?"
"I knocked and your front door just fell open," Kerri told me "I was checking someone was in. Is Mikey in?"
"No, he's at that choir thing he goes to."
"Mikey isn't in the choir."
"Oh. Then I dunno."
Kerri didn't leave though "Gerard? Is it true you fancy Tatiana?"
"What on earth makes you think that?" I asked, turning my back on her and pretending to look for something.
"Ray said so." She told me "And so did Tati."
"You and Tati aren't friends."
"Yeah, but I was talking to Ray and she was there and she told me."
"Did she really?"
"Yeah!" Kerri told me "So is true? Do you really fancy Tatiana?"
I began to say no when my blank piece of paper fell onto the floor. I tried to turn it over quickly but Kerri darted forward and snatched it "Oh my god, you do fancy Tatiana!"
"I do not!" I told her, grabbing it back off her "She asked me to do a portrait of her."
"No she didn't!" Kerri laughed "You so have a crush on Tatiana!"
"I already told you, she asked me to draw her."
"Why hide the evidence then?" Kerri asked, with a wink.
"She wanted to tell everyone she had drawn it herself." I lied.
"Oh fine." Kerri smirked "I guess you won't mind me asking her."
"She'll deny it." I said, going red "She's embarrased."
"Gerard fancies Tatiana!" Kerri sang, skipping out of my room "Gerard fancies Tatiana!"
I rolled my eyes, forgetting about her and continued to sketch.
My phone buzzed again so I looked at it. Another one off Ray - 'I knew it. You are SO going to get it'

Frank's POV...
Me and Jenna sat outside the chip shop having lunch when I asked "Aren't you worried we'll get caught?"
"Of course not." Jenna said, looking up. Suddenly the colour drained from her face as she said "But I am now."
Coming towards them none other than Mr.Circle, the behaviour manager came storming over to them "Jenna Boutilier I should've known!" Mr.Circle frowned "As for you Frank Iero, I am very disappointed in you. You two are in SO much trouble!"
We dumped our empty wrappers in a bin and sat in the back of Mr.Circle's car.
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