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Chapter 4

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Gerard goes to see Tatiana, and Frank and Jenna get mad at each other.

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Gerard's POV...
I knew Ray would be out at his music lesson. So what was stopping me from going over to his house to see Tatiana? Nothing, that's what.
So I walked over wearing my leather jacket, black and white striped tee-shirt and skinny jeans. I knocked three times on the door and Tati answered nearly straight away. She rolled her eyes and greeted me with "Ray will be here any second."
"I don't care." I replied, grinning wildly "Come out with me for a bit."
"What will Ray say?"
"Why do you care?"
"He's my brother." She pulled a face "I wish he'd stop being so protective though."
"Then come out," I told her "Prove to him that he can't boss you around Tati."
She hesitated for a second before saying "Fine, but only for half-an-hour. Then I've gotta get going home."
"Fine by me." I smiled, taking her hand as she closed her front door behind her.
She looked down at our clasped hands, back up at me and smiled at me. We started walking down the street, talking about random stuff.
"So Tati, tell me a random fact about yourself."
"I'm a vegeterian?"
"Sweet." I grinned "And one about me. Well I love coffee?"
"Me too," Tatiana agreed "I drink that like all the time."
"Same! Wanna go to Starbucks?"
"Yeah, they do the best coffee ever!"
We walked together to Starbucks and entered, talking about random shit.
Tatiana sat in a booth while I went to go get us a coffee each. Once I'd got them I went and sat down.
"I really like the atmosphere in here," Tati commented "It's like a movie, do you get what I mean?"
"Yeah," I lied "I like the atmosphere here too."
"It's like sometimes when I'm sitting in the park, when the sun is starting to go down and everywhere is this funny colour..." She told me "It feels like I'm in a movie. We should watch the sunset sometime, that'd be awesome."
"Yeah," I lied again "We should totally do that."
"What if Ray walks in?" Tatiana asked nervously, looking at the entrance.
"He won't!" I re-assured her, placing my hand gently on hers on top of the table "And even if he does, so what?"
"He'll be mad!" Tatiana whined, but she wasn't looking at the entrance anymore, she was looking at me. Just as I'd hoped.
"Never mind Ray," I smiled "How are things at school going for you?"
She launched into several stories of what her and her friends had been doing. Something about playing Nyan Cat really loudly during science, Mr.Millwaters actually being called DJ Jimmy-Jim and lying in puddles during the rain. Though of course she hadn't been lying in puddles, she was watching her crazy friends do it.
Tatiana glanced at her watch and gasped "Gerard, we've been her an hour! Ray will be home by now and wondering where I am!"
"Please stay Tati!" I begged "Come on, Ray won't worry for ages..."
"No, but he'll want to know where I've been and I don't know what to say!" Tatiana cried, getting herself into a bit of a state.
"He's not the boss of you, you don't have to explain yourself to him!" I argued but then asked softly "Want me to come in and explain to him?"
"No!" Tati cried, standing up "I'll just say I was round a friends house. Jayde! He'll believe I was there!"
Tati ran to the entrance and ran out. I got up and followed her quickly "Tati!" I yelled. She stopped and turned around "You never let me say goodbye!"
"Goodbye Gerard." She gabbled quickly, trying to turn away.
I took her hand "Properly." I muttered before leaning and kissing her gently on the lips.
After about a second or two she pulled away, smiling at me "I'll see you soon Gerard, yeah?"
"It's a date." Tatiana winked, strolling away from me.
I returned to my own home, a huge smile on my face. Now to just hope Tatiana didn't tell Ray.

Frank's POV...
"It's no big deal." Jenna told me, shrugging her shoulders.
I stared at her like she was an idiot. Even though I love her, I wanted to shake her until she understood the big deal "What do you mean 'it's no big deal'? Being expelled is a big deal!"
"Frank!" She snapped "It's not like you're the one who's been expelled. I'll just go to a different school."
"I've been suspended! For two weeks!" I argued back "I didn't even want to bunk off in the first place! I shouldn't have listened to you!"
"Yeah, you totally shouldn't have listened to your own girlfriend!" Jenna replied "Just 'cos I'm not a goodie-two-shoes like you!"
We were both silent for a second before I sighed and apologised "Okay Jenna, I'm sorry. I know you hate school and stuff. I was just upset 'cos I've been suspended."
"I don't get it really." Jenna said huffily "We bunk off school 'cos we hate it and their punishment is to give us more time off school?"
"Thing is though," I muttered "I don't hate school. I quite like it."
Jenna laughed and ruffled my hair "Aww Frank, you're adorable! I'll just get my Dad to phone the school. I'll stay here somehow."
I looked at her like she was mad. I rolled my eyes but didn't bother to argue with her because I hated arguing with Jenna, even over something small.
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