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Chapter 5

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Gerard's POV...
Tatiana didn't need to blab. Turns out that it went a little something like this...
Tati got home and of course, Ray asked where she had been. So Tati told him she had been at Jayde's house like she told me she would. But about ten minutes later, Tati was in her bedroom listening to her iPod on full volume. The door knocked so Ray went to answer it. He answered it and it was Jayde. So of course Ray asked "Why are you here to see Tati? You just saw her."
So obviously Jayde got all confused and said they hadn't seen each other since yesterday. And Ray slammed the door in her face and ran upstairs to 'talk' to Tatiana.
Tatiana refused to tell him she'd been out with me. Just kept making up a bunch of different stories but Ray kind of knew anyway because he kept asking "You were out with Gerard, weren't you?"
In the end Tatiana had to confess that she had been out with me the entire time. Now Ray has been sending me angry text messages ever since.
I only know this story because Jayde told me over MSN. The first message she sent was OMG, did u hear bout ray + tati!? Arguement!?
Now I'm lying back in bed, considering this all in my head. Should I go after Tatiana?
So far, I'm thinking yes...
Well I like Tatiana more than I've ever liked any girl before. And why should I let Ray ruin that? It's not my fault he's Mr.OverProtective!
The next day in form I sat next to Tatiana again. She always has the same expression when I greet her, like she wants to talk to me but she's not allowed "Ray said I've got to stop talking to you."
"But why?" I asked "What exactly have I done?"
She shrugged "I dunno. But I do want to keep talking to you. But Ray-"
"Never mind Ray." I smiled "So, are still going on our date tonight?"
"I don't know Gee." I smild again at her nickname for me but she sure wasn't smiling "I love hanging out with you and everything else about you... But like I already told you, there's Ray and stuff."
I groaned "He's holding you back Tatiana. When was the last time you ever had a boyfriend?"
She blushed and admitted "I've never had a boyfriend. Ray never seems to like anyone enough to let me."
"And you've just accepted that?" I asked, raising an eye-brow "Personally, I think Ray's a little jealous."
"Of what?"
"You. You've probably had loads of offers and how many does Ray get? He's jealous that you're better looking than him."
"No way..." But the look in Tatiana's eyes said everything. She believed me.
"Why don't you talk to him about it?" I asked her "Tell him you understand... And I dunno, I'm not a girl."
"It's not about being a girl." Tatiana told me "It's about being able to understand peoples emotions."
"I have an idea!" I smiled "What if we got Ray a girlfriend? Then maybe he'd be cool about you getting a boyfriend?"
Tatiana smiled "Great! Do you know someone who wants to go out with Ray then?"
"Yeah," I lied "I'll just tell her that he's totally interested in her too."
"But what if that's not true?"
I just raised my eye-brows and Tatiana nodded "Yeah, good point."
So after school, I went into Mikey's room. He had Kerri and Romy over. This was a bad idea because they were already arguing.
I interupted them "Oh Romy, can I have a word with you please?"
She jumped off the bed, clearly eager to talk to me. Kerri didn't complain either because she now had Mikey all to herself.
We stood in the corridor and I said quietly to her "I was wondering, would you be Ray's girlfriend?"
"But I don't like Ray like that." Romy pouted "I like you."
"Well, tell you what..." I said, getting frustrated "If you go and ask out Ray, I'll kiss you."
"Full on lip action?" Romy asked getting delighted.
I nodded "But only after you and Ray are together and you can't break up with him for an entire year. Got that?"
"Got it!" Romy nodded and smiled eagerly. Clearly hoping that after this was over, I'd ask her out.

Frank's POV...
"You're mad at me Frankie..." Jenna pouted "I can always tell when you're pissed off."
"I'm not mad at you." I lied, looking away from her.
"Come on Frank, just admit it. You blame me for you getting suspended."
"Can you really blame me?"
"Why? I told you right from the start I didn't wanna bunk!"
"Fuck it Frank," Jenna stood it up "We're threw!"
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