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Chapter 6

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Charlie and Frank talk, Tatiana prepares for her date, Ray gains a girlfriend...

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Tati's POV - Yeah, weren't expecting that were you?? ;)
I got home and began preparing for my date with Gerard. Even though Gerard's friend was going to ask out Ray, I was still worried that he wouldn't let me go. Not that it was Ray's choice of course but I've always done what Ray wants me to do. If Ray said that a boy wasn't right for me, I always listened. Ray taught me right from wrong, what to do in certain situations, he basically raised me.
He did this because our parents were always away working. When Ray was ten and I was seven our parents divorced. At first we used to go back and forth between them but then Mum said she was moving to Ireland. Me and Ray wanted to stay in America so now we live with our Dad. He doesn't have a girlfriend yet even though it's been eight years and he usually works late nights and during the day he's really tired and cranky. When we were at Dad's for the weekend, I used to get terrible nightmares and because Dad wasn't there to comfort me, I always ran to Ray. He kind of turned into my Mum, Dad and Brother all at once.
I don't know why I agreed with Gerard so quickly when he said that Ray might be jealous of me. Ray's not jealous, he's just protective because he feels like he has to be. Ray's done nothing but protective of me his entire life. It's just a natural response.
Though Gerard does make sense in a way. I don't want to be mean and say I'm better looking than Ray, but honestly I am. And Ray's never had any girl tell him that they're interested in him. And how many offers have I had? Loads! Though, none like Gerard...
I didn't talk to Ray about it. He'd only deny it. But while I was in the shower, Gerard's friend came over. I got out and walked downstairs in my dressing gown and my hair in a towel and a girl was sitting on one of our stools in the kitchen. She was happily chatting away to Ray and he was smiling proudly aswell.
Ray finally noticed me and introduced us "Oh, Tatiana this is my girlfriend..." He said the word girlfriend proudly, clearly showing her off "Romy. Romy, this is my younger sister Tatiana..."
"How old are you Romy?" I asked suspicously.
"Fifteen." Romy replied, smiling.
That was ironic. I was going out with an eighteen year old (Ray's age) and Ray was going out with a fifteen year old (My age). I just raised my eye-brows, got a can of coke and went back to my room to finish getting ready.
I really wanted to impress Gerard. I pulled out my hair-dryer and dried it til it was bone dry. I got out my straightners and straightened it all down perfectly. I put on some eye-liner, my skinny jeans and a plain purple tee-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn't over-dressed but I didn't look scruffy either. I was just right.
When I came back downstairs Ray was in the living room, watching 27 dresses with Romy. I giggled because when I had insisted we watched 27 dresses, Ray had done nothing but complain and make vomit noises the entire way through. I told Ray I was going out and quickly left before he could ask where I was going. Even though he now had a girlfriend like me and Gerard planned, I was worried about him still staying no to me going out with Gerard.
I waited down the street for about ten minutes before Gerard showed up. I was impressed to see that he too had put in a bit of effort to his appearence. His hair had clearly been washed and had quickly been raked through with a comb. Wearing a clean Misfits tee-shirt and black baggy jeans with clean converse. I smiled at him and he smiled back, greeting me with a quick kiss.
I knew this date was going to be amazing.

Charlie's POV... Weren't expecting that either, admit it ;)
"Dude, why are you such good friends with Gerard?" Frank asked.
"Why are you?" I replied, not really caring about his answer."
Frank shrugged "Well we've been friends for ages."
"So have me and Gerard."
"No, me and Gerard have been friends since nursery. You've only been friends since the start of secondary school."
I ignored him but he kept on "Come on, I wanna know what makes you like Gerard so much."
"Frank!" I snapped "Are you implying that I shouldn't be friends with Gerard?"
"No," He insisted "I'm just curious."
"I noticed." I replied "I just like him, okay?"
"Do you mean LIKE like him?" Frank asked.
I shook my head and lied "No Frank, I don't like Gerard like that."
"Well good," Frank replied "Because he likes Tatiana."
'I know' I thought sadly 'But I wish he liked me.'
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