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Chapter 7

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Mikey's POV, Gerard's POV and Jenna's POV...

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Mikey's POV...
"What have you got against Romy anyway?" I asked, propping myself up with my elbow to look at my girlfriend Kerri. I couldn't help smiling at her.
She smiled back and told me "She always gets in the way... We can't have any fun when she's around. Which is most of the time."
"She is my best friend Ker-Bear..." I told her, grinning. I leaned forward and kissed her gently.
After a moment I pulled away and said "I guess I won't be inviting her round at the same time as you anymore, huh?"
But suddenly Romy burst into my bedroom. Kerri sighed heavily, clearly irritated. I rolled over and smiled at Romy "What are you doing here?"
"Nice to see you too Mikey." Romy replied sarcastically, flopping onto my bed.
Kerri sat up "Eugh."
Romy ignored her and gabbled to me "Oh my god I asked Ray out and he said yes!"
"Why did you ask Ray out?" Kerri asked "Were you like desperate or something?"
"Whatever, you go out with Mikey!"
"Yeah and he's your best friend you twit!"
"Ray isn't ugly! And besides it isn't all about looks you know!"
"The only reason you're going out with him is because you hope that it'll mean you can spend more time with Gerard!"
"That's a great idea Kerri!" I interupted enthuisastically "We could all go on a giant date! You and me, Romy and Ray, Tati and Gerard, Frank and Jenna."
"Jenna and Frank broke up." Romy told me "Charlie told me."
"Well..." I struggled "We'll go without Frank and Jenna then. I could see this working!"
"Where would we go?" Romy asked.
"A movie?" I suggested.
Kerri nodded "Yeah, sounds good. So long as I don't have to sit next to HER." Kerri glared at Romy.
Romy glared back "Like I want to sit next to you anyway. You stink!"
"I do not!"
"Yeah you do, you stink of wet dog!"
"Better than stinking of horse crap!"
"You think you're so clever, don't you?"
"Fuck you, you were the one who started this shit!"
"You wish!"
I sighed and leaned back on my bed, ignoring both girls as their arguement got even more stupid.

Gerard's POV...
"Well, your friend and Ray are going out." Tatiana told me as we walked through the park "I didn't tell him we were going out tonight though."
"Why not?"
"I'm not ready yet. You don't understand Gerard. There's so much that you don't know."
"Then tell me Tati! I want to know everything there is to know about you!"
"I'm not ready yet Gerard to tell you everything. It's not majorly important, it just... Oh, it's hard to explain!"
"Fine." I laced my hand through hers "Then just tell me what you want me to know."
"You go first."
I laughed nervously "For the first time ever, I don't know what to say."
"Just tell me whatever you want."
"You're the first girl I've ever seriously loved..." She glanced at me "I mean, I've been out with girls before but I didn't actually like them. I once kissed my own brother's girlfriend and made her really like me so she dumped him. And I didn't even want her and I told her that and she tried to get Mikey back but he wouldn't listen..."
She let go of my hand "It's no wonder Ray didn't want me coming anywhere near you."
I didn't know why I had told her all that. I just couldn't think of anything else to say "Tatiana, you're different. I promise! I don't know why I acted like that with everyone else... I just did."
Tatiana sighed and put her hand back through mine "Fine but Gerard, if you blow it then you've blown it. I don't want to be messed around, got that?"
"I've got it." I told her "I promise."
"Good." Tatiana smiled, leaning over and kissing me on the cheek "Because I really like you."
"I really like you too."

Jenna's POV...
"Charlie, I've done something so stupid..." I sobbed to her. She was my best friend. Even though I knew I wasn't her best friend, Gerard was her best friend. I always told myself it didn't matter because I had Frank. Well not anymore.
"I know, you've been expelled." Charlie replied, raising her eye-brows.
I shook my head "No, I couldn't give two shits about that. I dumped Frank! And I've been regretting it ever since."
"Then why'd you dump him?"
"Because I was mad! But he was the only good thing in my life and I got rid of him!"
"Then go and apologise." Charlie said angrily "You know Frank will take you back. He really likes you, he'd do anything for you. Even if it get hims into trouble."
"You really think so?"
"Well did he want to bunk off last week?"
I thought about this. Was it really fair to put Frank through all that?
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