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Chapter 8

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Tatiana and Ray have an arguement...

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Ray's POV...
After Romy had gone, I started to wonder where Tatiana had gone. My first thoughts were to try calling her so I did. Of course she didn't pick up her phone. But I knew what she was doing, who she was... I just didn't know where she was.
"Tati you are in so much trouble." I muttered angrily under my breath "I told you to stay away from Gerard fuckin' Way."
I grabbed my keys, jacket and mobile before running out of the house. Not pausing for a second, I hurtled over our fence (It gets stuck sometimes and I didn't have time to battle with it) and ran straight down the pavement. I might've barged into a couple of old people and maybe ran into a little girl but I had to keep my sister away from Gerard.
You might be wondering why I'm re-acting the way I am. Well, I'm Gerard's best friend. I know him more than anyone.
Which is why I want him as far away from my sister as I possibly can.
I didn't know where to look. I tried Starbucks first. Then I realised that I didn't have time to check every single place in town. So I walked over to his house and knocked a couple of times on the door.
Romy answered and smiled eagerly at me "Oh my god Ray, I can't believe you're here!"
"Is Gerard in?" I asked, ignoring her. She shook her head so I asked "Well, can I see Mikey then please?"
She ran off and Mikey came downstairs a few seconds later "Do you know where Gerard would be?"
"I dunno..." Mikey replied, looking over his shoulder. We heard a loud bang upstairs so Mikey quickly gabbled "Uhh, have you checked the park?" And then he shut the door and ran off without saying goodbye.
I didn't bother to try knocking again, so I just decided to run to the park.
I saw them there. Tatiana was looking at Gerard, seemingly offended. But Gerard muttered something to her and she softened up. Tatiana took his hand again and then kissed him on the cheek. This was too much for me.
I stormed over and grabbed her free arm, yanking her away from him. Tatiana looked at me, horrified "Ray, what are you doing?"
"Seriously Ray, what's your problem?" Gerard asked, raising his eye-brows.
"Don't think I don't know what you're planning!" I hissed "I know you better than anyone so don't even lie to me!"
"Actually," Gerard replied angrily "Charlie knows me better than anyone. And I can date your sister if I want!"
"No, you can't!" I snapped, dragging Tatiana away from him even though she was begging me to let her stay. Gerard made no attempt to stop me, but when I turned around he was glaring at me.

Frank's POV...
"So, you want to get back with me?" I asked Jenna, smiling brightly.
She nodded "Yeah, I was stupid to break up with you. I'm really sorry!"
"All is forgiven!" I cried, throwing my arms round her "But what are you going to do about school?"
"My Dad phoned up..." Jenna smiled "The school have let me back in and all it took was a small bribe..."
"Isn't that like illegal?"
"Who cares Frankie?"
"Hey Frankie..." I looked up at her and she smiled childishly before whipping her hair around and yelling "I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth!"
"Oh my god!"
"Jealous 'cos you've got no hair to whip!"
"What am I, bald!?"
"No, you just haven't got enough hair!" She laughed "I whip my hair back and forth!"
I tackled her to the ground, still laughing.

Tatiana's POV...
"Ray, please, you don't understand!" I sobbed "I really like him and you might be my brother but you can't tell me who I can and can not date..."
"I don't care who you date!" Ray yelled at me "But you don't know what Gerard is like! Just trust me, I do!"
"No you don't!" I screamed at him "You have no idea! He's the kindest and sweetest guy ever! How dare you talk about him like that!"
"What the hell are you two doing down there?" Our Dad yelled downstairs. We often forget that he works nights...
I glared at Ray. There was no way he was ruining my relationship with Gerard.
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