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Chapter 9

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Not a lot happens.

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Tatiana's POV...
At around nine I had a phonecall off Gerard. "Hello?" I whispered.
"Why are you whispering?" Was his automatic response.
"Because I don't want Ray to hear me..." I replied "Please make it quick Gerard."
"Do you still want to date me?"
"More than anything."
"Well, Mikey just suggested all of us go out on a date? Romy and Ray, Mikey and Kerri, Frank and Jemma, you and me?"
"Ray wouldn't le-"
"Maybe he'd change his mind if he could sit the other side of you in the cinema? Then he'd know that I wouldn't be able to try and do anything? Go suggest it to him."
"O-Okay... Bye."
"Bye. I love you!"
"I uhh you too!" I replied, feeling bad but knowing Ray was listening in on my conversation somewhere.
And I was correct aswell. As soon as I opened the door, Ray sprang backwards. He had clearly been listening to my phone conversation.
"Ray!" I snapped then replied calmly "Can we talk about this please?"
"Talk about what?" Ray asked, playing at being innocent "I was just coming to ask if you wanted some iced tea and then you whiped the door open..."
"Ray, nobody likes iced tea." I replied, narrowing my eyes at him "Including you."
"I know, I just thought you would want some..."
"I don't like iced tea."
"What do you want to talk about then Tati?"
"Uhh about Gerard."

[A/N] - Sorry about the small and crappy chapter where nothing happens but I've gotta come off the computer now and I wanted to update for yew :'( Sorry, will try and upload a long interesting chapter tomorrow :D
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