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Chapter 10

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Tatiana talks to Ray about the date.

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[A/N] - Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I thought I'd come home but I slept at Jasmine's house and a bunch of crazy things happened :L
Also, in Chapter 8 I just wanted to say that xxXLadyOfSorrosXxx's review actually made me burst out laughing and my parents stared at me like I was a freak XD "Go buy shampoo." :D

Tatiana's POV...
"There's nothing to talk about." Ray snapped "You're not dating Gerard. End of." He started to walk down the stairs.
"No, Ray, hear me out..." I cried, running to follow him "Gerard said that Mikey had suggested one large date. Mikey and Kerri, Frank and Jemma, You and Romy, Me and Gerard?"
"What makes you think that changes anything?"
"Gerard said you could sit the other side of me." I gabbled to him "And then you'd know if Gerard tried to do anything. I really like him Ray and to be honest, I don't like the fact that I'm asking you to sit next to me on MY date. But if it's what it takes for me to be with him then fine. Please say I can go! Please say you'll go!"
Ray considered it for a long time "Fine. But you and Gerard do NOT go off by yourselves, I sit by you in the cinema-"
"How do you know it's in the cinema?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.
"Text off Gerard." Ray smirked "Begging me to let him date you. Kinda sweet really."
"Stop teasing me." I told him, punching him on the arm playfully "So... We'll go out on that date?"
Ray smiled "Fine. You can go and I'll go."
"Yay!" I cheered. Then I stood there and asked "Did he say what movie we were going to watch?"
"Pirates of the Caribbean apparently."

Gerard's POV...
About ten minutes after Tatiana hung up on me, she phoned me back. "Ray said I can go!" She said happily "Well, we're not allowed to go off by ourselves and Ray has to sit next to me the entire time but that's fine I guess."
"Yeah." I smiled "Reckon Ray will let me put my arm round you?"
"If he says you're not allowed I'll put glue in his shampoo." Tatiana giggled "And he shampoos everyday. He's always taking care of the 'fro."
"Are you serious?" I asked, rolling over onto my stomach "I can't wait to go out with you Tati. It's going to be so much fun."
"Even if we're being supervised?"
"I'll be with you, won't I?" I smiled "I've got to go Tati. I can hear two girls getting very mad at each other while Mikey's in the bathroom..."
"Don't wanna know!" Tatiana laughed "Bye Gerard! I love you!"
"I love you too!" I told her, smiling, happy that she had finally said those three words I wanted to hear.
"And that counts double for your mother!" I heard Romy scream.
I sighed, left my bedroom and went into Mikey's. Romy and Kerri were argueing, as usual. "Do not bring my mother into this!" Kerri yelled "Just because yours is ugly AND fat!"
"Girls!" I snapped. Romy instantly stopped yelling at Kerri and turned to smile at me. Kerri rolled her eyes and looked at me too "I'm trying to study. Please could you stop yelling at each other?"
"Yeah. Sorry Gerard." Romy said, flipping some hair over her shoulder. Kerri rolled her eyes again. I smiled at her and then walked back to my bedroom.
I think Romy left. Or Kerri. Because there was no more yelling or screaming after that.

Ray's POV...
On the night of our date I watched Tatiana emerge from her bedroom. She looked lovely as usual, her hair curled slightly and her eye-liner drawn on with little flicks on the ends. She was wearing a tight black dress, slightly low-cut.
"Tati..." I started quietly and calmly "I'm not too comfortable about tonight, just so you know."
"Ray, I'm telling you now, if you say anything to Gerard if he tries to put his arm round me, I will replace your shampoo with glue." Tatiana told me, glaring at me.
I sighed heavily "It's not him putting his arm round you that I'm worried about. It's... Other things."
"What kind of other things?"
"Look, I just know him alright?" I put my arm round her "But if it all works out tonight, I'll back up a little, okay?"
"Okay." Tatiana smiled. She twirled round "What do you think of my dress?"
"It's nice." I replied "Now go and put on a different one."
Tatiana sighed, complained, argued. But she went and changed anyway.
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