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Chapter 11

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The Date and a confession.

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Tatiana's POV...
Me and Ray were the first ones to arrive at the cinema. Ray was wearing casual clothes, just jeans and a tee-shirt. I had changed my dress to something that I thought Ray would approve of. Turns out he did approve of it. A slightly baggy (Well not exactly baggy but not as tight as the other one was!) purple dress that doesn't reveal anything and is just above the knee. I'm slightly upset that I couldn't wear the other dress, I wanted to show Gerard that I don't always look like a little kid. But I was going on a date with him and that was something.
Frank and Jemma were the next ones to show up together. They had their arms round each other and kept kissing. People kept looking at us as we walked past. I realised that they probably thought me and Ray were dating so I edged away from him.
Romy arrived and stood near Ray. She spoke to him once every so often but didn't make any attempt to act like a couple with him. It was then that I wondered if maybe had Gerard had lied to me.
But then Gerard, Mikey and Kerri showed up. I tried to act cool but I couldn't help smiling at Gerard like a dork. He smiled back and took my hand. He leaned in to kiss me but Ray started having a fake coughing fit so he just backed away and smiled again.
We all walked inside and stood in the queue for tickets. Gerard was really nice and insisted on paying for my ticket.
We were about to walk into the Screen 4 when suddenly someone across the cinema started yelling "Hey Gerard! Gerard!"
Gerard turned and grinned at this girl with black, purple and white hair with big brown eyes. She bounded over and smiled ear to ear at us "Hey Gerard! And you must be Tati!"
"Tatiana." I corrected her sulkily.
"Oh..." The girl said, looking a little awkward "Well I'm Charlie."
"Sometimes I call her Pizza." Gerard told me, winking at Charlie.
I scowled "Gerard, Ray will be wondering where we are. We'd better go in."
"Sure." He smiled at Charlie "I'll call you tonight, okay?"
"Alright." Charlie replied with a smile "See you Gerard. Bye Tati."
"Tatiana!" I snapped, grabbing Gerard's hand and pulling him to Screen 4.
"Oooh someone's jealous..." Gerard said cheekily.
I turned to face him "I'm not jealous. What on earth do I have to be jealous about?"
"You think I have a crush on Charlie!" Gerard stated proudly, grinning at me. I wanted to slap his grinning face "Don't worry Tati, Charlie is just my friend. Nothing more."
"I couldn't care less." I told him sulkily, dragging him into the cinema to find our seats.
I sat down next to Ray and Gerard sat down next to me in the aisle seat. He leaned his head next to mine and whispered "If you don't care then why are you even dating me?"
I looked away and prayed that the movie would start soon.

Gerard's POV...
The movie started five minutes after we walked into the screen. Well, technically the trailers started five minutes after we walked into the screen. I glanced at Tatiana in the dark. She was the only girl I knew who could still look cute in those stupid 3D glasses.
I knew she was jealous. Why else would she behave the way she did? I didn't think she had any reason to be jealous of Charlie.
Once the movie was over, Tatiana didn't pause to say goodbye to me. She just stormed off, following Ray and Romy. I didn't think this meant anything, I just thought she was making a point.
Mikey and Kerri walked home with me. It was pretty disgusting actually. Mikey had his arm round Kerri as they walkd behind me. But I could hear them giggling and kissing every so often and whispering sweet things to each other. It would be nice if it was anyone else but it was my younger brother so it was slightly disgusting.
When we finally arrived home, Charlie was sitting on my doorstep. Her eye-liner was smudged round her eyes so she looked a little like a panda. I would've said so but her eyes were red and there were tell-tale tear stains all down her cheeks. Before I could say anything, she told me plainly "Gerard, I need to talk to you."

Charlie's POV...
I sat on the end of Gerard's bed, ignoring the disgusting smell that filled my nostrils. Gerard sat the other side of me and asked "What do you wanna talk to me about then?"
I started shaking, trying to think of a way to say this. I just shook my head and whispered "I... I... I can't say it."
"Hey," Gerard muttered, placing a hand on my shoulder "We're best friends. You can tell me anything."
"We're best friends." I repeated "Which is exactly why I can't tell you."
"Did you do something wrong?" Gerard pestered "Come on Charlie, I'd never get mad at you."
"You promise?" I asked "You promise that what I'm about to say won't ruin our friendship."
"I promise. Nothing could ruin our friendship."
"Okay." I took a deep breath, wiped away the last of my tears "Gerard... I'm in love with you."

[A/N] - This took me three hours to write. I got SO distracted it's unreal -.-
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