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Chapter 12

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Oh.. stuff.

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Charlies POV...
Gerard sat there for a long moment. He didn't look at me. I looked at the door and tears began spilling from my cheeks again. Finally Gerard said "I don't know what to say Charlie."
"Say you love me too."
Gerard took a long sigh "I... I can't."
"Why not?" I demanded to know "I know you better than anyone else. We've been best friends for ages."
"How long have you felt this way?"
"Since I met you!"
"Charlie..." I knew he didn't know what to say "I need some time to think about this. Could you... Could you leave me alone til then?"
"What is there to think about?"
"Well for one thing," Gerard snapped "I have a girlfriend. And for another thing, we've been friends for years."
"Fine." I stood up and walked to his door. As I opened it, I repeated "Fine."
I left the room and as I opened the front door, Tatiana was there, clearly about to knock on it.
She frowned at me "Oh. Hi Charlie."
"Hi." I glared at her "Tatiana."
Without saying another word, she edged around me and inside the house.
I didn't wait to see where she was going, because suddenly I was scared. Of a girl several years younger than me. What if Gerard told her what I said to him?
Why did I even tell him? I was doing just fine pretending that I didn't have feelings for him but now he knows and nothing will ever be the same.
I stopped running and stood there alone for a moment, crying to myself. Why had I done that?

Tatiana's POV...
I stormed into Gerard's bedroom "What was she doing here?"
"Tati, she's my best friend." Gerard told me "I can see her whenever I want."
"Well, I did come over to apologise about acting so... Rude earlier. But now I think you should apologise to me."
"Oh yeah? For what?"
"For cheating on me."
Gerard snorted "Stop being pathetic Tati."
"If I'm so pathetic, why are you going out with me?"
"I'm not!" Gerard yelled "Are you happy now?"
I shook my head at him and then ran out of his bedroom, crying. I bumped into Mikey on the way. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into his bedroom.
"So what's happened?" He asked, sitting me down on his bed.
"Gerard just broke up with me!" I sobbed "I think... And something happened between him and Charlie because she was here."
"Charlie was sitting on our doorstep crying." Mikey told me "I don't know what happened, but something did."
"Oh." I whispered.
"But, Gerard isn't the most trustworthy person in a relationship..."
"How would you know?"
"He stole my girlfriend." Mikey told me. I glanced at him. Gerard had told ME about it of course, but I didn't know that Mikey knew "Of course I knew. Rosie did tell me. I didn't say anything to Gerard. How could I?"
"Mikey..." I sobbed "That's terrible."
"At least he's not trying it with Kerri." He whispered "Otherwise I would say something."
"I don't know whether he likes me anymore. I think he likes Charlie now."
"He wouldn't like Charlie like that." Mikey said firmly "Why would Gerard go through all this Ray trouble if he didn't want you?"
"To piss off Ray? I suggested "He seems to like pissing people off."
"He can't help it." Mikey shrugged "Oh well. Ray will be getting worried Tati, you'd better go home."
I got up off Mikey's bed, said thank you and then walked home. By myself.
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