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Chapter 13

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Gerard considers both girls, Tatiana is upset, Frank hears some REALLY bad news.

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Gerard's POV...
'Charlie...' I considered in my head 'Tatiana...'
My Mom once told me when I was little "If you're struggling with a big decision, write down all the positives and negatives. Whichever has the most postives and the least negatives wins'
But what I want to know is, what if one side has more postivies but the other side has less negatives. Then which side do I pick!?
I asked my Mom this and she sighed and told me to go watch television.
So I began listening some positives and negatives [A/N - Tatiana and Charlie, don't take any offense to the negatives - They're fiction only!]
Positives About Tatiana -
- She's REALLY pretty
- We've got a lot to talk about
- She speaks her mind all the time
- Ray doesn't want me going out with her
Negatives About Tatiana -
- She can get really jealous (as I've learnt)
- She says some weird things sometimes
- It's like she doesn't want me to have friends...
- Ray doesn't want me going out with her

Positives About Charlie -
- We'd always have things to talk about
- She's REALLY pretty
- We've known each other forever so we have lots of memories
- We're best friends
Negatives About Charlie -
- What if it's awkward?
- What if I break up with her and she never talks to me again?
- What if she breaks up with me and I never talk to her again?
- We're best friends

Now that's just not fair...

Ray's POV...
"What's wrong Tati?" I asked her when she was still in bed at 3PM.
"Nothing." She mumbled angrily from under her duvet "I don't feel very well. Leave me alone."
"Did I do something wrong?"
"No! Leave me alone!"
I sighed heavily and left the room. What was the problem? I was letting her date Gerard, she'd come home in a fairly good mood last night and now she was all snappy...
I text Gerard - Tati's in a bad mood. Maybe u shud cum ova & c her
About ten minutes later he text back - I'm reli sorry but I cnt, not 2day. Got sumfin 2 do
I stared at the text. Something more important than spending time with his girlfriend? Maybe he's not worthy of my sister after all.
Then again, am I hanging out with Romy right now? Nope. So I guess I can't say anything.

Frank's POV...
"Jemma, is everything okay?" I asked her as she stared into space like a weirdo.
She was silent before replying quietly "I've got a lung infection. The Doctors say I only have two years to live."
"W-What?" I replied, putting my arm round her "You're joking, right?"
"Why would I lie about something like that?" She told me, looking at the floor and beginning to cry.
I pulled her close, putting her head on my chest "It's going to be okay, Doctors make mistakes all the time... I promise." But my heart was sinking as I said it.

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