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Lavi X Allen. Lavi loves Allen, but doesn't want him to know. What can a gift from Kory lead to? better than it sounds, I promise!

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Teto: wow... this took a lot longer than it was supposed to!
Yami: I'm not in it! D:
Teto: what the... It's not even your anime series! Go back to the story that i still haven't posted yet!

I want him. Ever since that mission at the castle where we met Kory I’ve wanted him. The way he smiles, his polite way of talking, and his laugh, oh, his laugh… and yet I can’t have him. It’s so frustrating! I wish there was a way to make him all mine… oh, pardon me! I’ve forgot to introduce myself. I’m Lavi, the next Bookman after the old panda finally hangs up his hat. “Hey, Lavi! Please wait!” Gahh! Allen almost caught me daydreaming.
“Hi there Allen!” I say, my trademark grin slowly spreading across my face. Dammit… If only I could have him! What really bugs me is that I probably could, if it wasn’t for…
“Allen!!”…Lenalee. Speak of the devil… Allen just smiled politely back at her.
“Hello Lenalee. How are you?” he inquired. Dammit, why did he have to be so polite? It just added to his appeal. Lenalee just smiled coyly and started a conversation… completely ignoring me. What the hell?! Am I really that forgettable? That’s rather insulting. Humph… well, maybe I’ll just leave then. Damn… oh well. Let’s see… where should I go? I could go bug Yuu, but… “Ah, Lavi! C, can I talk to you later? In the cafeteria, around four?” Allen called after me, pissing off Lenalee. Heh… so he hadn’t forgotten me.
“Sure! See you there!” I shout back, waving at him over my shoulder as I walk around the corner. As soon as I’m out of sight I can’t help releasing a small squeal. Yesss! I’m meeting Allen, I’m meeting Allen…It’s almost like a date! Wait, am I…skipping?! When did that happen!! Argh… so embarrassing… but I should be used to it by now. Something about Allen makes me act like an idiot. The goofy grin that had taken over my face slowly faded as I was reminded of my predicament. Argh… this was only going to make things worse! How could I hope to hide my feelings, not to mention my growing desire for him, if we meet all alone… in the cafeteria… when no-one else is in there… gahh! No! I can’t think like that! If I do, I might actually jump him… a small blush snuck over my face at that thought. Sigh… if only I could. Allen moaning beneath me, sweat pouring off him, calling out my name as I rammed into him, harder and harder… What?! I’m in love, okay? Gimme a break. Anyway… what was I going to do? I wasn’t meeting up with Allen until four… Sigh. I guess I’ll go annoy the old panda… Ugh. Why did time have to slow down when you’re bored!?
Finally! It’s finally four, time to meet up with Allen! Woohoo! I can’t wait… and once again, I started skipping without me noticing. I have to stop doing that… Oh! There’s the cafeteria… yay! Quickly I open the door… and the room is completely packed. What? Normally no-one’s around this time of day! Damn… there goes my alone time with Allen. Speaking of which, there’s him now. “Hey, Allen! What’s going on?” I ask, catching the beautiful albino’s attention. Oh god, he reminds me of a princess. I want to hug him so badly!! He’s just too cute!
“Ah, Lavi! Eh… Lenalee decided to hold Kory’s welcoming party here, at four. I’m sorry…” He stammered, bowing low. That bitch Lenalee! She must’ve heard that I was planning to meet him here, and organized it on this time on purpose… but it was Kory’s party after all, so it wasn’t that bad! Suddenly everyone went quiet as footsteps echoed down the hall. That must be Kory… silently he opened the door… and that was our cue to shout. “Welcome Kory!” Allen shouted happily along with the rest of us as he came in, laughing happily. Almost immediately Kory started to cry. Sheesh… he’s such a crybaby. He has a very kind heart though, so I guess I can forgive him for being loud. After all, he is my friend! The new Komurin cleaned quietly in the corner, unaware of everyone’s suspicious glares. I didn’t want Allen to be chased again. Lenalee got into an argument with her brother, the nerds from the science department were chatting with Kory, and Allen was standing next to me while laughing along with everyone. In other words, it was business as usual. Hmm… I wonder what people would think if I kissed him right now? ...That will never happen, I’m too scared. “Ah, Kory, look out!” Allen cried, trying to draw Kory’s attention before he tripped… and spilled his coffee all over Komurin. Aw crap… you’d think that Komui would water proof those things.
“Bzzzt….every-one-is-un-sight-ly, must-make-every-one-beautiful!! BZZZZZT!” Komurin droned, then sprung at us, makeup in its hand. What the fuck? Get it off me!
“L, Lavi!” Allen shouted, running towards me at full speed. Oh god…what is he… Is it wrong that at this moment all I can think about is that Allen looks really cute when he’s terrified? Quickly he springs up into the air, and with arms outstretched, he landed… right on top of me. Holy shit! His face is so close to mine… “Lavi… I’m scared… What if it tries to operate on me like the last one?” he cried, staring up at me. Oh god, he’s so cute… wh, what do I do? Uhh, okay… I’ll, I’ll just go with it! I can just say I fell on him! Yeah! Slowly I grabbed Allen’s chin, making his face shoot up. This worked a lot better in my head… “Lavi?” Allen asked, tilting his head to the side. No, no! If can’t put this off, I’ll kill myself later for not taking this opportunity! Gently I leant in… and stayed there. Crap crap crap! Why can’t I do it?
“Give it a rest!!” Lenalee shouted, kicking the newest Komurin to kingdom come and ignoring her brother’s tearful look. Oh, crap! Quickly I shoved Allen off me, hiding a smile as he hit the ground with a surprised thud. He looked so funny! Komurin had got to him as well.
“Not funny!” Allen grumbled, heaving himself up. Sorry Allen, but it is.
“ahh, cheer up!” I told him cheerfully, slapping him on the back to ignore the turmoil in my head. God, I couldn’t do it… Maybe I should just give up… At least no-one saw. I don’t know what I’d do if word got out that I was Bi, Allen would probably hate me! I don’t think I’d cope if Allen started avoiding me… Hey, why is Kory staring? He’s staring straight at me, then Allen… Oh, no. Crap! This is so bad… But there was no denying that shocked look. He Knew.

Teto: done! what do you think? crap, I know... but still! please review and tell me what I did wrong! :)
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