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chapter 2!

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Chapter 2 of cantarella. nuff said.

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Yami: there's still not a story with me in it... you don't love me anymore :'(
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Great. My life is officially over, and I’m not even joking. Now Kory knows that I’m bisexual, plus that I love Allen. Now what do I do… slowly he walked up to me, smiled kindly and slipped something into my hand. Wait, what? He… he’s not going to hate me? Yes!! I wonder what he gave me? I hope it’s not some kind of smoke bomb… cautiously I opened my hand to reveal a small glass phial filled with a dark blue liquid. What the… was this some kind of potion that would cure my gayness? The small note attached to the bottom rustled slightly, almost as if it was trying to get my attention. Ugh, I hope it’s not a hate letter… I get enough of those already. Hastily I opened it. Maybe I could read it before someone came and stood over my shoulder.
Dear Lavi.
Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me. I noticed that you liked him ever since the castle, to be honest. This is a gift to you. Don’t ask me what it does, I just found it in my grandfather’s collection under the label ‘Cantarella’. I hope it helps somehow!
Kory 
... Okay… thanks? Just a random gift to someone in need, I guess. Cantarella… why did that ring a bell? If only I’d paid more attention when the panda was teaching me! Hmm… Ah! Now I remember! It was a drug that put the victim in a deep sleep, almost as if they were dead. They couldn’t remember anything that happened to them during that time, but if they were hurt they would react. It was most famous for being the drug that a prince used on a princess that he had feelings for, but he wasn’t allowed to show them, so he used Cantarella to drug her so he could have his way and not get in trouble for it… wait, WHAT?! Why did Kory give me a frigging sex drug?! …well, he did say he didn’t know what it did, but… “Hey Lavi, what’re you reading?” crap! Allen!
“N, nothing!” I replied, quickly hiding the note and bottle in my cloak. God, that was close… Allen just shrugged.
“Okay then. Umm… c, can I meet up with you later? I’d like to talk with you…” he murmured, more than a little awkward. Sweet! Another almost date! Wait, why was he awkward? What’s going on… “Well, I was wondering if you could meet me in my room?” He rushed out. What the fuck… was he trying to make me jump him? “It’s just that lately, every time I try to meet up with you, something happens so we can’t.” he explained. Oh, so it’s completely innocent… crap. Oh well, it was fun to entertain my fantasy for a little while… wait. What if I used Kory’s gift… no! What am I thinking?! I can’t drug my best friend! I’m not that desperate, am I? Allen stared at me, his eyes pleading for an answer. God, he’s so cute… the bottle of Cantarella clinked softly in my pocket, almost as if it knew what I was considering.
“Oi! Get out of the way, Idiot Beansprout and Rabbit!” Yuu barked as he raced by, bashing Allen into me. What the fuck? Idiot Yuu!
“ahh!” Allen cried, wobbling dangerously. What is he doing?! He’s going to hurt himself!
“Look out!” I shouted, catching him as the inevitable happened and he tumbled down in a heap. That was close… wait. Holy shit, Allen is in my arms! He looked just as surprised as I felt. Shit, my body won’t move… he’s way to close!! Crap… C’mon, move!! Dear god… Just having him like this is stirring heat in my lower abdomen. I, I want to fuck him… Allen blushed cutely, apologising as he eased himself out of my arms. What the hell am I supposed to say? I don’t trust my voice right now… I found my hand drifting to the bottle in my pocket, almost like it was calling me… fine. “Hey, Allen?” I asked roughly, surprising him.
“Can we meet in my room instead? It’s more convenient.” I lied. Well, technically it wasn’t a lie, but… Allen just smiled, nodding slightly.
“Of course! Whatever’s easiest. See you tonight!” He called, skipping happily down the hall. I tried to return his grin, I really did, but it can be difficult to smile at the person you’re going to drug later tonight. Silently I took the bottle of Cantarella out of my pocket, studying the blue contents. Too late to turn back now… Steeling my nerves, I spun on my heel and ran to my room. I had a crime to commit.

Teto: Oh my God that was short! hopefully it wasn't too crap...
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