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Lavi X Allen. Lavi loves Allen, but doesn't want him to know. What can a gift from Kory lead to? better than it sounds, I promise!

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My footsteps seem especially loud in my head as I pace, nerves growing by the second. This doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore… no! Every chance I’ve got I’ve chickened out; I can’t do that this time! Besides, it’s not like he will remember. I mean, he can’t of developed an immunity to it… oh god, what if he has?! Then he’ll know and hate me and not talk to me and probably go out with Lenalee just to spite me and… okay, okay, calm down… nope, I’m hyperventilating again… in, out, in, out… Godammit lungs, breathe! I, I can’t freak out like this… How am I going to get him to drink it?! Fuck! Why did that not occur to me earlier, I can’t just waltz out and ask him to drink from a suspicious bottle! CrapCrapCrap!!! Um, um… I could pull a sickie! Yeah, faking sick could work… but then he would come in to visit me and make me feel guilty. Damn. Um, what if I got him to try some food that has been drugged? …scrap that, I can’t cook for shit. Eh, um…Drink! I’ll spike his drink! Whoa, that makes me sound evil… oh shit, I am now. I, If I do this, it makes me no better than those freaks that drug strangers in bars. I…can I really do this now? …yes. I have to! I, I want to pretend, even if just for a moment, that Allen loves me back… besides, we’re friends! It’s not like I’m drugging a total stranger. Yes, it’s fine. Really. Now, I need to find a drink to spike… honestly. This is turning out so complicated… I just hope it’s worth it.
Oh. My. God. Allen is due any minute… I’m freaking out here! All I could find drink-wise was a bottle of wine, of all things, I really hope he doesn’t decline… a light rapping on the door made me shoot a mile in the air. Shoot me now… he’s here. Okay, just act natural… I opened the door, and there was the boy of my dreams. Allen stood there in his normal Black Order uniform, smiling slightly at me from under his hood. My god… he’s so cute! Any doubts I had about doing this were obliterated at that moment. If I went without him for much longer I would go insane. “Hello Allen! C’mon in!” I told him happily, ushering him in with a wave of my hand. Well, here goes…
“Thank you very much for having me Lavi.” Allen chirped politely, bowing as I shut the door. Naww, he’s so sweet! Always so polite and caring of others. He’s way more mature than I am… sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s only 15. I just grinned and poked him in the sides. He needs to learn to laugh more! Fortunately, that’s something I’m good at. Maybe he’ll rub off some of his maturity on me, and I can help him to not be so serious all the time. He’s beautiful when he smiles. He’s just so damn shy… and he’s staring at me. Shit, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear what he said! He did say something, right? He must’ve otherwise he would not be staring at me like this. Unless he’s undressing me with his eyes… okay, bad thoughts. Well, actually good, but he’s still in the room so they’re bad, very bad… “Lavi? Did you even hear me?” oh, he had spoken. Damn. Well, it was a fun fantasy to entertain for a while.
“eheh… sorry sprout, I wasn’t listening.” And… there! A small flicker of some unnamed emotion rushes past his eyes at the nickname before it’s buried by his usual annoyance. I’ve noticed that spark for a while now… It’s really bugging me. What exactly is he feeling when I call him sprout? Apart from the eventual anger, of course…
“Don’t call me that! I was asking what you wanted to talk about, idiot Lavi.” He snapped, shoving his hood back off his head in a huff. Okay, seriously cute… must restrain from drooling. Right, focus on the question. Hm… well, I could say that I brought him up here to drug him and take advantage of him while he was asleep, but something tells me that it won’t go down well. I need to think of something… c’mon brain, think! Eh, what about…
“What to talk about? I didn’t really think about it… I just wanted to spend time with you.” I blurted out, then cringed. That didn’t sound particularly convincing… it was partly true though. Allen’s reaction is puzzling though. He just stares at me, making me fidget. Okay… this is making me nervous… dammit, I’m already a bundle of anxiety! I don’t need more! Wait, if I’m nervous, then that means… oh, fuck. When I get really stressed, I have the embarrassing habit of playing with my hair… It’s really awkward! Sure enough, as soon as I remember I become aware of my hand tangling in my red locks. Crap! Okay, move the hand away from the scalp… Shit, I’m so embarrassed. It might not be a big deal for others, but Yuu once took a photo of me doing it and showed it to me, and I look like a freaking girl! Not exactly how you want to look in front of your crush. Allen is still staring at me… that’s not a good sign. Okay, distraction time! Eh… what to distract him with? Um… “So, eh, how’s Timcampy?”
“Hm? Oh… he’s fine, thank you! But, um… do you always play with your hair when you’re nervous?” Allen asked pointedly. Dammit, how did we get back on the subject of my embarrassing habit! Ugh… well, he did ask…
“…Yeah… I do. It’s really embarrassing…” I muttered out, unable to meet his eyes. Well, this is awkward… Allen just nods once, smiling softly at me.
“More like really cute…” Wait, WHAT?! What did he just… Allen’s pretty eyes widened and he blushed deeply, radiating panic. “Sorry! I meant to say… Confusing! I don’t see how you would develop a habit like that.” He rushed out, slowly calming down as he spoke. For some reason, I don’t quite believe him. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t catch what he said before, but I know it started with C… I think I missed something important here. Well, whatever. I can’t change it now. So… what to do? It’s kinda awkward… wait. I’m stalling, aren’t I? I brought him here to drug him, and all my mind is doing is trying to do anything but. That’s it. I can’t stall anymore! Here we go… I stood up quickly, surprising Allen.
“Allen, how about a drink?”
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