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cantarella 4!

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Lavi X Allen. Lavi loves Allen, but doesn't want him to know. What can a gift from Kory lead to? er, sort-of lemon in chapter 4... read at your own risk!

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Teto: heres where I earn that M-rating I give myself...
Yami: warning time! she'll put bold warnings around the...questionable parts, so you can skip it if ya want~ she doesn't own, blah blah. go.

Allen blinks at my question, more than a little startled. Shit, did I ask too soon? He might be suspicious! Allen is always so polite and courteous, I don’t wanna weird him out… “Erm… sure! What do you have?” oh thank god… I was worried he’d refuse. Well, now there’s only one thing for it… oh God can I really do this? Maybe I should just back out… no! Bad Lavi! Stop thinking like that! You brought Allen here to drug him, so that’s what you’re gonna do! Okay, now I have to sneak a drop of Cantarella into his glass without him seeing… how the hell am I going to manage that?! Argh! I should’ve thought this through… damn. Well, if in doubt, wing it!
“Well, I only have a weak bottle of wine… but I found this bottle that has a liquid that takes the alcohol away! It devours the enzymes or something. That ok with you?” Please say yes please say yes! I dunno what I’d do if he backed out… Allen just raises an eyebrow cutely, obviously puzzled by this mystery substance. Of course he would be, it doesn’t exist. This is awkward… he obviously doubts my excuse. Well, it is pretty crappy. I mean, I didn’t even make up a fake name for it! Ugh… well, I screwed up.
“Okay, sure! Just not too much please.” Woah! He actually believed me?! I must be a better liar than I thought. What am I saying; of course he would believe me! Who wouldn’t believe this handsome face? …Who am I kidding… something about Allen shatters my cocky mask. It can be really frustrating! Anyway, back to work! Mkay, grab the glass, smile at Allen, hide blush as he grins back, walk over to table, pour wine… shit. Why is it so hard to put the Cantarella in!! My hand is shaking… I thought I’d gotten over this… obviously not. No…c’mon hand, MOVE! Suddenly it jerks into action, slopping the drug every which way. Crap! What if I spilled some into my drink? Then I would conk out, and I couldn’t molest… okay, bad word to use when I am seriously doubting my plan… Take advantage of! There, that sounds less evil. I couldn’t take advantage of Allen and then all of this stress and embarrassment would be for nothing. Well, too late now… Slowly I walked over to him, holding the two glasses filled with wine and gently putting the drugged glass in front of him. Here goes…
“Here you are. Drink up!” Allen just nodded at me and smiled slightly, unaware of my nerves as he raised his glass to his lips… and drinks. Oh my God… he did it! I don’t know whether I should cheer or cry… suddenly Allen’s eyes widened and he bolted upright, his normally calm eyes wild. Oh fuck, he didn’t…
“D, don’t drink it! It’s, it’s…” Allen blurted out, stumbling over to me. Oh God oh God oh God don’t come near me! Please don’t… you’re breaking my heart. How could I do this! I… I don’t deserve to be his friend… nothing will ever be the same between us after this. Even if he never finds out, I will certainly know. Hah… I, I really stuffed up this time, didn’t I? Suddenly he stumbled and fell on me, his grey panicked eyes meeting mine. “Please Lavi, s, someone drugged…” I… I can’t lie to him anymore. It hurts too much… why did it turn out like this? I hate it. Hate hate hate!!! I, I’m sorry Allen… letting my mental mask slip for just a second, tears welled up in my eyes as I whispered.
“…sorry Allen…” he frowned sleepily for a second, then that horrible moment of understanding hit him and he stared unbelievingly at my eyes before his head drooped and he slumped into unconsciousness. Why…why did I do this? There can be no turning back. Even if I just back off now he’ll still avoid me because I drugged him. What’s the point? Putting back on my stony mask, I picked Allen back up and trudged to my four post bed. It was time for my last hurrah with Allen.
Pwah… I love my bed! So soft and comfy… the old Panda says that I have so many blankets piled on it that I burrow into it at night! I guess that’s true… gah! No matter what I do, I can’t stop thinking about him… Allen… my eyes wandered over his sleeping form. Two minutes until the Cantarella takes full effect and there’s no chance of him waking up. He trembled slightly, subconsciously reacting to my stare. So cute… too bad all I feel is guilt for this… the lust actually scares me now. I freaking drugged my best friend, and all I can think of is how smooth his skin is, his beautiful hair, his flawless face… well, not flawless. There is that scar, but in my opinion it actually makes him cuter. So yes, it is flawless then. At least to me. Shugo: questionablility starts here!look away, small childrens!Oh… there’s the two minute mark. Is it wrong that I’m actually looking forward to this? No, it’s ok. Of course I would! I do love him… Why won’t my hands stop trembling? Damn… curse these buttons! Why must they defy me so! … What?! Let’s see you take off someone’s shirt when your hands won’t stop shaking. Ah, shirts gone… wow. Just…wow. Allen’s so beautiful… I’m gonna pretend that I didn’t get hard at the sight of my drugged, shirtless crush. That broke all my doubts and, to my eternal shame, I pounced on him, nuzzling my head on his chest. He smells like vanilla… yes, I am a scent pervert. Get over it. I think my hair must have tickled him as he flinched slightly, turning his head and allowing me easier access. Well, that’s handy. My hands won’t stop moving, tracing out all the dips and curves of his too-pretty skin. Gah… I won’t lie, I’m kinda not used to this feeling or the shuddering impulses that race up my spine, so I did lose control a little… it was his own fault for being so pretty! Suddenly something snapped in me, and then I was pouncing, kissing, hands tangling in his hair and forcing his lips back onto mine… what’s pressing into my stomach? It’s rather hard and pointy… Oh God. He, he hasn’t… a quick check proved me right. But he’s unconscious! Why the fuck would Allen get aroused when he’s unconscious?! ...well, I guess sleeps technically unconsciousness, and there are wet dreams… you know what, I’m not gonna prove me wrong. I’d like to believe that Allen got aroused because of me. I’ll just entertain this fantasy for a while. I kissed him again, forcing my tongue between his slightly parted lips. I’m not even going to try to explain the feeling, cause there are no words that will do it justice. If you ever got laid, then you’ll know how it felt. One hand decided to ignore my orders and leave Allen’s hair, snaking its way down to stroke his erection and making him shudder and moan in his sleep. God, there was lightning in my spine and fire burning in my hands and the heat, the god-dammed heat was pulsing everywhere, pushing through my hands and my head and my heart and I can’t stop, can’t stop or else I’ll explode… Allen was tossing, moaning, shuddering at my every touch, gasping as I kissed him and if I tried really hard I could pretend he was awake, awake and enjoying this. Clothes were quickly lost in the writhing mass of heat and I was pressed up against him, delicious friction sparking between us as I kissed him, stroked him, cuddled him and lost myself in his silver hair and pale skin… I can’t stop now. I can’t… flipping him over, I found his entrance with my fingers…what the fuck am I doing?!Yami: kay, questionability ends here, unless you count kissing as questionable. small childrens, you can look now. I, I was… I was going to rape him… oh God. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!! Allen… I risk a glance at him. He’s flushed deep crimson, panting slightly, his innocent face screwed up in a half-formed yelp… my self-defensive mask shattered into a million pieces. Allen… ALLEN!! H, how could I do this to you… I’m such a horrible person… I didn’t even notice when I started crying, my tears dripping silently onto his skin.
“Allen, God, I, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I’m so sorry…” I guess I’ll have to leave again. Allen will never forgive me for this… It’s not like I haven’t started again before. A different place, a different name, a different personality… but somehow the thought of leaving hurts more than anything. I…I don’t wanna leave Allen… but I can’t stay. I clutched at my shoulders, shaking, crying out of desperation and fear, fear of what will happen when he wakes up… what’s on my cheek? It’s warm… I leant into it instinctively, eyes still screwed shut. It’s so nice… it feels like home, if that’s even possible. Suddenly the warm thing moves up behind my head and yanks me down into a kiss. Wait, what?! My eyes fly open to see Allen, well and truly conscious and… kissing me… oh fuck. Allen pulls back gently, grey eyes shining with kindness and slight amusement at my obviously stunned expression. Raising his mouth to my ear, he whispered three little words.
“Make me yours.”
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