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okay, lemon in this chapter... so ratings sky-rocket for this one! read at your own risk the text inbetween the bold!

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Wh…WHAAAAAT?! Okay, too much to take in here. Allen’s awake, he just freaking kissed me, and now he’s practically asking me to fuck him! Either this is a very good dream or it’s the apocalypse. Allen grinned mischievously and yanks me down for a kiss again, rough and demanding and I think it’ll bruise… okay, definitely the apocalypse. Since when can he do THAT?! “You’re cute when you’re stunned.” He murmured into my ear, twisting my hair around his fingers. Hey! I have a problem with that! On no account will I ever be cute!! It’s just not my style. Peals of laughter echoed through my room making my jump a mile. What’s so funny! “S,sorry…” Allen giggled, wiping away happy tears. “But it’s just too funny! You pouted because you don’t like being called cute, but that just made you even cuter!” no way! I AM NOT CUTE!!!!! I refuse to be!
“I am not!” my angry protest was just met with more giggles. Way to boost my confidence Allen. Scowling, I jump forward and tackle Allen. Ha! Got him! Now, I think it’s time to teach him a lesson… Lavi style. Tickle attack!!! Allen howls with laughter as I tickle him, shaking and smiling and laughing. Wow… I’d missed this. I was so wrapped up this week that I forgot about my best bud! Wait… what the hell?! I drugged him, he’s awake, and we’re rolling around on my bed laughing. Something seems wrong with this picture. Why doesn’t he hate me? Fuck, why is he even associating with me?! Allen frowned as I froze, obviously not picking up on the awkwardness of this situation. “Why?” I asked quietly, silently pulling away from him. God, I don’t wanna know his answer… it’ll be because he’s feeling sorry for me. If he says that, I think I’ll die. Much to my chagrin, he laughs! Eh?!
“You’re smarter than me, but sometimes you’re just so stupid! I was awake, you idiot.” WHAT?!?! He, he was… oh, fuck. Allen grins at my panic, ruffling my hair like a dog’s fur. Oi! That’s kinda degrading. “Master used that drug on me all the time, so much that I kinda developed a partial immunity to it. It’ll still nock me out, but I’ll wake up about two minutes later.” well, that’s handy. Except for situations like this! Now I’m left looking like a total idiot! Thanks Cross… fucking general. I’m gonna kill him next time he’s at headquarters. Well, I should at least apologise…
“S, Sorry…” my mumble was cut off by Allen kissing me again. Seriously, I do love him, but I do kinda need air occasionally. Plus people will start to get the wrong idea and think he’s the dominant one! Ha! That would be really funny… if degrading.
“Don’t apologise! I should be thanking you!” What? How did that work!? I drugged him, and he’s thanking me? This is so messed up… “I was waay too nervous to make a move, I thought you just wanted to be my friend. Thanks to this I at least know you lust for me… and if that’s all, I’m happy.” Allen… geez. Wasn’t he the one that just told me that I was dumb?! If he can’t notice this, it’s a bleak outlook for the world. I just grinned at him. Right, my turn. Time to show why I’m Seme! (AN: Warning, my half-assed attempt at a lemon starts here! See, aren’t I nice. I remembered to warn you. ^^) Hmm… his skins soft… Aww, Allen’s all red! It has nothing to do at all with my hand sliding up the inside of his thigh, nope… “L, Lavi! What are you doing….gh!” hehe, he’s so flustered! Well, now that I know my feelings are returned there’s no problem! I think I’m gonna tease him now… what?! Give me a break, I went without him for so long! I think I’m entitled to a little fun.
“What’s wrong, Allen?” oh, I’m just too good at this. I’ve had 5 alibis to practice seducing and obviously it’s working on my dear friend here. Allen’s already flushed and panting… this’ll be too easy. Begging time! Hehe, me and my mean streak. My spare hand strokes its way up his back to draw gentle circles on his nape, my other hand still occupied down lower. Gah… the heats starting already? I wanted to tease him more… but I know me. Once I start getting flushed, I can’t refuse anyone. As soon as Allen asks I’ll do it. But not before. I do have some self control…
“L, Lavi… mm…Hck!” You have no idea how arousing it is to see your best friend/love buck against you because of something you’ve done. Gah… he’s just too cute… suddenly he whips around and kisses me, hard and rough and shit, I’m falling backwards! M, my face is heating up… dammit, this was not how it was supposed to go! Curse my pale skin… I can’t hide even the smallest blush. Allen’s sliver hair tickles my face as he smirks, all his usual innocence was gone from his eyes as he let his eyes roam all over me. What is he… a victorious glint shone in his eyes as he watched me. “I found it… you shouldn’t flinch to hide where you’re sensitive.” Whaaat!? Gh… it’s true that I have a particularly sensitive spot on my chest, but there’s no way he should’ve picked up on it but holy crap he’s stroking it… and giggling! If I wasn’t aroused right now I would be seriously pissed. Shit… does he know what he’s doing to me? His hands are so cold… Wah!
“N, no fair… using my weak spot.” Was that my voice?! Ugh, my voice sounds pathetically weak… well, it’s not my fault that he’s being an ass! I mean, that’s a seriously low blow… Gah! Mm… the heat’s gonna swamp me… Allen’s just smirking at me, attacking me with kisses every now and again. Gh… I never knew Allen was a tease… well, if this is a game, then I’m gonna win! …I’ll just keep telling myself that… Damn. Apparently Allen’s controlling when he’s horny. Shit… I, I need to fight back! Can’t I activate a trap card or something?! Gah, I’m rambling… He’s just too distracting. My hands moving by itself...where’s it going? Suddenly I feel something warm and Allen flinches backwards violently. Yes! My Seme instincts have kicked in!!! I knew it.
“Lavi…” his moans finally make me snap. Suddenly I’m on him and we’re both grinding, moaning, sparking delicious friction as I plunge inside of him, ramming harder and harder, lost in the heat, the sparks, the air that seems thick and heavy with lust and sweat…
(AN: okay, finished now. Yes, it was short and lame, because Lavi lost control and burnt out. Deal with it.)
Woah… I think I can breathe now… It’s been a few minutes after we finished our little lovefest, and we’re both resting. Well, kinda… Allen’s still attacking me with kisses every five minutes, much to my chagrin… what?! You really think that I’m gonna tell you what it felt like?! Get laid yourself, then you’ll know.
“Hey, Lavi?” Allen stutter is so cute! Yes, he is cute. Not sexy. Especially not before, when he was kissing me… shut up. Lemme believe that I’m completely in control for a while. Allen is surprisingly dominating when he wants to be… “I, I just need to say this… I love you.” Oh. My. God. He, he actually… YesYesYes! I’m so happy! Words cannot describe right now without sounding cheesy and cliché. “I, I’m sorry… I know you d, don’t feel the same, but…” what, what? Does he think…Of course. I freaking froze on the spot! That’s normally a bad reaction. Well, I can fix that! I’ll just tell him that I feel the same. Grabbing his teary face, I forced him to look at me and absently brushed away a tear with my thumb.
“…” GAH! Why is this so hard to say! I know he loves me back, but… what if he’s lying? What if this is just his way to make it up to me? Allen’s a kind boy, he’d do anything if it would cheer someone up. What if… no. If I could work up the courage to slip the Cantarella into his drink, I can tell him this! I, I will… I must! Otherwise this would’ve all been for nothing!
“It’s okay Lavi, you don’t have to apologise. I understand that you don’t fall in love with everyone. I just thought you should know.” His words are garbled by tears and controlled sobs. No… I’m only making it worse! That’s it. It’s now or never. I need to say it, or Allen will never believe me. My face is hot… God damn, I’m blushing. Great. Just to make me feel more like a little schoolgirl… not important. Allen…
“…I love you.” I…I said it! YES!!! Only took me forever… Allen gapes at me, his face tinged a disbelieving pink. Gah, I knew it! He was only trying to make me feel better and he really only likes me as a friend and now I’ve made an ass of myself… I’m gonna dieeee! And I’m crying! If I get any more like a high school girl I will bring out the size-shifting hammer and smoosh a bitch. Heheh. Smoosh! Heheheh. … Damn, I can’t distract myself! I’m gonna have to deal with it… maybe I can laugh it off? Pass it off as a joke… Wah! Allen freaking gloomphed me! I lost my balance and now I’m flat on my back… with him on top of me. All complaints have now officially vanished.
“Lavi?” oh god, here it comes, were he makes those sad eyes at me and explains that he was only trying to make me feel better and he really loves Lenalee or Kanda or someone… “Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m so glad… I’m so glad! You return my feelings!” he broke off in happy laughter, hugging me as tears streamed down his face. I… oh my God. He wasn’t joking! OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod! Allen smirks at me through his tears, bumping my nose with his. “Just so you know, I’m Seme most of the time. You’re too much like a schoolgirl.” Oh, it is ON!
“I am not! What about you? You look like a princess! Honestly… you’re too pretty for your own good.” My grumbles just made him grin.
“Oh, are we comparing? Well, then you’re that prince that acts all quiet and calm and in control to the public, but is actually rather shy and childish.” Oi! I resent that! Even if it is true… and I’m blushing again. Curse this pale skin!!!! Suddenly I thought of something. I wanna tell him… but, it, it kinda… ah, screw it.
“Well, then you’re that perfect princess that everyone adores, graceful and kind and adventurous and fun.” … dear God, that was horrible! I sound like a complete sap! Allen just gapes at me, flushing pink.
“Lavi… that was so sweet!” gh… that’s the problem… “Well, then I think that makes us the perfect couple, don’t you?” wait, is he asking me out? That’s not fair! The Seme asks out the Uke! I AM NO UKE!! Allen laughs at me, smirking openly. That little bastard… he knows he’s won. Damn… well, he, he is more dominant… dear God did I just say that. GAH! Okay, you didn’t hear anything. Fine…
“Y, yeah…” I pause to scowl at his beaming face. “But I get to be Seme occasionally!” he grins and kisses me, making me blush again. Damn skin… but I don’t mind. As long as I’m with Allen! … Now I sound like an Uke! That’s it, this conversation is officially forgotten.
“Thanks, Princess.” Hey! I thought we’d agreed he was the princess! Allen giggles at my frustrated face. “Sorry, but you fit the girl category more. So, you’re now the princess that rules with an iron fist, but is actually nice and sweet, adventurous and fun, and breathtakingly beautiful.” Wh, wha… I don’t know what to say! Argh… I’m so embarrassed… curse you Allen! Actually, don’t. You already have one curse to deal with. But still! Why do you have to make me so… Uke-ish?
“…Well, that makes you my prince. So you better be nice to me, and treat me to things! Okay?” My face is so hot… you could probably cook an egg on it! W, well, if he’s gonna be the Seme, he’s gotta live up to my expectations! He stares at me for a while… argh, say something dammit! I’m too nervous! Then Allen laughs and smiles at me, making me feel light headed. Argh, I’m so head-over-heels…
“Of course, my Princess.”
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Teto: mean child! but it gets all fluffy for a while after this, 'cept for sloppy makeouts at one point. you can all cope with that, right? see you soon!
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