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Chapter 32- The Evil King's Mommies

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Chapter 32
The Evil King’s

I climbed down the chain slowly and looked below the pillar to see Lux, Pasta, and Minncino looking up with concerned expressions. I waved to them and Lux cried out.
“Pasta,” I said, “go ahead and bring them up, if you would.”
The two Pokemon gladly jumped onto Pasta’s back and he flew them up to the platform. Pasta wasn’t able to actually stand on the platform because of how small it was, but Lux and Minncino hopped right on board. After a quick hug from Lux, I began to get back to work.
I noticed that a big beam of light was shining right down on us. I didn’t really know what else to do, so I looked at the face of the statue and decided to shine light on it. Surprisingly, the face actually broke into pieces, which stumped the hell out of me. But, I just shrugged and jumped over for there was a small door behind that face.
The room we entered was a rectangle shape and had some pillars standing tall in it. In front of us was a big think, covered in huge armor. It was sitting in a big, stone chair holding this huge axe. I stood completely still for a minute or so, but the thing didn’t move. Hell, I didn’t even think it was breathing.
After a minute passing with nothing happening, I decided to approach the metal of junk. It must have just been for show or something. This whole temple was constructed rather well, so why wouldn’t someone want a cool, metal statue to sit as a decoration.
“I wonder what this thing is,” I said aloud. I was really close to this statue and decided to tap on it. That wasn’t a very good idea.
In a split second, my neck was completely grasped by this thing’s hand. I was thrown against a pillar, which crumbled to pieces. I got up quickly and wiped some more blood off of my nose and unsheathed my sword. With that huge axe and armor, this guy had to be extremely slow, so I knew my sword would do the trick.
I rolled out of the way before this guy’s axe slammed down right on me. I found an opening to attack, but the guy blocked it with the shaft of his axe. He then swung it around and the hand part hit me square on the shoulder. The guy kept moving this axe, so I tried to move, but the handle took me with it. I slammed against the big stone chair he sat upon before the battle began.
I crumbled to the ground with the chair and laid there for a second. With a loud cling, I saw the huge blade of the axe land right by my face. Thankfully, this guy didn’t have great aiming skills; otherwise I would’ve been done for. I rolled out of the way quickly, desperate to never be that close to anyone’s axe again. I ran over to the other side of the room and stopped by Lux, Pasta, and Minncino. I didn’t want them to get involved, but Pasta may have been my only chance at winning against this guy. However, I didn’t want to use him just yet.
I slowly approached the armored fiend and took light steps. I had to be light on my feet if I wanted to evade his attacks. Even though he was slow, I knew his axe could do a lot of damage to me in the long run. One hit with that axe and I would be down for an extremely long time. With my sword out from me and my feet apart as I walked, I cautiously circled the armored man.
The air was tense as I began to hear the man breath harder, as if he was becoming more annoyed by the second. With a huge roar, the man lifted his axe above his head and prepared to slam it down upon me. I rolled out of the way and saw my chance. I rushed forward as the armored man tried to lift his heavy axe again and pierced through his armor. I didn’t do much damage, but I heard a heavy metal plate hit the ground. I jumped back and noticed that his left shoulder was now open for me to stab a way at. Before I focused on his body however, I wanted to knock off more of his armor.
Thankfully, this guy not only had a short fuse, but he was also not very bright. We both went through the same thing; him trying to hit me, me dodging, and then me coming up on him and knocking another piece of his armor off. Eventually, all the armor this guy had left on was his helmet. Once he realized this, he dropped his axe and went for a sword sheathed on his side. Now that he was free of all that armor, he started to quicken his fighting style, which was when things began to get interesting.
It was a surprise to me how stealthy this guy was, but I was able to block his first attack. Our swords met horizontally with a sharp cling sound and I was able to peek inside of this guy’s helmet. I saw eyes, but they were closed. I at least knew that this guy was human, but he must have had a major problem with sleep walking because this was ridiculous. The way this guy was fighting now, he didn’t seem tired at all, so I was stumped as to what was going on. I didn’t have much time to think for this guy was wasting no time with me.
His sword, which seemed to be some sort of broadsword, enabled him to move faster than he did with the axe, but he was still severely slow. His method of swinging his sword was more underhanded, which put a ton of pressure on my blade. I was afraid that the ‘blade of evil’s bane’ was going to shatter right in front of me. After I got the groove of things though, I realized that this guy left himself open between swings. All I needed to do was stab him quickly in the side and then abort, otherwise I was have a broadsword in my skull.
And the moment came. I stabbed the armored man and quickly drew back. Blood gushed from his side as he swung his blade around blindly. I stepped all the way back towards Lux, Minncino, and Pasta to keep myself from being hit. After swinging violently for ten seconds, the armored fiend fell to the ground on its hands and knees.
I expected nothing more, but I heard a small cling noise and looked down to see that the armored man had lost his helmet. It was then that I realized that this enemy wasn’t a man at all; it was a woman. I looked closer and recognized the face. Her face was tan, but missing the make-up she had on seven years ago. Her flowing red hair was pulled back, but was wet with sweat. Her eyes were wide open as she struggled to breathe.
“Nabooru?” I said quietly and she looked up at me.
“Ashley,” she said slowly, “the stone…they have the Shiny Stone.”
“Shiny Stone?” I said to myself and looked back at Minccino who actually had a worried expression on his face. “Who’s they?”
“Ganondorf’s mothers,” she said.
“His mother?”
“His mothers.”
“Wait a minute,” I said, “this makes no sense. You’re saying mothers, as in more than one?”
Before she could say anything, I heard a rotten sounding laugh that pierced my ears and echoed through the room. I then heard another laugh which sounded a bit different. They sounded like female laughs.
“The mothers,” I whispered harshly.
And, in an instant I saw two figures spinning around. They stopped spinning and I saw that they were two women who had green tinted skin. On the back of their head was, of course, their hair which was elevated like a bee-hive and held by a Gerudo style head band. It had greyed with age, but looked pretty damn thick. Like Ganondorf, on each of their foreheads was a jewel, though they were a bit larger than the jewel that Ganondorf toted on his face. Seeing as they both looked alike, the jewels were different colors. One had a red jewel on and the other had a blue one. Their faces were hideous and I immediately realized where Ganondorf got his honker. But the question still remained in my mind. How the hell did Ganondorf have two moms?
“Tsk, tsk,” the red jeweled one said. “What a shame, Kotake. She wasn’t that good at fighting, despite all the training.”
“Yes, what a shame, dear sister,” the other said.
“Wait,” I said, “which one of you is Ganondorf’s mom?”
“I am,” they both said at the exact same time.
“You’re both his mother?” I said. I was so confused, but I wasn’t here for family crap. “Regardless, who are you two and why is Nabooru dressed in heavy armor?”
“We are the twin sisters of this desert,” said the one with the blue jewel, who had been called Kotake by the other sister. “I am Kotake and she is my sister, Koume. We guard the Spirit Temple from pests like you.”
“Well, great,” I said, “now can you just tell me why Nabooru was dressed in armor and what is going on here?”
“Oh, Nabooru,” said Koume and she threw her head back and looked at the ceiling. “Because of her persistent betrayal to our son, she needed to be taught a very hard lesson. All she has done is cause the group trouble. I think it is just because she is jealous of our boy for being such a strong leader, but who knows. Now, she seems to be dead, which isn’t a pity at all.”
“Not quite, dear Koume,” Kotake said. “She’s still breathing, the pathetic thing. I guess even one of the great Heroes of Time can’t kill this disgusting woman.”
“I guess we will have to do it ourselves, Kotake,” Koume said and smiled. Her teeth were yellow and crusty looking.
“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” I said and I was all ready to protect Nabooru.
“No,” I heard her say quietly. “Let them kill me…they need to kill me.”
“Huh?” I said. I didn’t understand right away, but in a couple of seconds it finally got through to me. Nabooru was the sage that I needed to awaken and, for her to actually need to be awakened, she needed to be dead.
“You want us to kill you?” Koume said. “Did you hear that, Kotake?”
“I did, Koume. Suit yourself, young lady.” And then, both of the sisters looked at each other with a smile. Koume began to glow red and Kotake began to glow blue and, in a burst of light, they shot Nabooru. She let out a horrid scream and then completely collapsed on the floor. Blood seeped in the cracks on the ground and I watched as Nabooru failed to take anymore breaths.
“What a waste, dear sister,” Kotake said.
“Yes, Kotake,” Koume said and she suddenly took out a stone. The stone was a light yellow color and right in the middle looked like an orange sphere. Unlike the other stones, this one was actually glowing brightly. It seemed to me that the small sphere in the middle was a tiny sun.
I assumed that the stone they had was the stone I needed to awaken Nabooru, which was confirmed by Minccino. I felt him on my foot, gazing at the thing.
“I’ll go ahead and take that,” I said. Maybe, for once, this whole awakening stuff would be a bit easier than usual.
“You want this stone?” Koume said with a smile. “I suppose we can give this to her, right Kotake?”
“You are right, Koume,” Kotake said. “I mean, we have no use for the thing, anyway. But, before we give it to her, let’s have fun with this Hero of Time. Seeing as she’ll most likely try to take down our son, I think we should play with her.”
“Great idea, Koume,” Kotake said with enthusiasm.
Awesome, I thought. Everything has to be so difficult.
“Alright then,” I said allowed to the two, “I’ll take you both on. But, I do get that stone afterwards, right?”
“We promise, girl,” Koume said and she put the stone in her thick head of hair. “Now, let us go and get ready for this girl, Kotake.” The two them took off on their broomsticks into a new room that was behind the now crumbled throne. A huge door shut and echoed throughout the small room, leaving me alone with my Pokemon and the corpse of Nabooru.
“Well you guys,” I said to Pasta, Lux, and Minccino, “it would probably be best for you all to stay here.”
“Minccino,” Minccino said harshly. He grabbed the top of my boot and tried to pull me forward.
“Minccino, you’re too small to go in and-“ I said, but he kept yelling and I saw little tears wet the fur under his big eyes. He was so ambitious and passionate that I couldn’t say no. “Alright,” I said and caved, “all of you can come in with me if you so please.”
“Char,” Pasta said and shook his head. I took out his Pokeball and had him return. I wasn’t sure why he didn’t want to help but he was a bit big and would have been in the way.
“Okay, all set then?” I asked Lux and Minccino. Lux smiled up at me and walked over to Minccino and picked him up. Then Lux placed the little guy between his ears. Minccino stood up straight on Lux’s head and still had tears strolling down his eyes, but he had so much drive in his eyes. I felt so inspired by the little guy myself that I began to walk towards the huge door without hesitation. Once I stood directly in front of it, the door began to rise automatically. Dust floated in the air as the stone door slowly went up.
What was revealed to us was a big room with an elevated platform in the middle. There were some other smaller platforms around this huge platform as well. Leading up to the top of the platform was a ladder on the wall made out of metal. I climbed it with Lux handing onto my shield. On top of the platform was a flat service that had a round, red rug in the middle. I unsheathed my sword and went to the center of the room.
“Whenever you’re ready guys,” I said after a few seconds. Then, in a cruel, evil fashion, Koume and Kotake let out their stupid laughs which, once again, hurt my ears. It was all cackly and crusty sounding and made me cringe. Then, there was a bright light of red and a bright light of blue on both sides of me and the two appeared.
“Are you ready for this, Kotake?” Koume asked her sister.
“Yes I am, Koume,” Kotake replied. “Are you ready, Hero of Time?”
“Hell yeah,” I said and pointed my sword at Koume. “Let’s do this.”
“Such a terrible child you are,” Koume said and her hair turned into a hot, red flame.. “But, you’ll be a nice sacrifice to the great Ganondorf for sure.” Then, this weird circle thing came from the butt end of Koume’s broomstick. It contained weird looking patterns and was a dark orange color. She seemed to be charging a beam of some sort because, after a couple of seconds, her broomstick caught on fire. She put the broom end towards me and out shot this dark red beam. I was able to get out of the way, but I could feel extreme heat emanating from this red beam.
Jeez, I thought and I looked up at the twins who were now floating around in the air. If that beam hit my sword, the blade would melt for sure. If I didn’t think fast, we’d all be roasted. But then I wondered about Kotake. Her hair seemed to be frozen by ice.
After floating around a bit, Kotake then stepped up to the plate. That weird circle came back again, but this time it was a light, icy blue color. She charged the beam and then the end of her broomstick had a block of ice on the bristles. I wasn’t really thinking, but couldn’t melt my Master Sword’s blade, so I decided to test it. I held the sword in front of me with the blade completely horizontal to try and block Kotake’s attack; if I could, anyway. To my surprise, the sword blocked the attack from hitting me. Unfortunately, the sword became very heavy because the entire blade froze into a huge block of ice. It stopped just a bit after the hilt began, but I had to drop the damn thing.
When I dropped the sword, it landed on the soft carpet and the ice didn’t crack a bit. It would take too long for the Master Sword’s blade to thaw on its own, so I used the next weapon I had. I took the Spirit Staff off its holster behind my back and was ready for the next attack. I wasn’t too confident on what to do, but the staff did seem to hold some sort of magnificent power, so it was worth a shot. It would buy me time while I waited for the Master Sword to melt, anyway.
Koume went next, as it was her turn, and started to charge up her fire beam again. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the Spirit Staff, but I held it in front of me horizontally and closed my eyes. I heard the beam shoot towards me and began to feel the hot flame. It was then that I heard a weird noise, like the noise of a siren. I opened my eyes to see the fire beam shoot off to the side from the mirror medallion of my staff. Right in the way of the beam was Kotake herself and she yelled in pain as the beam burned her and surrounded her in smoke. She recovered, unfortunately, and attacked back at me immediately.
I put my staff up and saw that the beam of ice traveled up the handle of the staff and went right towards the medallion. I maneuvered the medallion with my hand, pulling it upwards so that the beam would reflect directly on to Koume. Though it seemed rather bizarre to me, Koume was actually injured by the beam of ice. She yelled in a similar fashion as her sister and then attacked me for fun. Of course, I just did the same as before and redirected her fire beam towards Kotake.
I did this a few times and I was extremely excited about how easy this whole thing was. Compared to everything I had encountered on my long adventure, these two were a piece of cake. But, as my life goes, things got sour.
The twins stopped floating for some reason and looked at each other. “It’s time to get serious, Koume,” Kotake said to her sister.
“You’re right, Kotake,” Koume replied and they started to spin above me. Suddenly, they both disappeared in a flash of light, just to leave one younger, taller looking lady floating above. She was much prettier than the sisters as individuals, that was for sure. Her hair was like the sisters’ except like pigtails and one side was fiery while the other side was completely frozen. In each of her hands were a wand, one which had fire on the tip and another that had ice on the tip.
“Behold the power of Twinrova,” she said and then winked at me. She floated backwards and stopped for a second to look at her wands. Then she shot ice right at me. I was able to get it with the medallion on my staff, but it didn’t reflect back. Instead, the medallion just turned light blue and the siren sound kept going. I was so confused at what was going on, but I just made sure to concentrate and try to get everyone of Twinrova’s shots on my staff’s medallion. She released another beam of ice and the siren grew louder and went off quicker. The medallion was blinking a bit faster as well. Nothing was happening, however. No beam of light shot out of my staff, so I waited for another shot from Twinrova.
Twinrova got ready to shoot me again, but she used the other wand. I wasn’t thinking very well, so I got my staff ready to take in the shot. The red beam hit the medallion on my staff, but the siren noise went slower and the medallion went from blink light blue furiously to blinking red slowly. It was then that I realized that my medallion could only hold one element at a time. I just had to make sure that my medallion absorbed more fire.
It only took two more fire beams for my medallion to release its own beam of fire. The beam was so strong that it almost knocked me off my feet. I quickly made it steady just in time to hit Twinrova. She let out a yell, but recovered in a second of two. Thus, the process repeated two more time and Twinrova fell to the ground from exhaustion.
She was on her hands and knees when the stone fell from her hair. “Minccino!” I shouted, “grab it!”
Minccino jumped straight of Lux and ran after the stone, but Twinrova snatched it right up before Minccino even put a small paw on it. “You think it would be that easy, you little rat?” she said and grabbed him by his tail. He flailed in the air and screamed.
“Let go of him,” I shouted and used some of my electric power to shoot at Twinrova. Lux even joined in. It seemed he really cared about Minccino.
Twinrova shot back ice, which actually stopped Lux and I’s power to a degree. Most of it was absorbed inside of the beam of ice and shot back at us, but some actually hit Twinrova, who immediately dropped Minccino. Lux and I hit the ground and I felt freezing cold from the beam. I jumped up however, and ran towards Twinrova, who was still on the ground. I dodged Minccino and took the sharp end of my staff and stabbed it right into the jewel in her head.
The jewel shattered and the pieces fell to the ground. I withdrew my staff and watched as Twinrova grabbed her forehead and started to scream. She began to glow red, like she was going to explode, so I grabbed Minccino and ran over towards Lux. I shielded them both and turned my back towards her. I heard a loud blast and felt some heated wind which was followed by snowflakes gently floating in the air. I heard something fall to the ground, so I stood up straight and turned around.
“Rai,” Lux said and seemed to be fascinated by the snow falling. It was actually falling rather quickly and thick, so the ground began to become glazed with the white, cold snow. Lux and Minccino danced together while I put my staff back and walked over towards the Master Sword. The blade was no longer covered in ice, which most likely melted from the blast. Instead, it was lightly frosted with snow. I picked it up and sheathed it.
I turned and saw Lux and Minccino on the ground making snow angels. “Alright guys,” I said to them both, “it’s time to wrap this up and awaken Nabooru.” I walked over to the stone which shined brightly in the white snow. I picked it up and looked at Minccino who began to walk towards me. I actually felt a little sad letting him go to the Sacred Realm, but it had to be done.
“You ready, Minccino?” I asked him and he nodded. I put the stone down to his little body and let it touch him. A bright light came from him and faded shortly, revealing a similar looking Pokemon, but with a beautiful coat of white fur wrapped around its body.
“Cinccino,” he said to me and pointed one of his tiny paws at a circle of blue light that just formed on the ground. He walked into it himself and waited for Lux and I. When we were all in the light, a sudden flash appeared and we were lifted off the ground. I felt a bit sleepy and closed my eyes…

I felt my feet land on the ground gently and opened my eyes slowly. I could hear the soothing sounds of dripping water and looked up to see Nabooru with Cinccino by her feet.
“We’re glad you could make it,” Nabooru said with a small smile. “As you know, I am Nabooru, the sage and guardian of the Spirit Temple.”
“Sorry I, uh, killed you back there,” I said awkwardly.
“That’s quite alright. I was brainwashed and trapped in my own body for seven years. You did me a great favor. I’m extremely grateful that Hyrule has someone like you protecting it. Ganondorf needs to be stopped and now you’re one step closer to taking him down.” She then took out a dark orange colored medallion and handed it to me.
“Thank you,” I said.
“Before you go,” Nabooru said, “I have some advice. I know you’re a bit of a lone wolf. I am a lone wolf as well, but I know that I can’t do everything alone. When it comes to Ganondorf, you will need help. You can’t face him alone, as he has allies that will do everything to stop you. Remember that you are not the only angry one. Hyrule is ready and willing to take this man down, especially if you or the other Hero of Time leads a rebellion.”
“So, I should storm the castle with an army?” I said.
“Yes,” Nabooru said, “that may be the best way. But, the angriest of races in this kingdom may be the Gerudo tribe. I know they may seem different and less cooperative, but they were affected most by Ganondorf. If you feel that you will need help from the kingdom, do not forget my people. They will be more willing and more driven to take down the Evil King.”
“I won’t forget them,” I said. “I promise.”
“I would join the rebellion myself, but I can only do so in spirit, unfortunately,” Nabooru said with a frown. “Just take him down. We’re all in your corner.”
“I’ll remember that,” I said with a smile and put the medallion in my pocket. I felt myself begin to float in the air and closed my eyes again.

“Remember my people,” I heard Nabooru say quietly.
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