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Chapter 31- Gettin' Down with my Bad Self

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I decided to look around before I went into the temple. Though it looked like a barren desert, there could be something lying outside of the temple. On the left, I found a pit that was made of sand, but the sand was wet, so it must have served as an oasis at one point in time. Honestly, that was the biggest mystery in the desert.
It was when I decided to go to the right that I felt my hat wiggle around. Suddenly, Max woke up and shot out of my hat and started to shout. He took off like a speeding bullet.
“Hey, where are you going?” I asked.
Max stopped and faced me, or at least I think he faced me. “The Great Fairy!” he shouted and flew into a cave. I looked down at Lux and shrugged at him. We then began to walk towards the cave.
When we walked in it was dark, but once the ground became white marble, I knew where we were. Once I walked a couple more steps, light shown all around us and I was able to see the Fairy Fountain. Floating above it was Max, who was placing himself for something.
“Uh, why are you still?” I asked. “Usually you freak out and shake a lot.”
“If I place myself in just the right spot…” he said, but didn’t continue. “Just play the song or whatever.”
“Okay,” I said and stood on the Triforce plate. I took out my ocarina and began to play Zelda’s Lullaby. Once I was finished, I heard a deep laugh and then some coughing.
Out from the fountain came what seemed like a forty year old fat guy. On his back was a pair of fake angel wings. Unfortunately for my eyes, he was wrapped in weeds, like the Great Fairy usually was, and it was just as revealing as it was on the female Great Fairy. Luckily, he wore striped boxers, so his junk didn’t burst out of the weeds. He had five o’clock shadow and he had a cigarette in his mouth. On his thick neck was a gold chain and, between his man boobs the size of bunnies, was Max, nuzzling between those moobies.
“Um, hi,” I said awkwardly and the guy looked at me.
“Whad do you want?” the guy asked. He had a thick accent that reminded me of Boston, a city back at home. I had never been there, but I heard their accents on television. When Max heard his voice, he flew out of his moobs and went straight back into my hat. I could feel it shaking.
“Uh, I’m here to see the Great Fairy,” I said.
“Well, unfortunately for you, I am da Great Fairy,” he said and he took a puff of his cigarette.
“What happened to the regular Great Fairy?” I asked.
“Okay, I’m not really da Great Fairy,” he said. “To be all, technically, I’m a stand-in. I get paid for dis gig.”
“So, do you have something to give me?” I asked.
“Whad do ya mean, give you somethin’?” he snapped. “Ya come in here and demand me to give you somethin’? I’ll give ya somethin’. A punch right in da face.”
“Well, uh, the Great Fairy usually gives me something when I visit her. I guess they’re supposed to, because I’m one of the heroes of time.”
“Oh, you’re one of those brats. Yeah, I was told to give ya somethin’, if I could remember what it was. Ya took so long ta get here. I’ve been waitin’ for five years for one of you brats to show up.”
“Well, I’m, uh, sorry about that. I was asleep for all five of those years, you know.”
“Eh, whatever. Excuses is all you got. Anyway, what do ya want from me?”
I looked around nervously, trying to pull something useful from my brain, but it didn’t work. Instead, I said: “Um, I guess some sort of power up or something.”
“Whaddya mean by a power up?” he snapped. “Go train your lazy ass. Then you’ll get yerself a power up.”
“Are you even going to help me, or should I just leave?” I asked and sighed. I was a little tired of this guy already.
“Nah, don’t leave. I’ll help ya.”
“Well, thank you, Great, uh, Fairy.”
“No no, call me tha Great Karl,” the guy said.
“Alright, Great Karl,” I said and looked around nervously. This guy was quite the character. What I failed to notice was that the little rat that I had gotten from Jose escaped my little pocket and scurried towards the fountain. Once it got towards the Great Karl, he held out his hand and made the guy float in the air. It scurried violently, but didn’t get anywhere.
“The first way I’ll help ya is wit dis guy,” the Great Karl said and he snapped. Suddenly, the rat transformed into a tiny, grey thing with big ears. It had a rather long tail for being such a small rodent.
“Minccino!” it screamed.
“See?” the Great Karl said with a smile under his mustache. “Things aren’t whut they seem sumtimes, ya know? This here is a Pokemon named Minccino. You’re quite the lucky lady, seeing as dis thing is pretty rare. It evolves with dis thing called the Shiny Stone, which is in the Spirit Temple. This guy is also the key to reawakening the next sage.”
“Wow,” I said and the Great Karl lowered the little guy into the palms of my hands. He was a bit heavy even though he looked like he was barely over a foot tall. He had these big grey eyes and a confused expression on.
“Make sure you don’t lose the little guy,” the Great Karl said. “Anyways, I don’ really have much for ya. I can heal you, dough. You’ll definitely need it wit whut’s in the temple.”
He was right, but I already knew what was in that temple. It was me.
“Wit that bein’ said,” he continued, “do you need anything?”
“Nah, I think I’ll just head out,” I said. “I don’t really need anything.”
“Well, be careful and kick sum ass,” the Great Karl said and he did a stupid laugh and disappeared in the fountain. I looked at my cupped hands and looked at the Minncino.
“Alright buddy, you should stay close to me, alright?” I said to him and he nodded. I plopped him down by Lux and started out of the fountain. The fountain’s atmosphere was both warm and cold, but when I stepped out into the desert, a blast of hot air hit me and I suddenly became uncomfortable.
I had wasted too much time with the Great Karl, so I didn’t take any more time to explore the place. We went straight under an arch and then went up a small set of stairs to the entrance of the Spirit Temple. I wielded the Ling Sheng Su Staff, just in case Dark Ash was waiting for me.
When we entered the temple, it was surprisingly cool. The inside was rather impressive in art and structure. To my right and left were two statues that looked like cobras. They seemed to have something written on them, so I decided it would most likely be in my best interest to read them. I walked over to the one on the right, which read: “If you want to travel to the future, you should return here with the power of silver from the past.”
“What the hell?” I said aloud. I had no idea what this stupid statue was talking about, so I went over to the other one to read it. This is what it said: “If you want to proceed to the past, you should return here with the pure heart of a child.”
I tilted my head a little and realized that I was royally screwed. How the hell was I going to go back in time? As far as I knew, that was totally impossible. I didn’t even know what the power of silver was.
“Hello again, Ms. Brandt,” I suddenly heard a voice say. I quickly turned around, ready to whoop some ass, but to my surprise, it was Sheik.
“Uh, hi, again,” I said awkwardly. I’d never been alone with this dude.
“I couldn’t help but over hear you say something,” he said and I could see a smile curl up from under the white cloth that hid his face. “I can help you with your problem. As you may have guessed, you need to go back in times to awaken the next sage.”
Back in time? I thought. Screw that shit. I didn’t want to go back. Then, I said to him, “I think I’ll just stay in my time period for now. Now, can you tell me what this ‘power of silver’ junk is?”
“Yes, I can,” Sheik said and he rolled his eyes like he was annoyed or something. “The power of silver that you speak of is nothing other than the silver gauntlets, which can only be obtained by someone who can crawl through a very small hole. That would be a child. The goddesses set it up this way for the Hero of Time, or rather the Heroes of Time, I suppose.”
“Well, that’s dandy, but I don’t want to waste anymore, er, time,” I said. “Anyway, what do those gauntlets do anyway?”
Sheik sighed and put his face in his palm and then rubbed his eyes which must have been another sign that he was completely annoyed, but I didn’t care; I was going to do things my way. “Follow me, then,” he said and led me up a set of stairs. There were two different openings on the temple. The one on the left of the staircase was a hole which I definitely couldn’t fit through as an adult. The one on the right was blocked by a huge, grey block which had a black crescent with a little star at the end of the tips carved into it.
“This block can only be picked up by one who wears the silver gauntlets,” Sheik said.
I looked at it and had an idea. “While having enormous power is rather nice, I have a better idea,” I said to him and I took Pasta’s Pokeball off my belt. I shouted his name and he came out from the ball and looked a lot better than he did a day or so ago, when Volvagia gave us both a run for our money.
“Hey Pasta,” I said to him, “could you pick this thing up for me?” Pasta smiled and picked up this huge square and threw it forward. I looked at Sheik with a smirk. “See, I have this covered.”
Sheik sighed and said, “Well, if you say so.”
There was a bit of a pause, so I decided to say something. “Oh hey, have you seen Link lately? I just want to know how he is.”
“Link’s mission involved him going back in time also,” Sheik said, “so he actually did what I told him to do. He’s in the well thing in Kakariko Village. I suggest, once you are done, to meet him up in Kakariko. Seeing how he actually followed directions, he’ll probably be done before you.”
I could have gotten angry, but I just put on a nice smile for my friend there. “You may be right, but I’ll get through this thing nonetheless.”
“If you say so,” Sheik said and we stared at each other for a while until things got awkward. The one thing I noticed was that he had rather girly eyes for some guy.
“Uh, anyway, I’ll be seeing you around,” I said. I waved to him and started to walk down the hall that Pasta had cleared for us. I had this absolutely weird feeling that he was watching me which made me uncomfortable. Those girly eyes could have been looking at my ass.
I didn’t bother to turn and see him because he was probably gone anyway. He usually just did what he needed to and left. Beyond that little hall was a room with sand in the middle. There was really nothing of interest in that room, neither was there for a couple rooms, honestly. It was when we got to a huge room that things did become interesting.
This room was vast, but the most noticeable feature was a giant statue of a woman. It seemed like she had a cobra that went up to her face and curled around her body. She looked similar to the lady that was above the entrance to the temple, so she must have definitely been a goddess to the Gerudo people. I looked around and in front of me was a long staircase that led to another floor. On my left was a ladder which went down to where the base of the statue was a big floor. I decided to go for the ladder just because I wanted to look at the statue.
I had my three companions follow me down the ladder and once I landed on the floor, shit got real.
“Well, hello there beautiful,” I heard a voice say. I instantly recognized that voice as my own. I looked towards the area that it came from, but I couldn’t see anyone. I walked out to the middle of the room so I could hopefully spot myself easier.
“Hey there,” I replied, “why don’t you come out so I can see you?”
“I would,” she said, “but I’m a big fan of surprises.”
I walked around and looked everywhere. I couldn’t see her at all. “Well, if you stay hidden, you do have the advantage to give me a surprise attack,” I said while walking. “But, that also means you’re a coward and that you’re afraid to confront me.”
“Ha, afraid of you? You’re funny.” Then, immediately after that was said, Dark Ash came from the shadows by the statue. She was whistling and swung her sword around. “I suppose I’ll play fair…for a little while, anyway.”
Good, I thought. At least she still has the sword. That means I stand a bit of a chance.
I unsheathed my staff and put on a smile. “Well look at you,” my dark self said. “I wish I was as hip as you. Oh wait, I am.”
All of a sudden, a bunch of tiny shadow balls came from the shadows of the room and went up Dark Ashley’s arm. The little balls began to form a stick and then, in just a matter of seconds, a staff was created.
“Shit,” I said out loud and Dark Ash just put on a smile that made me want to smack her on the face. Little bitch. I couldn’t believe she had the power to do that.
“Now, now, there’s no reason to get like that,” my dark self said wagging her finger. She got into a fighting stance and said, “Now, time to play, just like I promised.”
Of course, she came at me first and without warning. Her staff slammed the side of my head and knocked me to the side. When I was able to see straight, I saw her in the air, ready to take the base of her staff and slam it into my body. I rolled out of the way and looked over at Lux.
“Lux, get Minccino out of here,” I shouted to him in the little time I had. Before he could even say anything, my dark self was after me in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for me, it seemed like Dark Ashley had been studying her staff technic for years, rather than the couple hours I had to train.
There was a lot of back and forth fighting going on. It was so hard to keep up with my dark self, but I was actually able to deflect most of her attacks. But, just like me, she liked to toy with her opponents, so an ass whipping was coming my way.
In a split second, my dark self suddenly became really good with the staff and started knocking me across the face with the damn thing. She began to twirl the staff around hit me several times. I realized that I had to grab that thing before I lost consciousness, so I grabbed her staff and held on with one arm. She began to lift me up and swing me around wildly. I took my staff and hit her on the side of the head, which fazed her for a little while, but not long enough.
As the battle progressed, it became easier to block dark Ashley’s attacks. That, of course, made her a bit angrier. She didn’t have any trick left which surprised me seeing as she always seemed to be a thousand steps ahead of me. She tried to step her game up a little more again, but both of us were tired.
“Screw this shit,” she suddenly said and threw her staff to the side. She immediately looked down at the ground and air began whipping her hair back and forth. Her eyes started to glow even more red than before and I knew straight away that shit was about to go down. But what could I do?
All I could think of doing was twirling my staff in front of me just so it could maybe reflect whatever power my dark self would unleash. I didn’t realize that sparks began to come from my finger tips and this huge ball of electricity began to form. Of course, as the ball of electricity became bigger, I noticed that something peculiar was going, I just didn’t know what the hell was going on. The ball itself began to push me backwards and made me tense. I had to keep cool, so I relaxed all of the muscles in my body and, in a split second, the electricity ball shot from my staff and hit my dark self before she could release that power she was concentrating on.
Dark Ash shot backwards and hit the statue of the sand goddess. She fell to the floor and I noticed that she actually left a dent in the damn thing, despite the fact that it was made of stone. She immediately got up and charged after me. The next thing I knew was that she had me by the collar and threw me straight in the air. I held on to my staff as I went up several floors and I came face to face with the statue of the sand goddess. Right in front of me was a pillar that seemed to be held up by a chain but I was nowhere near the thing to get my footing and be on safe ground.
But of course, Dark Ash knew what she was doing and jumped all the way up to the pillar. I was still in the air, beginning to descend when she grabbed me and kicked me square in the middle of my legs which made me fly upwards. She then proceeded to jump and follow me so she could kick me in the stomach and make me fly into a wall. I ended up hitting a window and pulling down a ragged cloth that served as a curtain. When the cloth came down with me, a small circle of light came into the room. It was that window that possibly saved my life.
The thing is, Dark Ash decided to totally ignore the window and the light. All she did was step in the light when she came to confront me and she began to yell in pain. I looked up wearily and noticed that the light was burning her dark skin which made her jump backwards to escape it. I stood up quickly and tried to figure out where I was.
It seemed Dark Ashley had thrown me into a whole other room which had what seemed to be a jail cell in it because there were bars isolating the room itself. Then I noticed that someone must have escaped this room for, a little to the right, there was a huge hole in the wall. I couldn’t see very well, but light shrouded the cell, so I knew I had to get in there. I ran for it, but felt a thin hand grab my ankle and pull it.
My body slammed to the ground and Dark Ashley began to drag me all across the room which caused my face to get many scratches and bruises. I shot electricity out of my hand in desperation and it actually hurt her a lot. The light must have not only hurt her physically, but it must have sucked the energy out of her.
In anger, she swung me around by my ankle and then threw me. Fortunately, she threw me right through the hole in the wall. As soon as my body hit the ground, I got up and ran into the cell. I almost tripped over a skull or two, but I got to the treasure that this cell was actually holding.
The middle of this cell contained a lot of sand, which probably came from the hole that was in the ceiling which actually produced the huge beam of light. Stuck in the middle of this pile of sand was a crimson staff. At the tip was a silver, pointed end which I could use to stab or cut someone, but that wasn’t the best part. When I pulled this staff out of the sand it was revealed to me that there was actually a round mirror on the other tip which seemed to be made of a very strong and reflective glass as the light bounced right off of it when it came out of the sand. When the light from the mirror hit the wall, I saw a crescent star symbol, which was that of the Gerudo people. Conveniently, the mirror on the end could be tilted so that I could control where the light went to some degree.
I thought quickly and turned the mirror so that light shined on my dark self through the cell bars. The mirror wasn’t that big but the small beam of light it reflected caused my dark self a lot of pain. Unfortunately for her, whenever she tried to move away I was able to move the staff and put the light back on her. Seconds later, she fell to her knees and began to cry it seemed. I took the light off of her and rushed out to finish her.
It was pathetic seeing her in that state. She was crying and couldn’t get up off her knees. I decided to end it for her and stabbed her torso with the sharp end of the staff which caused her to collapse in little black balls and they disappeared.
I breathed a sigh of relief and wiped my bleeding nose. That staff would come in handy but I couldn’t afford to carry the other one, so I left it be. It was very well crafted it seemed. The staff was made of some sort of crimson metal which gave the staff a nice shine to it. It was also expertly designed as carved ivy went up and down the staff for a decorative touch. It was a beauty, honestly, and I never felt so proud to carry that weapon.
I dusted it off a bit with my hat and sheathed the staff. I the preceded to climb down the chain that led to the pillar in the middle of the room I was in previously and got mentally ready for whatever would be next.
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