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War: an openly declared state of organized conflict, typified by extreme aggression and high mortality.

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Prologue: Holiday in Cambodia

Hello my lovelies, Lorna here.

(No shit, Sherlock.)

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who has grown tired of that phrase? It used to be witty and original but now you just feel like kicking the dude where the sun don't shine.

So, anyway, this is my new story. I'm not expecting this to be as successful/witty/good as Full of Holes-let's face facts here;that story did kinda kick some ass in it's hey day-but I figured:

"Hey, what the shit, let's write a fluffy Frerard in the middle of war-torn Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge era. Maybe after that I'll make cake. Oh yes, good plan, good plan."

See how much thought goes into my story-planning?

Full of Holes was incepted during me watching A Beautiful Mind when I was just like "wow this film is so incredibly boring I think I'll go on FicWad and see what the shit comes out."

Lorna. Shut the fuck up and write the prologue.

Okay. So basically, this is Frerard set during the Khmer Rouge regime in 1975, in the Kingdom of Cambodia-that's it's proper name, like the Republic of Ireland but how fuck awesome is "the Kingdom of Cambodia"? Go on, say it, it sounds unreal. For those of us who are a bit historically retarded, Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia, near Vietnam and Thailand.In 1975, this bunch of psychos called the Khmer Rouge-French for Red Khmer, language of the Cambodian people-took over Cambodia and started killing all educated people, regardless be they man,woman or child.Doctors, teachers, or even some dude wearing glasses-cuz obviously you have a PhD if you wear specs, man-would be slaughtered and then buried in a place called The Killing Fields. That's a pretty famous film, by the way,if you've ever heard of it.

The bunch of psychos were fronted by a head psycho called Pol Pot-am I ringing any bells?

It's estimated, that over a period of four years, (1975-1979) two and a half million people were killed and buried in mass graves.

Back to the story-

The US didn't invade-hard to believe,innit? They were already doin shit in Vietnam-but let's pretend they did. Here is where we set our story.

I think that, before you read it, people should probably do some research on Cambodia. I'm not trying to be a teacher here-cause I know a lot of people go on here to escape from teachers-but I'm just sayin I'll be using a lot of lingo to do with Communist shiz-I did a project on Communism in high school-so just beware of that.

So, there you have it. A small history of Cambodia by that girl who writes the Frerard story.

Chuckling politely,

xoxo lauren.

(My friend just leaned over my shoulder and proclaimed that
"Oh My God, Lorna,that is the worst short history of a country I've ever seen. You will never be a teacher."

Oh, well, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were the motherfucking king of Cambodia from 1975-1979. I didn't realize that at all. My deepest apologies.
rolls eyes Tard.)
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