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Chapter 4

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Lily’s POV

“Please tell me again why you didn’t call Pete?” Bob asked
“Because he’s still pissed off at me for what happened in Chicago.” I said while putting my coat on the couch.

“What did happen there exactly?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fine.” He said while sitting down on.
“So how’s your family doing?” he asked
“They’re fine. Maggie got engaged to some rich dude. Justin is getting a divorce. James is getting married in two months. My Dad might move to Washington, and my Step Mother is still a bitch.” I said while staring at my shoes. I looked up at him and noticed he wouldn’t stop staring at me.

“What’s that on your neck?” he asked. Crap

“Nothing.” I replied quickly.

“The hell it is. Let me see it. Now.” He said. Bob can get scary at times like this.

“Fine.” I moved the collar on shirt. Needless to say his face was priceless.


“Gerard.” I squeaked. I was getting really scared now.


“I’m still here aren’t I?” I glared at him. “And it was sort of hard to kick his ass when he had me up against a fucking wall.”

We stayed in an awkward silence for a good ten minutes.

“Do you know what he can do know?” he asked


“He can hunt you down. The rolls are flipped. You are no longer the hunter you are know the hunted.” My face must have been hilarious to him, from the look on his face I can tell it was hard for him to keep from laughing.

“Are you fucking serious Bryar?” I asked. I was now royally pissed.

Bob rolled up his hoodie sleeve and I noticed fang marks.
“Yes I’m serious. The woman who bit me is a nut. She likes to follow me and I often have to change my looks and location. But fortunately for you Gerard isn’t that crazy. It also means that no other vampire can touch you. He pretty much owns you.” He smiled
“And it also means that, you’re probably not going to believe me when I say this but, he luuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrvvveeeesss you!” My eyes were probably big as saucers.
“WHAT?!” I yelled

“Gerard always would fall hard for girls.” Bob said reminiscing.

“What do the marks look like?” I said trying to change the subject.
“They’re very Gerard, it’s definitely a love bite.” He giggled. I glared at him.

“So, how are going to get Brandy and Brenda back?” I said trying to change the subject again.
“I’ll call a friend for help. Then we can discuss it.” He said getting his phone out.

“Alisha? Yeah it’s bob. I need help. Follow my scent. Okay, See you tomorrow.”
“Well I need to get some sleep now.” He said yawning. I just stared at him.
“I know I’m hot Lily but I would appreciate if you would stop staring?” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah Bob, you’re the definition of hot.” I got up and headed for my room. “Oh and nice boxers. Didn’t think you were a Spider Man guy.”

He grunted and tried to pick up his pants but in the process he fell off the couch.

When I reached my room, I sat at my desk and decided to draw. But when I reached for my sketch pad I heard the voice of a person I hated the most (I hated them more then Gerard). William fucking Beckett.

“Nice to see you again Lilian.”


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