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Chapter 5

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“It’s nice to see you again Lillian.” Beckett said with a smirk.

“What do you fucking want?” I was not in the mood to deal with a vampire in bad clothing.

Such a potty mouth.” He smiled.

“Tell me what you fucking want William.” I glared.

“I want you.” He said with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re not having me, you prick.”
He threw me against the wall and I hit my head pretty hard.

“Fuuuuccckkk.” I groaned.

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” He said clearly pissed.
“I don’t have one, remember? You killed her.” I spat.

He smiled and bitch slapped me.
“I remember perfectly.” He said getting closer to my neck.
“She was squirming around while I sucked her dry.” He started kissing my neck. Ewwwwww. “You were in the corner in the room watching.” His fangs started grazing my neck. Crap. Need to
get your ass out of here now Lily.

“Her heart stopped beating and-“ he was interrupted by Bob.

“BOB BRYAR TO THE RESCUE!!” he yelled. I think he drank my Red Bull. Bastard.
He came up to Beckett with his stake but Beckett was to quick for him. He ended up by the window and broke the glass. Great. I really need duct tape now.

“I’ll see you again Lillian. Beckett said before going through my broken window.

“Are you okay.” Bob asked. I nodded trying to hold back tears. I finally broke.
“He told how he killed her.” I cried. “It’s my fault she’s dead Bob.”
“No it’s not. You’re Dad was just stupid and he pissed off a vampire who decides to wear clothes from the 17th century.” He said stroking my hair. “And Beckett decided to get him back by killing his wife.”

“I don’t get why he wants me though.” I cried even more.

“I don’t get it either Lils. Let’s worry about on how we get the Brandy and Brenda back and kill Gerard and his cronies, then we can worry about killing Beckett.” He said.
I nodded, and we stayed like that. I eventually cried myself to sleep.


I know it’s super shitty. And I’m sorry for not updating earlier. But on the bright side it’s summer and that means I‘ll be updating more often. :)
One of you will be in the next chapter!

Xoxo a
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