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Big thank you's to ShannonThePirate, perfectzombie, and rainbow apocalypse! this is from Alex's point of view. :)

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"Come on Mikes, Please?"
"No way! Get out here!"
"Please Alex?"
"No! I don't need you to buy me a dress!"
"Really, I insist!"
"No! Give me back my clothes!"
"No!" I can't believe that he seriously stole my clothes from the floor while I was trying on a T-shist and jeans. Sometimes he's so junvenile. He just threw a dress over the dressing room stall door and told me to try it on. I love the dress, the problem is the price and the fact he wants to pay. I know he can't afford it and he knows I can't afford it, so I'm refusing to try it on because he's just gonna buy it anyway if he knows it fits.
"If you don't give me my clothes, I'll come out there in my bra and underwear and get them." Really I was dressed in that T-shirt and those jeans, but he didn't know that and he was to shy to face the stall door if he thought I wasn't wearing anything.
"Good luck finding them!" God I wish I could strangle him.
"Where the hell'd you put my clothes?!" The only response was an erruption of chuckles. I decided to change tactics. I waited waited a couple minutes until I had completely calmed down.
"Hey Mikey?" I called to him flirtatiously.
"" he said stumbling over his own words.
"I'll make you a deal." I said in the sexiest tone I could manage without giggling at how rediculous I was acting.
"A-a-a d-deal?" He asked stuttering. I've got this in the bag, he's totally gonna fall for it.
"You come in here and I'll give you a kiss, if you bring in my clothes." I said keeping up my act.
"O-Okay." he stuttered. I open the lock, glad I was still in the clothes, from behind it and I stayed hidden behind it as it swung open. Sure enough he had my clothes. He was blushing and looked nervous at the idea of me being in only under-garments. Before he saw I was dressed, I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and snatched my clothes. I darted into another stall and locked the door behind me. "Hey! Cheater!" Mikey called after me. I laughed as I changed into my normal clothes.
"Mwahahahahahaha!" my evil laugh rang out as I walked out of the stall. My laughter quickly died when I saw Mikey sitting on the floor, slumped against a stall door. "Mikes?" He didn't look up, he just stayed there, still as stone.
"I...I just wanted to get you something nice." Oh god. I knew he was just guilting me, but I couldn't help but feel bad. He's so good at messing with my emotions. "I didn't mean to make you mad. I'm sorry."
"Mikes," I wasn't sure what to say. "I really do like the dress. I just can't afford it. And even though you want to pay, I can't let you do that for me." Mikey's head snapped up and all of a sudden he was standing.
"What about all of the over the top things you've done for me?" I wasn't going to let him pay. "Making 'Happy Birthday Mikey!' flash across the screen during my favorite teams game, buying me that huge stuffed unicorn, buying me a new hairstraightener after Gerard broke mine, going with me to get my first eyeliner pencil of my own because I was too embarassed to go get it by myself, do those things not seem over the top? Was beating the sh*t out of the kids who tried to shove me in my locker not over the top? Was driving me and Gerard to the Misfits concert no big deal? What about when you got us tickets for the sold out Iron Maiden concert and pretended it wasn't you? Or when you planned me that surprise party and made me a three layer cake from scratch? Alex you do nothing but over the top things for me! Just please, please try on the dress." I felt terrible. I knew I was being stubborn. Mikey asks me to do one little thing and I can't do it.
"Mikes, I love you like a brother, well not a brother, like best friend? Yeah, like a best friend, but I can't let you pay this much." His eyes were pleading me to just try on the dress already but there was something more behind them. I could tell I had lost.
I slide me shirt off and slid the dress on over my head and after the dress was on I took my jeans off underneath. Mikey had adverted his eyes . "You can look now Mikes." I said sighing. "Could you please zip me?" I asked shyly.
"Um y-yeah." he stuttered out as he carefully zipped up my dress. His smile made it worth it. He looked awestruck. It was short, strapless, white, lacy, and perfect. I loved it. The stomach part had black lace over the white with a black silk bow. It fit as if it had been tailored for me. I looked in the mirror. Mikey was still staring.
He saw that I saw him staring. He blushed adorably and I smiled at him. Sometimes I could just tell when Mikey's hormones are actting up. When they are, it's incredibly fun to mess with him. I try not to mess with him too much, don't wanna torture the poor kid.
"Alex, you look amazing." he said sounding blown away.
"Thanks." I said coyly. He gave me a hug. I held him close. Mikey is one of my closest friends. But there was no way I could let him buy me this dress. It was $235! $235! "Hey Mikes, how about we walk around the mall a bit, then we can come back and decide?" He thought a moment, then nodded.
"Okay." He gave me a hug and kissed my forehead. He's so sweet. I went into a dressing room and carefully took the dress off.
"Mikes, can you get my clothes please?"
"Sure." he said as he handed me my clothes under the door.
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