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Forever in Infamy!

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I carefully took the dress, the exact same dress she tried on, out of the bag and put it into the box, then wrapped it. She's going to be surprised. I thought of what would be the look on her face when she saw it. I know she likes the dress, I just hope she'll accept it. I still felt a little bad about guilting her, but I just wanted to get her a present. I think she'll accept it. Alex's art thing is tonight. She's sleeping over my house after and Gerard's gonna be sleeping at Frank's house tonight which makes it even better. Just me and her. I got some of the newer Doctor Who seasons on DVD and Nightmare Before Christmas and I got Gummy Bears, Skittles, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Cherry 7up (one of Alex's favorites), A&W cream soda, and vegan friendly cookies. I even made blueberry muffins (one of Alex's favorite foods). My mom and dad are still out of town on buisness. They're never home but they still pay the bills and keep food on the table. I made my mind change subjects. Gee was upstairs straightening his hair and putting on eyeliner getting ready to go pick up Frank. Hayden said he had a ride and Alex's dad was driving her. Her mom wouldn't come. She said it was a waste of time. Sometimes I wish I could just strangle the woman. Alex's stepmom and grandparents and three of her siblings were all gonna be there, but not only will her mom not come but she also totally dissed the whole thing. I reminded myself to forget about Alex's mom and focus on the idea that soon I'd be seeing Alex.

"Hey Gee, I'll be back soon. I want to go do something before we leave." I grabbed the car keys and left with the gift.

I nervously rang the doorbell. Alex's dad opened the door.

"Hi Mikey." he said smiling. "Come on in." I walked in and after making a bit of small talk went upstairs to be greeted by Alex's four year old brother Hiro and two year old sister Lisa who immediatly tried to tackle me.

"We got you!" Hiro screamed.

"Got you!" Lisa screamed out laughing.

"Awex! We've got your boyfriend captive! Can we make him walk the plank?!" Hiro called out.

"Arrrrr me hearties, me thinks we should let him live and make him swab the deck. Do ye concur?"


"Aye!" their little kid voices yelled in unison.

"Or ye could join our crew under the black flag of the Jolly Roger and live forever in infamy!" Alex offered as she stepped into view with a pirate hat on.

"Forever in infamy!" her two siblings screamed enthusiastically.

"It would be my honor to sail the seven seas with such an incredible captin and crew." I said bowing as the to little ones released me. Alex threw me a wooden sword. "Forever in infamy!" I cheered holding my sword up high.

"FOREVER IN INFAMY!" they all shouted, drawing their swords and raising them high and proud.

"So me matey, why havest ye come?" Alex asked me while her brother and sister ran around excitedly.

"Fair maiden," I took her hand as I got down on one knee and kissed her hand. "I havest come to bestow upon you this token of my gratitude." And with that I handed her the present. Her eyes got all wide and sparkly. She carefully untied the ribbon then slowly tore off the paper. After she got off all the paper, she opened the box.

Her eyes got wide as saucer dishes. Her beautiful mouth formed a little o as she stared at it. She blinked a couple times and I got ready for her to refuse to keep it.

"Mikes, you...thank you!" she threw her arms around me and hugged me really hard. "Mikey you really shouldn't of! I don't deserve it!" she said, still hugging me.

"Trust me, you do." I said, completely serious.

"Thank you Mikes." she started nibbling my ear lightly. I surpressed a moan.

"Should we take this to the bedroom?" she nodded. I carried her bridal style into her room and set her on the bed. She went back to nibbling on my ear. "Such a tease." I said. She giggled and kissed me. I deepened the kiss. We kept kissing, but suddenly Alex stopped.

"What's wrong?" I whispered to her. I looked down and realized I had one hand cupping her breast. I could immediatly feel myself blushing. I took my hand off. "Sorry. I guess I got um, carried away." I saw that Alex was blushing too. I didn't want to crowd her, so I inched away a little. Alex threw her arms around me and hugged me.

"Mikes, it's fine. I'm not mad I just...just don't want to go that far right now. I mean, my little siblings are in the other room. My dad's right there, and I've got to go to an art gallery soon, and honestly I want to stay a virgin a little longer." I nodded. I knew already that she liked being a virgin. And I already knew about her siblings and dad and stepmom. Alex was quiet for a while.

"I'm sorry." I said.

"You shouldn't be."

"Yes I should. I violated your personal space and your privacy and I made you feel uncomfortable. So, I'm sorry."

"Personal space?" she said, giggling. "Mikey, you're tongue was in me mouth and mine was in your's, does that seem like I wanted more personal space?" she kept giggleing as she continued talking. "And privacy, you're in my bedroom on my bed, that's pretty private. And trust me, it didn't feel uncomfortable, it felt great." She gave me a quick kiss. "No one should be sorry, I'm just not ready for that right now." We started kissing again, but more like the gentle, sweet, slow kind of kisses. I almost told her. I almost told her that I like her more than like a friend. I didn't though. We heard a little knock at the door. We broke the kiss.

"Hey, can I come in?" Alex's dad said. Alex an I looked at each other.

"Sure." I responded. He came in the door and closed it behind him.

"Alex, could you start getting ready please? We're leaving in ten minutes."

"Okay!" Alex gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged her dad and left the room.

"Mikey, can I talk to you?" I had a feeling that this was about to happen.


"Well, I know that you're really important and really close to my daughter. I also know that she's spending the night at your place tonight, and that no one else will be there. I'm going to have to trust you, okay?" I nodded. "She's still in highschool and I know you to have been friends a very long time, but I need to know that you'll keep what's best for her in mind. I respect whatever choice she makes, but I'd like you two to keep the future in mind, okay?"

"Okay." I replied nodding.

"So, as long as you promise to respect Alex's decisions, you're aloud to come over as long as Alex wants you here." he said taking out a key to the house. "So, do we have an agreement?"

"Yes." I said nodding.

"Good." he put the key in my hand. "Feel free to use it whenever you like."
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