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I found my flashdrive!

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“Would you stop hitting me dammit?!”



“Because you’re an idiot.”

Patrick, Andy, and Joe continued laughing as another girl walked upon the scene. She was taller than most of the group not like it’s hard to be and immediately tackled me to the ground.

“LET’S GO BITCH!” She screamed, a smirk plastered to her face before Joe threw her over his shoulder, “I already packed for you!”

“Brooke’s coming!?”

“Yes Brooke’s coming Babe,” Pete huffed, “Now let’s gooooo.”


Dark curls and blue eyes drive all the boys wild. At least that’s what my sister always told me as she prepared for another night out and another piece of arm candy. She was dressed in a short, high-waisted skirt that stopped just below her breasts, her hair was teased to make it look like she’d just gotten out of bed and she had more makeup on than a Victoria’s Secret model. She looked like a Victoria’s Secret model.

I waited for her to leave before I shuffled my feet to the spot she once stood. I slowly looked myself over, noticing my frizzy curls, freckles, and braces. I’ll never get a boy...

Peter shook me awake as we pulled up to our first stop on the tour. I still don’t know what tour this is, or who’s on it. Maybe I should figure that out eh?

“We’re stopping for food.”

“You know what I like to eat.”

“Yeah, but I want you to get up.”


“I want to stare at your ass and when you’re asleep I can’t see it as well.”

Andy raised an eyebrow as he made his way out of the bunk area, “Dude just take a fucking picture and set it as your phone background.”

Pete’s eyes lit up as he slowly turned back towards me. “Can I?”

“What do you think?”

“That you want me to wait until you’re changing so I can get a pic of your ass in lacy panties. Good call Babe, I knew I loved you for your brains.”

I rolled my eyes, “Piggyback please?”

He smiled, turning towards his back was facing me so I could climb on. “You gotta put shoes on or they won’t let you in Babe.”

“But I don’t wannaaaaaa.”

Pete chuckled, shoving a pair of his shoes on my feet as he galloped to where the rest of the group was. “Now, if I set you down do you promise not to run off with Brooke and engage in hot lesbian antics?”

Joe’s head shot up as Brooke began a burlesque dance, slowly pulling me off of Pete and tugging at my shirt.

“You gonna pay me to take it off of her, Wentz?” She smirked, slowly tugging my tee up higher.

The boys gulped, glancing at each other before going back to the show we were putting on.

“You know what we should do Iz?” Brooke asked.

“Hmm?” I smiled, swatting at her hands.

“We should take you to a strip club. You know, since you’re 18 and all.”

“Really now?”

“Yep. And we should go to a sex shop afterwards! We could make our own porno and market it to the dudes who work there.”

Joe chuckled nervously before pulling Brooke into the restaurant we were outside of, “Nobody’s seeing what you’ve got other than me.”

“What if they already have?” Everyone turned towards the two as Brooke stared at Joe with a straight face. “What if I’ve already done porn?”

Joe gulped, letting out a breath of relief over the fact she hadn’t had an affair. “Have you?”


“Seriously?” He said quietly, as she continued to keep a straight face.

Pete pulled me towards our waiting table, as I carefully studied Brooke. She shrugged, flipping through a random menu she had found before looking back up at her boyfriend.

“Brooke, have you seriously done that shit?”

“We’ll just have to find out tonight,” she smirked, “When we take Iz on her first of age adventure.”
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