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”You know, you should really start thinking about your figure,” Anna said as she braided my hair, “You’re getting older. You’ve got to show the world what you’ve got.”

I sighed, analyzing the differences between the size of our thighs. “I don’t have much. I don’t even have boobs yet!”

“You’ll have them soon, trust me,” She smirked, glancing down at her own chest, “Besides, Mom can get you an incredible bra at VS when she takes you shopping for the first time...”

“Biz, I found chocolate mint flavored condoms!” Pete squealed as he hopped towards me, carrying a bright green box. “Can we try them out tonight? It’ll be just like tasting birthday cake!”

“How in the hell are you going to taste them Peter?”

“I won’t. We’ll get you matching edible panties,” He smirked, wiggling his eyebrows.

I laughed, rolling my eyes as he kept dragging me around the sex shop. Brooke and Joe had disappeared to a different section, probably to figure out if she truly had a secret career, and Patrick and Andy had stayed on the bus.

“I feel like I should make you buy something, to truly initiate you into the adult world.” Pete said, rifling through a clearance toy section. “What do you think about this?”

“I’m not buying a crystal covered dildo Pete.”

“But it’s shiny!”

“So is a whip!”

“Ooh, kinky Babe. We should get some handcuffs too then.”

I giggled, looking up as Joe stepped in front of me.

“I need you to tell me if Brooke’s having one of her moments or not,” he sighed, glancing at his smirking girlfriend.

“Why, whatever do you mean Joey Dear.”

“You know exactly what I mean Brooke, you’re pulling one of your mind games!”

Both turned towards me as I turned towards Pete, hoping he’d be my savior. No such luck. Damn. “Um...I uh...It’s my birthday, therefore my judgement skills are inaccurate?”

Joe rolled his eyes, heading towards the exit with Brooke following behind him.

“So was she?”

“I couldn’t tell, she’s figured out my tricks to see if she’s lying or not.”
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