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Denny's is where all the cool kids go.

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They made their way backstage as far as they could go. Mia handed the present to a girl with a backstage pass. "Can you give this to Toro when you go back there please?" "Yah sure" the girl gave her a wierd face.
"I wanna wait until they come out."Mia said
"We've already waited a half an hour, don't you think we should leave?"Ashley said yawning.
Then out of no where Ray emerges from the back and says "Is there someone named Migoto Yuen out here?" Mia's eyes lit up and turned to ashley. "GO!" Ashley shouted. Mia called back "That's me." He motioned for her to come over and she crawled under the separating rope.
"Hey..." Mia said shyly. She could hardly believe he was talking to her.
"It's an honor to meet you."
"The honor is mine. You are a very talented artist." Mia said finally looking up at him.
"So are you. This portrait looks like a photograph." Ray said looking into Mia's eyes.
"Thank you." mia replied.
"Do you want to get something to eat tonight?"
"Uh... yah!"
"Can my friend Ashley come too?"
"Of course."
"Okay, let me go get her."
"I'll be right here." Mia looked back one more time and pinched herself a couple times to make sure what was happening wasn't a dream.
She climbed under the rope and squeezed through finally to find Ashley.
"C'mon ash, we're leaving."
"What did he say?"
"He asked me if I wanted to go out to eat tonight."
"And you said no?!?"
"No silly, I said yes. Now COME ON!" Mia grabbed ashley's hand and ran through the crowd. They both ducked under the ropes and met up with Ray again.
"You guys ready?"
"Yah!" Mia said.
"Is she okay?" Ray asked Mia.
"I think she is just taking in the moment." Ashley was staring blankly at ray. Mia snapped her fingers in Ashley's face and she fell out of the trance.
"Thought we'd lost you there for a moment" Ray said. Ashley let out a forced chuckle. They then proceeded to enter the room with all the other guys. They each got a hug and a handshake. Of course they had everything in reach signed. Then they headed out back and stuffed into a cab and went to dinner.
"Ah, my favorite." Ray said as they walked into Denny's.
"By two in the morning, anything sounds good." Bob mumbled. They sat down in a large circular booth and began chatting.
"Where'd you learn to draw like this?" Ray asked Mia.
"I guess I just taught myself. I do that a lot because no one is willing to teach me."
"Well if you want to learn anything that I know about, I can help you."
"Well actually, I'm teaching myself to play guitar at the moment."
"Sweet! What do you play?"
"Your going to laugh at me."
"No im not. what do you play?"
"I play an emily the strange epiphone electric." Ray giggles and Mia promptly hits his arm.
"No, epiphone is a good brand. Seriously. I play one."
"Yah, I know. It's a les paul."
"Wow you really are obsessed."

Gerard to ash "So your names ashley right?"
smiles "Yes..."
"I knew a girl once named ashley..."
"This is really awkward."
"Well, what are you into?"
"umm... art. I really love painting. Actually, Mia was in my class the past four years in high school."
"Oh so you guys are fresh out of high school?"
"Yep, we are 19."
"Got any tatoos?" frank shouts over the table.
"No, but Mia has two."
"Really?" Frank turned to Mia. "Lemmie see!"
"okay..." So Mia showed them the tatoo in her bottom lip that had mcr tatooed in it. Then she showed them the one on the back end of her neck.
"You got a butterfly? That's the tatoo everyone gets..." frank said disappointed.
"It has meaning."Mia said defensively.
"Tell us." Ray said.
"Well I did this art project in 8th grade... It was a tree covered in butterflys. The butterflys were snow white. But one single blue one stood out. I guess I kind of stuck."
"Woah deep." Ray says.
"Actually I was hoping to get a tatoo tonight... Wanna come?"Mia said to the table.
everyone "Hell Yah!"
"Okay lets go then!" Mia says with a big smile.
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