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bella muerte.

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listening to "my humps" black eyed peasdon't have the song? go to:
"I can't believe you guys got matching tatoos." says Bob as they were all entering Gerard's hotel room.
"You guys are fucking crazy." Frank added.
Ray and Mia both got tatoos on their ankles saying "bellamuerte."
Suddenly frank blasts the radio and starts dancing to "my humps." Which then of course everyone starts dancing which is a very funny situation seeing as how gerard and frankie are still in make up and everyone else is in suits. The music was so blaring some guys from other rooms came out and knocked on the door.
"Hey sonny." Frank said beaming.
"would you please turn of the music. Some people like to sleep."
"Your mom would like to sleep." Bob says from the back.
"What? you don't like this song?" Frankie asks sonny with a serious tone. Sonny rolls his eyes and walks away and franks slams the door behind him.
"We better turn the music off before slipknot comes out and kicks our ass." Gerard says laughing.
"That wouldn't be pretty." Frankie adds. I fell onto the cushiony bed with a sigh and then turn over to Ray.

my humps stops and dear jamie...sincerely me by hellogoodbye beginsdon't have the song? go to:

"Have you ever tried straightening your hair?" I asked Ray.
"Once. Never again though, never again."
"I think it looked awesome."Mikey said as he was fiddleing with the stereo to see if there were any good radio stations. Ash and Gerard were to into Halo to even acknowledge our existence. I hopped of the bed and grabbed the keys and said I was going to go get a movie from the car.
"Wait up." Ray called behind me. We closed the door to the room and walked down the sterile carpeted hallway. We then reached the lobby that was unusually spacious. The front wall was all windows. You could see the stars from there. Although the people at the check-in desk weren't admiring the stars as much as they were admiring the huge clock that was on the left wall, waiting until they could go home. Ray opened one of the ginormous doors for me and I felt a burst of cool air in my hair. The whole time we were walking out there we did not exchange one word. I trudeged over to the car with Ray close behind. I opened the door and reached into the backseat and got nightmare on elm street. When I got out I shut the door too softly and had to push it closed. I looked up at him. For that one moment, if even a moment, Everything was okay. His eyes brought comfort. His eyes said that I could fall asleep in his arms and never have to worry about anything. I put my hand on his shoulders and did tiptoes as high as I could and reached my neck up. He began to lean in. We were about a centimeter from kissing. He was so close that his hair was brushing my forehead. I whispered. "Maybe we should try being friends first."
"okay." I could hear the let down in his voice. Within a moment he had me in his arms like a baby.
"I dropped the keys." He let me down gently and I ran back to pick them up. I ran behind him and shouted "piggy back!" He looked back at me and smiled getting into the position for me to jump on his back. Walking back into the hotel was not nearly as serene as the walk to the car. We talked about everything. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. He slowly dropped me outside the door to the room. I sheepishly pushed him aside grinning and unlocked the door.
"Me and Ash better head back home."
"We could get you a room."Gerard called back to me not even looking up from the screen.
"Please mommy could we?" Ash said with the biggest most horrid smile she could.
"sure sweetie, whatever you want." I said in a fake "mom" tone.
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