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I was thinking about you all night

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Ray sat up in bed and pulled the small bag out from under the bed. The bag was quite large and said "it's a girl!" on it. But it only said that for pure humor. His birthday was the next day, but he had gotten a package in advance. He pulled the covers off of himself trying not to wake frankie and slipped out of bed. He tiptoed over to the bathroom, opened the door as quiet as he could, closed the door behind him, and turned on the light. He squinted at first then looked at himself. He was wearing batman boxers that his ex-girlfriend had gotten him and an iron maiden shirt from the eighth grade. He sat on the floor and leaned against the freezing tub. He opened the bag and spread out it's contents. They were numerous medals, certificates, pictures, books, and a digital recorder. Ray reached up and grabbed headphones of the counter and plugged them into the recorder. He hit play and proceeded to pick up the pile of pictures. All of the pictures were of a wondrous girl and her art. They were pictures of her room, and pictures of her book covers. He could hear her voice in his ears telling him why all of these things were his. After looking through all the pictures he picked up a book and started to read it. The book was untitled like all the others and the cover was constructed of ductape. There was a thank you card in the last book he picked up. It read "Thank you for everything Ray. love-Migoto shikyo yuen." She had given him credit for everything she accomplished. All of the awards she had one. All the times she was nationally recognized, she gave the credit to him. As he sat there listening to the random things Mia was talking about on the recorder he couldn't stop thinking about early that night. He glanced up at the clock in the bathroom and it read 4:26 AM. He thought he should get to bed so he stopped the recorder, and neatly collected the things from the bag and put them back just the way they were. He got up, turned of the light and then left the room. As he stood in the darkness next to the door, he wondered what Mia was doing that very second. He set the bag down on the ground and reached for the doorknob.
back to Mia's room
Mia couldn't sleep at all. She had listened to the same cd four times now. She opened her eyes, stopped the cd player and pulled the comforter off of her. She sat on the floor and leaned against the window sill. Her mind was too full of everything that had taken place today. She wondered why Ray Toro of all people would ever be interested in her. Mia reached back with both hands and ruffled her hair. She always thought she was average in all ways. Personality, looks, everything. At the moment she had Midnight blue hair with the front bleached blond. She had her lip pierced, but that was it. She usually wore lots of makeup and had paper white skin. She was on the slim side, but was by no means a stick. She had chipping hot pink nail polish on her fingers and toes. She was wearing a queen tee that fit just right and boxers that were sort of loose. Mikey was the closest in size to her and ash was wearing bob's shirt and gerards pj pants. Mia couldn't believe Ashley could sleep tonight. Mia was wide awake thinking about the once in a lifetime day while Ashley couldn't be woken if a bomb hit the hotel. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. She automatically hoped it would be Ray. Mia opened the door only to find a small note. She opened it and it said meet me in the pool in 10 minutes. She smiled to herself and closed the door. She rushed to get her swimsuit on. She grabbed a towel and ran without shoes on to the hotel pool. Mia felt like she had been asleep forever and today she was waking up.
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