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Is this stranger somewhat familiar?

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Mia dipped one toe into the pool and impulsively pulled it back out. The water was freezing that night. She heard something rustling in the trees and she looked up but no one was there. She glanced behind her at the huge clock on the brick wall. She had been waiting there for 25 minutes. She turned back around and found herself nose to nose with a man. He was clad in all black and had eyes so light blue they were almost white. His pupils were so undilated it looked like he had none. His lips were almost translucent just like his skin. His hair was a mess, but blacker than night. His skin was flawless similiar to all his features. She seemed to have this pull to him like a moth to a light. She raised her hand to touch his face. At first he flinched but then finally let her touch his face. This whole moment she couldn't keep her eyes off his. Her knees collapsed under her and he caught her with a swift streamlike movement of his hand to her lower back. He then pulled her in with the other hand. Mia reached both hands up and rested one hand on his shoulder and the other on the back of his neck. Their lips touched with such care and so softly. She closed her eyes breaking the stare and when she opened them again he was gone. She squinted her eyes and looked out onto the horizon. The sun was rising.
She picked up her towel and put it on her shoulder. Mia walked still mezmorized slowly back into the hotel. She spun around a couple times until she got into the elevator. She was feeling kind of faint and held onto the bar on one wall of the elevator. She finally got up to her floor and stumbled out of the elevator. She tripped and almost fell but out of nowhere Ray grabbed her arm. He pulled her up and off the floor. "You really are a clutz aren't you?"
"I guess." Mia said shyly looking at the floor. "I better go change."
"okay then. Just meet up in gerards room later, we are having breakfast."Ray called back at her as she walked away.
"I'll be there," she said and waved back at him.
Once Mia got back to her room, she jumped on ashley's bed to wake her, but felt two bumps instead of one. She ripped the covers off to find a fully clothed Gerard way and he immediatly sat up in the bed and said "It's not what you think!" Ashley was still asleep on the other side of the bed, now fidgeting because of the cold. Ash finally rolled over and looked up at Mia with half open eyes. "He was having nightmares." Ash then sat up in the bed got out, wiped her eyes and scratched her head. "Im going to take a shower." Gerard then proceeded to stand up and walk out of the room.
"Keep your pants on Mr. Way." Mia yelled back at him. He let out a chuckle and looked back at her.
"I don't do fans Ms. Yuen." And with a smirk he turned around and softly shut the door. Mia shook her head and picked up a tee and some jeans. She slipped on her high tops and went into the bathroom to wash her face. The steam from the shower had almost blurred up the whole mirror. She grabbed her purse and yelled at ashley over the vent that she was going to the guy's room.
"fine." Ashley said still half awake. Mia walked out of the bathroom and walked over to the full length mirror. She got the eyeliner out of her bag and began to touch up spots were it had rubbed off. She yawned and with her eyes squinted it looked like the man she had encountered earlier that morning was behind her. She turned around and he wasn't there. She looked back at the mirror and she could clearly see his face. She turned around again and no one was there. Finally looking back at the mirror she saw no one. Mia thought she was just imagining it all. She didn't sleep all last night anyways right? She took one last glance at the mirror and dashed out of the room.
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