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A Different Journey

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After the journey ended, the group go on separate ways, everybody is doing great and so they thought.

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Disclaimer: Characters are not mine

It was a great evening, Sha Gojyo was winning the card game and winning big time. Wines and liquors continued to pour as he continued to rake in more money.

Winnings and liquors are always accompanied with women and there were some very attractive females hanging all over him, with no qualms of kissing and licking him in front of other players. Not that Gojyo mind, but he wanted to concentrate on his opponents moves, to make sure that all the money on the table will be in his pocket before the night is over. So he simply told the girls to tone it down a bit, and there will be plenty of time for that later.

Gojyo’s winning streak continued, but to his dismay an hour or so later, the other players decided to quit, thinking that they cannot win against the red head and it would be better to pull out of the game before they are drained of their hard earned money. Gojyo was forced to call it a night with three women in tow.

“Fuck why am I so bored, I have beautiful babes to play with and yet I still feel so fucking empty how many more do I need”? Gojyo inhaled a deep breath and extricated himself from the bed, taking extra caution to avoid waking up three of his female companions who were using him as pillows. He glanced at the sleeping women, all willing to take care of him and do anything for him, and more often than not, they will fight over as who should fulfill his needs, whether it’s doing his laundry, cooking his dinner, cleaning his house and well of course sharing his bed. And this was only a fraction of them. He liked and enjoyed each of them, liked them still in fact, but………

“Why then this freaking dissatisfaction”?

“Where are you going tiger? It’s still dark, besides I don’t want to miss you.” One of the girls tugged at his hand, urging him back to bed.

“I need some fresh air.”

“I’ll come with you”. She started to get up, but he shook his head.

“Don’t get up, I’ll be right back.”

Gojyo sigh. Lately, he noticed this need to distance himself from his collection of women. Hell, he should be happy at the rate things are going on with his life. After the defeat of Gyu Maou, the ikkou went on separate ways, although he
can’t seem to keep his job, he can always find another one. The pay he is getting can cover his needs with a little more excess to splurge every once in a while. He is always surrounded with women, and his lucky streak in gambling was always there, but then why does it feel so empty?

“This is so damn frustrating, what the fuck is wrong with me!”

He stood there for a moment and breathed in some air then headed through the kitchen towards the backdoor, bent on a few moments of solitude on the deck and lit a cigarette as he settled on the lounger.

As the nicotine passes thru his lungs, he thought about his former companions, maybe he should pay Hakkai a visit. His friend has made his presence way too scarce since he started teaching in an exclusive school, Gojyo knew that his friend is happy with his life, teaching is Hakkai’s passion this is what he always wanted to do, right after the journey he applied as a teacher in an exclusive school and was immediately hired. Goku on the other hand enrolled in a police academy hoping to be a cop someday, this way he says he can continue saving the world by fighting crimes and defending the powerless.

And Sanzo, aaaaaah, Sanzo, you beautiful bastard. Gojyo wonders if that is what Sanzo really wanted, to go back to the temple and stayed there for the rest of his life. He is too worldly for that. He hasn’t seen him for quite sometime but it felt like years, he was always tempted to visit him, but every time he plans to, he started having cold feet and back out.

The last time they saw each other was when Hakkai organized a get together party for the group. They were all having a good time and both Sanzo and Goku ended up drunk so he and Hakkai had to carry them to the bedroom. Hakkai suggested that Gojyo share the king size bed with Sanzo at the guess room while he Goku will share the smaller bed in his room.

It was that night during his sleep, Gojyo unconsciously wrapped his arms around Sanzo. And when Sanzo woke up and become aware of the arms restraining him, he freaked out. Although Gojyo tried to explain that he did not do it in purpose and he is not aware of it. Still Sanzo make a big fuzz of it, accusing Gojyo of molesting him on his sleep and threatening to shoot him if he go anywhere near him. Verbal insults ensued and Sanzo left Hakkai’s place with a threat of putting a bullet hole in Gojyo’s head, if he see him again. Since then Gojyo made several attempts to visit Sanzo but it never materialize, the thought that Sanzo might refuse him and turned down his peace offering made his stomach flip flopped.

Gojyo thought that maybe that was what troubling him, this…..emptiness in his life. With all his former companions tied up with their respective lives, and his brother still serving the prince, was he merely craving for male companionship?

But something was eating at him, he doesn’t want to admit it but deep inside he knew he missed those violet eyes the most.

Gojyo took another cigarette and lit it. As he blew the smoke and watch it disappear into thin air, a feeling of uneasiness stole over him, memories of his escapades with women flashed through his mind. The time he was fired by taking to bed the daughter of his former employer, and narrowly escape a shotgun wedding to the sister of his colleagues, the real mess was when he took to bed the wife of their top client, they thought that the husband will be late due to some urgent meeting, but said meeting was cancelled and the husband caught him and the wife in bed together, of course Gojyo was able to subdued the very angry husband, but nevertheless Gojyo made a promise not see that woman again. He hadn’t intentionally set out to get entangled with those women, but they were all over him and as a full bloodied male that he is, the resistance to temptations has its limits.

Gojyo always knew he has the power to attract women, had known that he possess such gift, but lately he feels that he doesn’t want it anymore. He has gotten tired of all the women running after him, he wanted something, something he refused to accept, something he denied wanting and now it’s killing him.


He inhaled deeply, finished his cigarette and got up. “I should pay Hakkai a visit, it’s been a long time since we spoke to each other, maybe if I could spend some time with my former companions things will ease up a bit”.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to stay and play a bit more?” The blond girl, one of his favorites asked, her blue eyes questioning.

He started the engine of his Harley motorbike, gripped the handle ignoring the urge to accept the invitation.

“I'm sure. I just wanted to visit an old friend, please clean the house before you guys leave.”

The girl frowned, frustration evident on her face. “Okay, but if you need anything just call”.

Gojyo waived his hand at the sulking girl and left.
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