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Chapter 2

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It’s takes more than an hour of travel to Hakkai’s place, but Gojyo likes riding on a motorbike and this baby could always take him anywhere he wanted to go. Except………

Hakkai smiles as he saw his friend coming in. “So glad to see you again, let me get you some tea.”

“Looking good man, how are you doing these days”. Gojyo looked at his friend fondly as he took the cup of steaming tea.

“I'm not complaining, although I should say I missed the dangers of the journey specially the company of you guys.”

“Yap, I missed it too, things are getting too boring now a days.” Gojyo took a sip of steaming tea and nearly scalded his tongue.

“Why don’t you move in with me just like the old times, this house is too big for just one person, we can share the rent.”

“Naaaaah, I'm fine, and besides I don’t want you to be bothered by my lady friends, they are a bit noisy sometimes.” Gojyo smile at the thought of having all his women around Hakkai, they would probably fight it out with him as to who should have the right to take care of Gojyo’s daily needs.

Hakkai nodded smile plastered across his face. He doesn’t want to push the idea to his friend he will just wait until Gojyo decided to. “I baked some chocolate cake, Sanzo and Goku are coming also I called them as soon as you informed me that you will be here.”

Gojyo felt the tightening in his gut when he heard Sanzo’s name but tried to hide his uneasiness by lighting a cigarette.

“Great, it’s been a while. So how’s those two doing?”

“They are both fine, Goku is doing well in school he visits here quite often to asked for some help on his homework. Sanzo has been busy at the temple, he has a new student to mentor, he says the kid is good and may become his successor when the time comes.”

Gojyo nodded, but Hakkai noticed the stiff reaction of his friend.

“Gojyo, is there something that’s bothering you?

“Uh uh, nothing, just thinking of those girls I left at the house, I hope they change the bed sheets, it’s kinda soiled”. Gojyo lied.

“What am I suppose to say? You see Hakkai, my problem is I have all these women around me, they maybe able to fill my current needs, but my need for the uptight monk are so overwhelming and no harem can fill in that void.”

Gojyo was already on his third cigarette when Sanzo and Goku arrived. He stared at Sanzo, caught in the beauty of the man he missed so much and messing up his brain for the past few months. Inexplicable heat suffused him. His pulse raced. He willed his pulse to calm and fought the urge to grab him and hold him tight. When was the last time he has been this excited, this pleased, to see someone? Sanzo was always with him when they were traveling thru west, the reason why Gojyo didn’t notice his growing need for the monk, but as soon as they went on their separate ways, he started missing him. The past months had been difficult, as if a part of him were missing. He wanted to be with Sanzo, and now that he is here, Gojyo felt he is whole again.

Sanzo moved towards the table, his expression heavy with censure as he glanced at Gojyo. “Is he still angry at me?” Gojyo took a deep breath and struggled not to look at the man whose presence always sends spikes of thrills thru him.

“Since you guys are all here, I will get the cake so we can eat.” Hakkai excused himself and went towards the kitchen.

Gojyo sipped at his tea and tried to relax. “Hey monk, how are you doing these days?” he asked plastering a smile on his face.

“None of your business.” Came the sarcastic reply.

“I see, so Sanzo sama is doing great.” Gojyo answered in his usual teasing manner.

“How’s school monkey, you should drop by at my place, I can teach you a thing or two on security measures, I worked as bodyguard and there are some things I believe would be helpful to you.”

“That would be great Kappa, will do that as soon as the semester ends.”

“Hmmmp, all you will teach him is how to seduce women and lure them in bed.”

“Hey, I’m trying to help Goku on his studies I thought it’s a good idea that he learns something about security.” Gojyo answered while fisting his hands on the table.

“Hah, security my ass the last time you get fired was when your client caught you in bed with his wife. You’re supposed to be the bodyguard of the wife, not take her to bed”.

“Ma, ma Sanzo, I know Gojyo means well.” Hakkai butted in as he set the table for their snacks.

“Tch, just when did the Kappa ever do something aside from being an idiot, it would be much better if he will work as gigolo he will earn more money that way.”

“Watch your tongue monk I will not allow you to insult me further. I’m a ladies man, what’s wrong with that, better than being a virgin, afraid of being touch. Why don’t you try losing your virginity, for all you know, you might like it”.

Sanzo aimed his gun directly at the Kappa. “Shut up baka errogapa, or I’ll pump bullets in your mouth”.

Gojyo slumped on his sit glaring daggers at the monk. “Who do you think you are you bastard, you think you’re so great huh, who gives you the right to just shoot at anybody at your whim”.

At this thought, Gojyo found himself arguing with his inner self. “Of course he is great, why the hell you followed him on that Godforsaken journey if he is not”? Even up to this day, you still wanted to be by his side.
“Shut the fuck up, aside from being homicidal, that guy is an egotistical maniac”. The inner voice continued to taunt him. “Oh, is that really how you see him? I thought you said that he is as a guy of substance with amazing good looks”.
“Shit, he is a man of very bad attitude, how could anybody be interested on that”?
The inner voice mocked him further. “Don’t bullshit me, you know for a fact that you are deeply attached to him you don’t even know how to go on with your life without the bastard, you’re lost without him.
Gojyo sat still, unable to refute himself.

Gojyo heard that inner voice again. “Why do you refused to acknowledge your feelings for him? Are you are afraid of being rejected?
“This is the right thing to do, I cannot have him and before this goes any further might as well put an end to it. There are lots of girls out there that will always make me forget”./] Gojyo countered.
“You’re so miserable without him, you pathetic fool.”

“Sanzo will not even give me a second thought.”

“You haven’t tried yet, how can you just give up without trying?

“Snap out of it, you don’t stand a chance.”

Gojyo inhaled deeply and was pulled out of his thoughts when Hakkai called out. “Food is waiting, have a bite”.

“What’s going on Gojyo? You were looking at Sanzo like you wanted to eat him. If I were you I’ll stick to the cake.” Goku commented gobbling a big chunk of chocolate cake.

“You're hallucinating stupid monkey.” Gojyo cringed, controlling the urge to shove a big chunk of cake on Goku’s mouth to shut the kid up.

“I'm not the one looking so stupid, staring at Sanzo like that, you pervert”. Goku countered.

“Shut up or I’ll eat all the cake. Monkeys are not supposed to eat cakes, specially the chocolate flavored”.

“Do that and I’ll kill you, stupid cockroach”.

“Tch, hurry up Goku, its time to leave.” Sanzo glared at Gojyo with a look that he was going to skin him alive.

“Ha ha, Sanzo you just arrived, why don’t we have a game of poker and a couple of beers, just like the old times, please stay here tonight.

“Yeah, that would be great Sanzo, I missed it too”. Goku agreed while tugging Sanzo’s sleeves.

Sanzo thought for a while, he may not admit it but he missed his former companions and he is looking forward of spending some time with them. “As long as I’m not sharing room with the pervert”.

“I refurbished the place, the guess room has twin beds and I moved the king size bed to my room, you and Goku can have the guess room, and Gojyo and I can share.”

Sanzo agreed to stay but glared at Gojyo nonetheless as if telling him, try anything kappa and I’ll kill you.

Gojyo chuckled and started shuffling the cards. He missed it alright, the threats, the glares and even the damn harrisen and he is sure he will make the most out of it on this reunion.

“Straight” Sanzo lowered his cards.

“Full house. Sorry monk better luck next time”. Gojyo put down his cards smiling widely at Sanzo.

“That’s three in a row, are you sure you’re not cheating Gojyo”? Goku asked scratching his head.

“Hiding cards on your sleeves kappa”? Sanzo eyed Gojyo with suspicion.

“You can search my body, droopy eyes I won’t mind a cavity search as long as you’re the one doing it”.

Sanzo lowered his head, pink rose on his cheek. He covered his uneasiness by yelling at the kappa and taking a gulfed of his beer. Gojyo noticed it and teased the monk further.

“Okey, another round guys and be ready for your impending doom, what about you monk don’t you get tired of being defeated, we can play a different kind of game if you want, something you will really enjoy”. Gojyo sneered and stared directly at Sanzo, daring him to accept the challenge.

“Shut the fucked up and shuffle the cards”. Sanzo retorted.

Gojyo leaned across the table and touch Sanzo’s arm. “Baldy cannot wait for another round, say how about we make this game more interesting, if I win this round, I will get a kiss from you, and if you win you get a kiss from me, how’s that”. Gojyo smiles teasingly.

Sanzo straightened, his eyes widening. He stood up and whacked Gojyo with his harrisen as hard as he could.

“What was that for, you asshole”.

“Because you’re so stupid and you’re fucking annoying”.

“What about me, who will I kiss”? Goku asked wide eyed.

“Ah ha ha, Goku you don’t have to kiss anybody”.

“But Gojyo says it’s a bet, and since I’m playing I should also put my bet I don’t want to be left out of the game”.

Twack Twack “Shut up bakasaru”.

Although Gojyo felt sorry for the monkey for taking the hit he just cannot help teasing the monk. He cocked his head, until this time he cannot seem to understand how this man could make him feel this way, yet he couldn’t deny the proof sitting across in front of him. Something was different he couldn’t put his finger on exactly what. But certainly it was intense.
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