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Chapter 3

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After several rounds of cards, two dozen cans of beers, a dozen fired bullets and several whips of harrisen Sanzo decided to call it a night despite protests from his companions. He was not planning to go to bed yet, but Gojyo’s teasing and flirting was really getting into him, but before he could leave the table, Gojyo grabbed his hand and squeezed it Sanzo shuddered but manage to push the Kappa and after whacking Gojyo with his fan he went straight to his room, with Goku strutting behind him.

Hakkai blinked a couple of times. “What’s up with you Gojyo, you have been coming on Sanzo the whole evening”.

“It’s nothing. Just teasing the uptight monk, I’ve been doing that ever since were on the journey”.

Hakkai hesitated, still unsettled by Gojyo’s answer. “Why do I feel you’re hiding something, want to talk about it”?

“Gojyo’s shoulder tensed. “I really don’t want to talk about it right now”.

“Maybe I could help”.

“Look, I don’t need to discuss every detail of my life with you”.

“I’m sorry”.

“It’s okey; really it’s me I’ve been a little out of it lately. I didn’t mean to snap at you”.

Hakkai smiled at his friend “I understand I just want you to know that I will always be here to listen, you can always count on me”.

Gojyo sighed, frustration evident on his face. “I just can’t figure it out, everything’s going on well, and I cannot find anything to complain about. I have lots of women friends who were taking very good care of me and yet there’s this nagging feeling that something is missing”.

Hakkai gazed at him with his keen green eyes. “Maybe you have been surrounding yourself with too many women, haven’t you find the right one yet? Maybe it’s time for you to get serious on your relationship”.

Gojyo crossed his arms and leaned on his chair “Honestly, I'm not sure, It’s just that……….....”

“Try to find a nice girl that you can settle down with, that will fill in the void inside you”. Hakkai continued.

“I can’t imagine what that might be like. I don’t even know if it’s an option for me”.

“Why do you say so? I always believe that in a person’s life somebody special will come along that will knock you off your feet”.

Gojyo lowered his eyes and leaned further “I don’t know if that’s what it is, it’s just that I feel things I'm not sure I want to feel, and I get all…………..”

“I’ve never seen you acted that way before does it ever incurred to you that you maybe in love”?

“WHAT?????? For crying out laud Hakkai, I cannot possibly feel that way”.

“Then what is it Gojyo”?

Gojyo opened another can of beer and took a swig. “I’ll be dammed if I know”.
He took another swig and as the bitter taste of alcohol passes his tongue a wave of despair washed over him.

Hakkai folded his arms and sat back. “Can you tell me who this person is”?

Gojyo lit another cigarette, a feeling of apprehension crept over him. “I don’t think I’m ready to discuss this yet”. This is so confusing, but will tell you when the time comes”.

“If you say so, but don’t let it slip, you might regret it”.

Hakkai smiled, he knows what’s going on with his friend. Gojyo doesn’t have to tell him because from the way Gojyo acted towards Sanzo, there was no mistake about it. His friend is in love with their former leader.

The rain descended that night as Sanzo sit by the window sill smoking, staring at the heavy droplets made visible by the streetlights. His mind bubbled in turmoil. He tried to focus his brain on things other than the cockroach but no matter how hard he tried his mind keeps wandering back to the Kappa. He wiggled his head and tried to clear his thoughts, his efforts were not working because the more he tried the more the vision of the Kappa runs vividly in his head. He was never interested in women and definitely not with men. He made a promised to himself not to get into any relationship. And he will do whatever it takes to deny whatever it is that’s been screwing his sanity. Genjyo Sanzo will never be a slave to any feelings. He was able to evade Gojyo’s flirting and advances when they were traveling to the west, it would be much easier to do so now. But the spectacle that Gojyo created that evening makes it harder for him. He hoped nobody noticed the reddening of his cheeks and the shudders every time Gojyo touches him, and oh how he hated the kappa for making him feel that way. The problem is how is he supposed to ignore somebody like Gojyo? His persistent flirting, the tantalizing smiles, the rugged good looks that is so brutal so potent that women are drawn to him like crazy. Sanzo knew that he is drawn to Gojyo, but he ferociously ignored it and put a wall around him to protect himself, because if there is one thing he cannot stand is being attached to anybody most specifically to a womanizing Kappa.
Sanzo ran a trembling hand to his face snorting in exasperation. “Shit, this is so fucking annoying”.
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