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Chapter 4

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Frustration welled up inside Sanzo when he found out that Gojyo had left early that morning. Hakkai had told him that a client called up and he needs Gojyo to accompany him on his speaking engagement so Gojyo hurriedly left to be able to meet the client on the advised time and place.

Sanzo lit a cigarette and took a sip of coffee that Hakkai offered.

“I hope you get a good night sleep, shall I serve breakfast now or would you prefer to wait for Goku”?

“Whatever, I’m fine with coffee”.

“Gojyo doesn’t want to wake you up, but wants to say goodbye, so he left you a note”. Hakkai smiled as he handed Sanzo a small envelope.

Sanzo frowned but took the small envelope but instead of reading he folded and tucked it under his robe”.

“You went to bed quite early last night, I thought were going to be up the whole night, we haven’t seen each other for a while and I was looking forward of a whole night of fun with you guys”.

“Tch, the stupid kappa has been pestering me so I thought it would be better to go bed before I totally lost my temper and blew his brains out”.

“Speaking of that have you notice something different about Gojyo”?

“Aside from being an idiot and a pervert the only difference I see is that guy has become a complete asshole”.

“I mean, Gojyo’s seems to be out of himself”.

“Why would I care what that moron is up to, for all I know he messed up again with some women, probably another husband is hunting him for sleeping with the wife”.

“He seems confuse”.

“Hmmmp, what’s the difference, that guy think and feel with his dick”.

“Is breakfast ready? I’m hungry”. The two look up and saw Goku running down the stairs.

“Hai hai, we are just waiting for you, I will serve breakfast now”.

Goku gave Hakkai a big smile and sit at the table. “Where’s Gojyo”?

“He left early, some business he needs to attend to”. Hakkai responded.

“Mmmm, did some of his lady friends called up”?

“Not a lady friend Goku, one of his clients”.

“Sorry for him, breakfast smells delicious”.

“Eat your heart out Goku, there’s still plenty of food on the kitchen”. Hakkai smiles fondly at the kid.

The two left after breakfast, Sanzo needs to go back to the temple to meet some visiting monks, while Goku has to do his home work that he needs to submit the next day.

As soon as Sanzo arrived at the temple, he went straight to his room and opened the envelope that Hakkai handed him that morning.

“Hi there violet, sorry I was not able to say goodbye to you this morning, duty calls. Hope you’re not angry at me for acting like a fool last night. I just can’t help it, I was just so happy seeing you guys again and want to relive the old times. But nothing made me happier than seeing you. Whoaaaa, don’t raise that eyebrow and please continue reading. Just wanted to tell you how much I missed you. This is not easy for me but hell I need to tell you before I started losing my mind. Sorry, if this bothers you but that’s what I feel. You can ridicule me, insult and laugh at me or even kill me but my life is a living hell without you. I really don’t know where I go from here, but at least now I was able to get it out of my chest.

Please take care.
Signed Sha Gojyo

Sanzo felt the heat crawling from his neck to his ears up to his head, his heart pumped furiously and his hands started to shake not sure what he is actually feeling whether anger or something else he crumpled the piece of paper and throw it in the trash can, he hated feeling that way, for somebody who faced death calmly so many times, he cannot understand why a short note made him feel so vulnerable. He shook his head irritated that the memories of the kappa haunted him since the journey ended. Anxiety rising thru him, he simply cannot explain the disturbing and yet oddly exciting feeling he is experiencing every time the kappa is around. But that is something that Sanzo will never admit even to himself. It makes him angry so angry that he wanted to hunt down the kappa and pump bullets in his empty skull.

“What was that idiotic bastard thinking? Does he get so tired of his women and now he turns to me for entertainment? To hell with that piece of shit, fuck him, he will pay dearly for this”.
He was startled when he heard a knock at his door. “Sanzo sama, our visitors has arrived”.
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