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Chapter 5

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It was a long day for Sanzo, it was almost dark when the visiting monks left the temple. Tired and weary Sanzo was about to go back to his room when one of the apprentice handed him a nicely wrapped box, with red ribbons.

“A man asked me to give this to you, he was here earlier and he wanted to see you, but I told him you have visitors, so he just asked me to give you this”.

Sanzo opened the box inside is a silver lighter with his name inscribed and a small piece of paper with a note scribbled on it.

“Hi, I was out earlier and I happened to see this lighter so I thought I get you one hope you like it”. Signed Sha Gojyo.

“What the fuck”! Sanzo gritted his teeth, but did not throw the lighter away instead he pull out a cigarette and lit it using the lighter Gojyo gave him.

“Why can’t that idiot leave me alone”?

Sanzo inhaled a deep breath, a feeling of trepidation welled inside him. The last thing he wanted or needed is another obsessed moron following him and will not leave him alone. The trouble he went thru just to get rid of those idiots. He thought about his former student who turned himself into a demon just so Sanzo may find him worthy but Sanzo ended up killing him. And yes Hazel, who also ended up dead by his hands. And those men he killed at the forest when they tried to molest him. But then again Sanzo cannot deny the fact that Gojyo is different from the rest of them. There is something about the Kappa that stirred his emotions and reached thru the depths of his heart and soul.

The following day Sanzo as usual after taking his shower, went to his office to start with his daily task of reviewing and signing the documents. He was about to sit down on his chair when he noticed dozens of red roses arrange neatly on a base on top of his table.

“What the fuck is this base doing here”?

“Master, it arrived this morning addressed to you, I thought I should put it on your table. They look really nice”.

Then remembering something he handed Sanzo an envelope. It came with a note master”.

Sanzo took the small envelope and told the boy to put the flowers in the altar.
He don’t need flowers on his table, he wants to have space and the base is crowding his table.

“Good morning, I saw these flowers and I thought it suits you, hope you like it”.

“Shit, that son of a bitch will not leave me alone”.

Next day it was a box of chocolates and then the following day a bottle of expensive wine, the days that followed were assortment of gifts all nicely wrapped with ribbons. There were times when Sanzo would go to the window to take a break on his paper works and he would spot Gojyo leaning on his motorbike smiling and waving at him, and after that he will start the engine of his motorbike and leave. It’s already getting into Sanzo’s nerve so he decided to see Gojyo to stop this madness once and for all.
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