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Gerard's Point of view

I cried into Frankie's shoulder for a long time. With every shake, I could feel the hole in my chest, but when I looked down, there was nothing but my pale skin and the tiny pink scar from this life. Frankie just held me, letting me cry and whimper and rage about Molly killing us.

Melody was still at the edge of the bed, her eyes glistening with tears that wouldn't seem to fall. Frankie started to rock me softly in his arms and that made me relax a little. Well, enough to stop sobbing.

When I pulled away, Frankie looked unsure. For a moment, I thought he was gonna pull me back to him. But he just nodded and took my hands in his.

“I-this may be hard, but exactly what did you see? Gee I'm really confused and you're kinda scaring me with all the crying.” he bit his lips and held my hands tighter.

I took a quivering breath and swallowed back my pride. “M-olly was s-sitting in the living room, with a gun. A-and I saw it and I kn-knew what she was d-doing. I g-gasped and s-she s-s-s-hot me.” I choked out with a lot of trouble.

Melody's breath caught and I looked at her. “S-she didn't m-mean to Daddy! I-if you saw her face after you fell, you'd know she didn't. But she looked at me and said she didn't want to live and she didn't want to leave me alone in the world. I remember exactly what she said too, Daddy.”

I blinked, pulling my hands from Frankie and grabbing at Melody stupidly. My hands went through her, turning to ice as they did so. She gave me a sad smile and climbed over onto my lap.

My body froze over, but I really didn't care. I blocked out the icy temperature of my skin and looked my daughter in her blue eyes. “What did she say?” my voice didn't even shake now.

“She said 'Melody, I love you so much. Come give Mommy a hug'. I was scared but y-you were on the ground and I didn't know what else to do. So I went over to her and she took me to the couch. She said 'Remember Mommy and Daddy always loved you' and she put her hands on my shoulders.

I remember I nodded and she smiled. Then she moved her hands to my neck. Her eyes went blank and she squeezed. 'Mommy's sorry, but she can't leave you alone in a world like this, where young people die every day. I love you Melody' she kissed my forehead and everything went black for a second.

Then I was standing by her, watching her move away from me. She picked up the gun and I looked back at you then to me. My eyes were still open, but they were turning gray. I was scared and I heard the gun go off again. She fell onto the couch next to me, a hole in the side of her head.

I didn't know what to do or where to go. So I stayed there, lying next to you on the floor. Then you walked up next to me and picked me up. I was so confused and scared and you told me we had to leave.

You carried me for a long time. Then you were gone and I fell. So I looked for you. And I found you here, a baby. I knew it was you because you had the same eyes. And I waited for a long time before I could be one hundred percent sure it was you. I watched you grow up Daddy.” she finished with a little gasp.

I bit my lip. The things she must have seen in all those years frightened me. Especially knowing that she watched me grow up. Not everything I did was always the best. I sat there, not sure what to do. So I tapped into my early 'fathering skills' and rocked back and forth, shushing her softly.

Over her shoulder, Frankie was staring at us. I mouthed 'What?' at him. He shook his head.

A moment later, a knock came from the door. Mikey poked his head in and Melody gasped, vanishing quickly. I stopped rocking and looked at my brother.

“I love how you only give us a second before you stick your head in our room. We could have been doing something. We are married ya know!” I taunted him, feeling more like my smart-ass nineteen year-old self.

Mikey's face went bright red and he opened the door further. “Oh relax! Now get up stairs! Linda's here and she said if you miss one more day of school she's gonna kick both your asses. And that woman puts fear straight into my very being.” he shivered. Frankie laughed softly.

“Yep thats mom. Come on hun. Lets go get coffee!” he jumped out of the bed, flinging the sheets over my head.

“Hey!!” I called after him, pulling the sheets from my face. “It doesn't count if you cheat!!” I shouted, pushing past Mikey and bounding up the stairs. I caught him in the doorway of the kitchen, wrapping my arms around him and picking him up.

He squealed loudly and put his arms around mine, making sure I didn't drop him. I set him down a moment later and kissed him softly. I think he meant to shock me when he jumped on me, wrapping his legs around my waist while he kissed me harder.

But hey, I mean really? It's not like I haven't had sex with my husband or anything like that. Never the less, I smiled and wrapped my arms under his butt like a hammock, my hands gripping a little hard.

He put his arms around my neck and pulled at my hair. There was an awkward cough behind us and I let go of him, his lips lingering on mine as I set him on his feet. I smiled again and pulled away. He kept his arms locked around my neck and I moved mine to his waist, like we were doing a strange day-old-clothes waltz.

Mikey shoved past us and into the kitchen. I looked up at him. “What your problem?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. Frankie tightened his grip on my neck slightly, drawing my attention back to him.

He grinned playfully and kissed me again. Mikey groaned and whimpered in time with a loud smack. I smiled again and eased out of the kiss slowly. He pulled me into another quick kiss and took my hand.

We sat at the table as Mikey rubbed his arm. Emily smiled at us, Sam sitting next to her, looking down at the table. Frankie made a point by punching Mikey's good arm.

“That's what ya get, short shit.” he mocked Mikey. Everyone in the room burst out laughing, even Sam. Mikey jumped to his, falling into a boxing pose, shuffling from one foot to the other.

“Oh you wanna go?! Well lets go! If I'm short what are you, eh? A midget?” he asked in a taunting voice. Frankie let go of my hand and stood up as well.

Mikey swung at him and Frankie ducked swiftly, Mikey's hand grazing his soft hair. I watched calmly as Mikey kept trying to hit my flexible husband, who bent his body in way I've only seen a few times in bed.

I have to admit, watching him bend like that was a turn on. And when Mikey was oblivious to his gap between his arms, Frankie pounced and pinned him to the floor. “Say uncle!” he said loudly.

Mikey writhed about under him, obviously pissed. “Make me!” he spat the words at my perfect husband. Oh this is just to good an opportunity to pass up.

“Watch yourself, Mikes. He's pinned me like that a lot and I can never get up. But that's just me.” I said matter-of-factly. Mikey blushed and struggled even more.

I grinned at Ems, who winked back. “ORGY!!” she shouted, jumping onto Frankie. I followed closely and landed on Mikey more than Frankie.

“Oh now how'd this happen?” I asked, moving to sit on Mikey's chest while I held Frankie hungrily in my arms and kissed him. I didn't look to see what Emily and Mikey were doing.

“What the fuck are you four doing?!” a stern voice made us all freeze.

Frank's Point of view

My mom's voice made us all freeze in our mini orgy. I pulled away from Gee and looked up to see her standing over the four of us on the floor. “Frank Iero!! I know I raised you better than this! You know better than to have an orgy in the middle of the kitchen. You do that shit in your room!” and with that, she started to pick us up and throw us around the room.

I landed by the door hard. I don't know where the others landed, but I heard their huffs. I turned to look a mom. “Oh come on! It wasn't even a real orgy! Besides, Mikey's straight and like I would ever let Emily kiss Gee! He's mine dammit!” I stood up and rubbed my ass. Tile floors are so unforgiving.

Mom rolled her eyes and grabbed my arm, getting ready to throw me again. My ass already hurt and I could tell it was gonna bruise, so I twisted into her toss and brought her into a control hold.

She automatically turned out of it and tripped me, putting her foot behind my leg and pushing. Again, I landed on the ground hard. She smirked down at me and started to tickle me. “Mom! S-stop!” I tried to get out from under her small frame.

I heard Donna whisper something to Gee and heard his answer. It was a soft 'No' that made me focus a little and roll out from under mom. She seemed to sense that I was done fighting and let me go, getting up and brushing her clothes off.

Gee grinned and took my hand. I smirked playfully and pushed him against the counter in front of the coffee maker.

Mom tried to protest, but when I reached behind him and poured a cup of coffee, she closed her mouth and sat down at the table. Gee held my eyes in his and I smirked again. I kissed him softly as I added the sugar in the cup, one hand on the edge and the other pouring the sugar down it like a funnel.

I gave it a couple seconds and kissed his neck softly. Then I pulled away, bringing my coffee around from behind him. He blinked and looked over his shoulder. When he realized I'd placed him there on purpose, he gasped.

“Hey!” he turned and poured a cup of coffee for his self, adding sugar and French vanilla creamer. I liked my coffee more bitter where he like it so sweet it could give someone a cavity.

Once he had his, we all sat at the table like a normal family. No ghost daughters, no ninja moms, no killer sons and, sadly, no kitchen-breakfast orgy.

Okay, maybe the last one was a good thing. I didn't want to ever share my Gee. Even the thought that he remembered his wife from his old life made me a little jealous. But if he were kissing somebody else now, I'd die.

Donna set a huge plate of bacon and pancakes on the table and I grimaced. In the back of my head, I had a little thought. It was so random and off topic that I laughed.

I think I'm gonna turn into a veg-head. Bacon is so nasty.
I chuckled as I took four pancakes and put them on my plate before drowning them in syrup.

“What's so funny, love?” Gee asked, taking a bite of his pancakes. I grinned at him and shrugged.

“I think I wanna go vegetarian. That bacon touching these perfect pancakes just grossed me out.” I chuckled again. Mom slapped the back of my head and Donna said a light 'Thanks Frankie dear' under my mom's heavy chasting.

“Don't insult a woman's cooking! Like you could do any better!” she paused and thought over her words. A moment later, everybody burst out laughing again, even nearly silent Donna. I pulled my mom into a tight hug and chuckled softly.

“Love ya mom,” I whispered to her. She smiled and hugged me back. When we let go, I leaned down to take a bite of the fluffy wonder on my plate. Mom slapped me again.

“And set up straight! God, who are you, Quasimodo?” I dropped my fork to my plate and put my hands on the table.

“Really Ma?! Okay someone switch with me!!” Everyone giggled as I played musical chairs with Sam, still sitting by Gee, just not my slap-happy mother.

A little sigh of relief turned into a groan when I took a bite of Donna's magic. “Donna, you should start a breakfast joint.” I said around a bite. Emily slapped the back of my head.

“Don't talk with your mouth full!” she said sternly. I swallowed and stared at her.

“OKAY REALLY!?! What is it with the slapping! And why me? Mikey's a pig! Just look at him!” I shouted.

Mikey had a piece of bacon hanging from his mouth and another in his hand. He looked up to see us staring at him. “What?” he asked, his bacon falling to his plate. I gagged a little and wrinkled my nose.

Everyone laughed again. Today was so weird! Nothing bad was happening for once.

It's sad that it's an off day when something bad doesn't happen. And it's even sadder that I noticed it. Right?

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