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Ems has a secret, Frankie feels guilty and holy waz nuggets what's Mikey gonna do?

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Frank's Point of view

After that peaceful morning in the kitchen, things had started to wind down. No attacks, no accidents, no nothing. And that worried the hell out of me.

I was staring to get paranoid about the whole thing. Yeah, that kidnapping, brainwashing bastard was dead, but that didn't stop the rest of his army from attacking us. If Ems and Mikey hadn't been with our moms while Gee and I were away......I didn't even want to think of what would have happened.

But what if they weren't there next time? That made it hard for me to enjoy our group dates. I'd always text Donna or mom to be sure they were okay. My mom's tough, but not tough enough to handle that.

She still has no idea how Ems got the scares on her arms and hands, or exactly what I used to do. I know she wants to know and I love her to death for not prying, but she's a mom. And not knowing where her son was for almost two years was one thing but to instantly find out he was a killer was another.

I always thought back to the day I was snatched off the swings. Usually when Gee's asleep and Melody is in the corner of our room.

Things might have been so different if I hadn't skipped classes that day. I'd ran off after third period. After those douche bags had thrown my books and sketches in the toilets.

So I went to the only place I knew would be fine. A park. It was the middle of winter and I knew it would be deserted.

I sat on the swings, my head tipped back to stare at the gray clouds that seemed to advance on the town. I wondered why mom had put me into karate if she wouldn't let me defend myself at school. Why she said it wasn't fair for me, the short thin kid, to have an advantage and actually be able to stop the harassment I endured for all these years.

When I heard the crunch of the playground rocks I thought nothing of it. But when the chains on the swing next to me creaked under the weight of a person, I let my head fall to the side, my eyes half closed.

There was a very pale man, a little paler than my ex-boyfriend Johnny, sitting there, his head tipped back as he swung. “Hey kid.” he murmured, his voice numb as he kicked his legs out in front f him.

I blinked. “Hey. I'm-” he chuckled making me stop. He dragged his feet along the tiny rocks, digging out a large grove into them.

“I know exactly who you are Frank.” he kept his eyes aimed at the clouds. “I'm actually here for you.” he placed his hands on the chains a bit higher.

I noticed that he was wearing all black, just like me. Only it was the dead of winter and he had on no jacket. His shirt didn't even have sleeves.

“Uh........what?” was all I was able to stutter before the bag was slipped into place over my head. The chains of the swing creaked again in a steady pace as I was pulled off mine roughly. He'd started swinging again.

The creaking got more and more quiet as I was dragged away, to what I learned quickly was a car. I was thrown into it, face first of course. Mostly cause I'd been struggling against the hands that were wrapped tightly around my arms.

Doors slammed shut and the engine revved to live, making my legs go numb from the vibrations. Hands were all over me, touching my butt and patting my legs and stomach. Back then I didn't know they were looking for stuff like phones or other tech in my pockets.

We drove and drove and drove for hours. Finally we stopped and I was taken into the same room I'd been placed in with Emily her first night. The swinger boy was my breaker.

The rest I would never think about. Mostly cause whenever I did, it made me sick to think that I used to be like that, do that.

Gee and I walked hand in hand under the graveyard as Mikey came running toward us. He stopped as Gee raised his hand. “Whoa there tiger slow down. Where's the fire?” he chuckled as Mikey doubled over, putting his hands on his knees to keep from falling.

He panted for a second before he shook his head. “I....need to” Before either of us could react, Mikey grabbed our wrists and dragged us back into the school building and into the nearest boy's room.

I looked at Gee in confusion as Mikey checked the stalls for feet. He shrugged, his eyes trailing his little brother. “Mikey, what's going on?”

He snapped up and started pacing the bathroom. When he stopped, he'd start again in a second, his steps getting faster. Finally I caught him by the shoulders and stopped him.

“Mikey what's going on? Is something wrong?” I asked, looking into his eyes. He shook his head slowly and started laughing.

“I don't know Frankie. I don't know. Emily's been acting weird for a while and its really staring to worry me. Did I do something?” He gasped, his eyes going wide. “Oh my god I think I know what happened.”

He didn't continue, so I prompted him,wondering why Gee hadn't. “What happened?” he shook off my hands and started pacing.

“I bet she found the ring.....” that set me off. I jumped on him, bringing him to the ground. Gee's eyes were glazed over with shock.

“Mikey are you gonna ask her to marry you?” I nearly cried, I was so happy for them. He nodded and shoved me off gently, getting to his feet.

Gee and Mikey shared a private glance and Mikey nodded, making me wonder what had passed between the two. I ignored my curiosity and pressed the matter. “But why would she act weird if she found the ring? We all know how much you two love each other. Its not like you exactly try to hide it.”

He slumped his shoulders and looked at the ground. “I don't know why Franks. Maybe she doesn't want to get married? Maybe she just isn't ready for that yet. I know when I bought the ring I nearly wet my pants I was so nervous.”

Gee said nothing, to my surprise. I looked at him. “What are your thoughts on this hun?” he blinked and looked at me.

“I honestly knew this was going to happen but its still a shock...” he trailed off, seeing his brother's glare.

“What that the hell do you mean you knew? How'd you find out?!” he advanced on Gee, getting in his face. Gee didn't flinch back but crossed his arms and smirked.

Gerard's Point of view

“I've known since we brought Emily back to our house. Mikey, you might be a killer, but you're still my little brother and I can still read you like a book.” he gaped as I smirked wider.

My sweet little Frankie picked himself up off the floor and patted Mikey on the shoulder before standing by my side, taking my left hand. I smiled and pulled my baby brother into a one armed hug. “Do what you think is right, and no I don't know the answer to any of the questions you asked but here's some brotherly advice. I've seen the way Ems looks at you and I know that her emotions haven't changed since the day you two kissed in the kitchen. If you love her and want to be with her forever, ask her to marry you. That whole 'marriage is death' thing is only true if the person you're marrying isn't the person you love.” I pulled my arm over Frankie's head and put it around his shoulder as I spoke, making him cross his arm over his chest to keep his fingers locked with mine.

Mikey sighed and nodded. “I wish we were already married like you two. That would make this a hell of a lot easier.”

Frankie laughed and let go of my hand to wrap his arm around my waist. “Well Mikes ya gotta ask her before you can get married. If you need wing men you always have us. Plus Sam and Jess. I'm sure they'd love to back you up if you piss yourself.”

We left Mikey in the bathroom to mull things over for a bit and headed back to the graveyard. Ems and Jess were already there, looking confused and a little hurt. When they saw us coming, their faces dropped the hurt but held the confusion.

“Where have you been? And where's Mikey?” Ems asked, hugging Frankie and I together. Jess grinned in welcome and sat on the ground.

“We've been in the bathroom. Mikey's still in there. He was having....problems.” I answered softly. Ems eyes burned.

“Is he sick?” I shook my head and she relaxed a little, sitting next to Jess. I sank to the ground and pulled Frankie into my lap.

We talked about finals for a few minutes and Mikey finally came walking out to us, a huge smile on his face. Ems stood and ran to him, jumping into his waiting arms.

They walked back over to us and sat, Ems in Mikey's lap. “Did you work out that little problem you were having?” I asked, meeting his eyes again.

He nodded and looked at Ems, who was staring at him in confusion. “I was having issues with my zipper and yeah Gee it was just stuck on a snag. I fixed it.”

Ems laughed and leaned in to whisper in his ear. When he blushed, I decided I didn't even what to think about what she said. We spent the rest of lunch talking about which finals we had to take and found out when exactly we had to be at school and all that bull.

I was a little miffed that I had to take my math final. The stupid rules were that if you missed more than six days of school and had lower than a B in any class for both semesters, you had to take the final in that class. All of us had used our six days in the first few weeks of school so........

Frankie was elated to be taking his Spanish final. He's been practicing the whole language with me for a while now and sometimes, well lets just say we had a lot of fun with it. Wink-wink.

And even I was happy about my home ec final. We had to make an original recipe with no copying an already existing one. That was going to be a challenge but a very fun one. Like I'd been helping Frankie with his Spanish, he's been helping me with my recipe.

So far we had a very good desert one, completely new and never been made outside of my mom's kitchen. It was sure to blow away my teacher when she tasted it in a few days.

The bell rang and we all hopped up, ready to get to art. At the door, Ems caught my arm and stopped me. “Gee can I talk to you for a minute?” I nodded and let go of Frankie's hand.

She pulled me down the hall a bit and pushed me against the lockers. “Gee I'm scared.” her eyes were glistening with tears. I pulled her into a tight hug and she was shaking against me.

“What is it Ems?” I asked softly, still in big brother mode from dealing with Mikey before. She let go of me and dropped her eyes to our shoes.

She too a deep breath that she didn't let out. I hooked my hand under her chin and made her look up at me. The tears were starting to slip out of the corners of her eyes. “Gee I'm pregnant and I'm scared.” she whispered.

Wow. Just wow. First Mikey comes to Frankie and me worried that she didn't want to marry him and now her she comes to me and tells me she's pregnant.......This day is so weird.

I pulled her into another hug as she sobbed into my shoulder. The bell rang and we remained in the hall for a moment.

“Mikey's going to ask you to marry him.” the words bubbled out of my mouth before I could stop them. She gasped and pulled out of my arms.

“Really?” her eyes burned with happiness and her face lit up. I nodded and we walked back to the door.

When the teacher asked why we were late, I told him that Ems thought she'd lost her phone and need help looking for it. He accepted it and sent us to our desks.

If today gets any weirder
, I thought to myself, I'm gonna need to get a bulletproof vest cause the terminator is gonna sow up at dinner.

I don't exactly know where this is going but thanks to all my epic fans who have stuck with me from the very start of this and keep an eye out for my one shot. Its called Happy Birthday Frankie

Hugs and Turtles,

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