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meet Blue Flare!

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Here you go, BlueFlare12 Hope you enjoy it!

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Blue Flare ran as fast as she could. She didn’t get very far, because a few dracs stopped her in her tracks. She stood there, in her blue and yellow tee shirt, with her sleeveless hoodie, that says ‘BLUE’ on the front, her short with beads hanging from them, and her knee high Converse boots, which are blue. Little did the dracs know, she was hiding her orange and blue ray gun on a hidden pocket on the inside of her hoodie. She quickly turned around a tad bit, grabbed her gun, turned back fast, and shot the 4 dracs surrounding her. She quickly ran back to the place where she was staying, an abandoned building, which has a metal door with a lock on it that is impossible to get open from the outside. She stood in the middle, attempting to control her breathing, because the running and the fright from almost being captured by Bl/Ind had gotten to her. Once she got her breathing under control, she put her gun back in her hoodie, and lies down for a slight rest before continuing on her journey. See, she was trying to find the Fabulous Killjoys, themselves. They were her role models.
After her small rest, which lasted a half hour, she stood up and fixing her messed up clothing, because she tosses and turns in her sleep, which she knew she did, ever since she was young. Well, younger at least. See, she was 14 years old. She ran a hand through her blue and black hair, which she had dyed when she was 11. She was a very pretty girl, maybe not the most gorgeous thing ever, but very beautiful. She had pale skin, full lips, hazel eyes (Which she loved, by the way), and what you might call, bass player hands. She was medium height. Her real name? Hayley.
She rubbed her eyes, trying to rub away all tiredness, so she could see enough to continue on her journey. She was determined to meet them. She just had too! Once she rubbed sleep from her eyes, she looked out the peep hole on the door before opening it, and walking out. All she needed with her were her ray gun and her hoodie. She closed the door and turned to look in the direction she would walk in. She sighed, wishing she would just find them already so she would have to stop walking so damn much each day. She started walking, singing to herself Summertime by an old band, My Chemical Romance.
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