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meet Artistic Accident!

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“ACCIDENT!!!!” Kobra Kid yelled, trying to find his adopter younger sister. Artistic Accident walked into the room, wearing yellow jeans with a Peppa Pig keyring attached to one of the belt loops, a My Chemical Romance tee shirt, from their album Danger Days, black Converse, and gray arm warmers that go just a tad bit above her wrist. She also had multiple colored paints on her face. She also had hair that was purple at the top that fades to black, then the black fades to dark brown, which then fades to a light brown at the bottom. She had beautiful blue eyes, not like either of her brother’s, Kobra Kid or Party Poison. She had a slightly large nose, and she was wearing her glasses, which she usually doesn’t wear, unless she feels like it.
“Yes, your majesty?” She said, annoyed with his yelling.
“Where the hell were you?! I was worried sick!”
“Geez, I was outside with Jet. Why?” She said, rolling her eyes at his ‘worried sick’ comment. When he didn’t answer her, she walked back outside with Jet, whom was fixing the car, while Ghoul sat there, staring at the sky. She decided to go sit on him, which she did. He looked at her, scared for a moment. He chuckled and pulled her down, off of him, where she was lying next to him, watching the sky, also. She didn’t have a fun, exciting life, but she had a decent one. She was orphaned when she was really young, and was adopted by Kobra and Poison’s mother. She loved it with them, that is until their mother got murdered before their very eyes by none other then their mortal enemy, Korse. She hated him with all of her passion. Her goal in life was to kill him. She just wanted never to have to look at him again. She hated seeing him, remembering what he did to the only parent she has ever had. As she thought of this, she pulled out her white ray gun with paint splatters on it. She loved that ting, because she knew one day, it would be the thing that took Korse from this world.
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